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Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED Display with high definition and good viewing distance for the indoor application, it has the SMD Technology with the best color and luminance uniformity to show the pictures and videos, we have Ph4mm,Ph5mm,Ph6mm,Ph7.62mm,Ph8mm,Ph10mm,Ph12mm,Ph16mm,Ph20mm for different use.

SMD has the Advantage:

1. Color and Luminance uniformity. it has the best white balance of:3:6:1 to show the more clear videos.

2. It has the 30% energy saving.so the working temperature is lower, it will save the lifetime of the led display.

3. The viewing angle can reach to 140 Degree Horizontal and 140 Degree Vertical,it will attracitve more viewers.

UNIT LED alway focus on the quality of the SMD indoor led display,we provide the less weight, less consumption,less working temperature for your indoor led display applications.

indoor led display

1.SMD packaging Technology Indoor LED Screen,good heat emission capability,wide viewing angles;
2.Modularized constructio design,size combination at will for Indoor LED Display;
3.Super gloomy controltechnology,Gamma correction technology;
4.Brightness can be adjusted unlimitedly (consistency),high definition video technology application for Indoor LED Display,digital video image lossless transmission TV;
5.Strong software compatibility;easy editing and making,rich content,random layout;
6.Extensive network interface function for Indoor LED Screen;
7.Multi-video singal input interface:standard signal,analog RGB,high definition TV signal,digital video,cable

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