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Unit LED provide the full solutions of Outdoor LED Display, the product has SMD LED Display,and RGB LED Display for outdoor use, Ph10mm,Ph12mm,Ph14mm,Ph16mm,Ph18mm,Ph20mm,Ph25mm,Ph31.25mm.Outdoor LED Display Screen is a large display screen system combining micro-electronic, computer and information processing technologies. LED Display is renowned for the distinct features of bright colors, high brightness, durability and stability. Of all the display media choices, Outdoor advertising LED Display ranks number one, and is widely used in commercial advertisement, stadiums, information transmission, news releasing, stock exchange and etc. It is one of the most advanced Outdoor LED screen media all over the world.

outdoor led displays

1.Excellent effect: it adopts dynamic/Static scan technology with the high brightness and color uniformity.The effect of photo is fine and smooth, clear;the flash effect is vivid, multiplicity; the video effect is fluency and reality.
2.Technology ahead: with 7 years of LED display experience.
3.Convenient maintenance: mold design makes it easy in installation, maintenance.
4.Good quality: it adopts reliable material LED which can emit light, good quality IC chip, non noise.
5.Flexible form: it can be arranged the display mode by users.
6.Full content: it can display word, chart, graphic, cartoon, video information.
7.Large amount of information: the displayed information is not limited.

The product advantages:
1. the price advantage: The same product in the most competitive price, while with the same or better quality;
2. performance advantages: good homogeneity, consistency, a high degree of perspective, can be used to achieve monochromatic single light maintenance;
3.the quality advantage: material to finished products, research and development to production of full controllability, as the reliability of product quality assurance;
4.the service advantage: a more complete under the same conditions of service, same service, with more comprehensive cooperation.

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