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smt production line
YAMAHA full automational LED SMT machine:
1. Placement accuracy: ± 0.1mm/CHIP, ± 0.08mm/QFP
2. Mount speed; 0.2scc/CHIP, 1.0scc/QFP 20000CPH (tablets / h)
we can produce SMT LED Modules 2000 pcs/day to satisfy your large requests for led display modules, and it will be more reliable for the production line to guarantee the quality and delivery time.we have this latest auto SMT machine for the led display industry.when you are looking for a quality led display manufacturer, we are the one you are looking for, reliable quality for SMD LED modules. It can show more clear and reliable image for you!
inserting line

Soldering Machine for Outdoor RGB LED Display,they can fix the leds on the PCB board with certain temperature.it is a neccessary for Outdoor LED Display manufacturer. it can avoid the loose soldering by manual.

The Reflow-Soldering is to sold all the electronic parts on the PCB board, like Driving IC, Resistor etc. it is a good way to save the cost for the led display factory,and guarantee the Quality.

cutting led
soldering machine
PANASONIC full automational LED SMT machine:
it has the higher speed than Yamaha, It can surface mounting LED chip 10,000 pcs per hour per machine, counting 10 hours a day, it can surface mounting LED chip 400,000 every day, equivalent to 1,000 manpowers worload. These secure the mega scale productivity, guarantee the delivery promise to customers,aslo it will be more reliable quality and safe for the led modules. to get a more reliable quality led products,we have this machine to bring better led screen for you.
production line
assembling line
Assembling Production Line -1
Assembling Production Line -2
shockproof for led display waterproof test for led display screen
Shockproof testing machine, to test whether the led panel have any loose soldering,unstable connection,miss screws.make the led wall more reliable,because the sea,air transportation or truck will be a long shock for the led display panel. so it is necessary for us to make sure all connection is stable before shipment. Waterproof tesing for Outdoor led display, when the production,we have put the silicon in to the LED modules for waterproof.it make the outdoor led screen work normally even there is a heavy rain,or some bad weather.to make all leds work well, we do this waterproof testing before aging,when we find some problem,then fix it at the first time.

.high temperature for led display board

High temperature testing machine:
high temperature load test in accordance with the provisions of GB2423.2 LED display unit, we use the temperature for indoor (40 ± 2) degree conditions, and Outdoor led screen in (50 ± 2) degree working under the conditions of electricity 8hours,for once per hour testing. we show the LED text display and led image display,led video display to check out the color uniformity and out-of-control points,Grey grade,brightness.

testing led
aging led display
Testing LED Display Area
Aging LED Display Area

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