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Sports LED Display

Sports LED Display usually used for the football, basktetball games ,stadium led display has the large size with long viewing distance. the advantage of sports led displays:

1.Sports led display With a very high refresh rate at Max.9600Hz,the pictures on the LED display is much more stable and there is no lose of visual information when using camera for broadcasting. the control system is with double - back up System. Once if malfunction happens, Customer can switch to the spare system immediately.

2.It enables super wide viewing angle,high contrast ratio,and high refresh rate,high conformity on both color and brightness,suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. the A-quality LED assures high reliability.

3.LED cabinets are thinner and less weighted in order to save transportation cost.except for installation frames, we supply full set of LED displays’system including the control system, power supply, software accessories, installation construction drawings and other services.

4.Our sports led display can be installed in different climate areas all over the world. Low temperature as -20 Degree and high temperature as +60 Degree, high humidity and high salty air environment such as seaside, our cabinet is moisture-proof and salt-proof.

sports LED Display solution

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