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LED Accessories

UNIT LED provide the led accessories such as: Indoor LED Modules, Outdoor LED Module, LED Control Card and LED Video Processor.

Indoor LED Module

smd 3in1 led module

>> Ph3mm Indoor LED Module

>> Ph4mm Indoor LED Module

>> Ph5mm Indoor LED Module

>> Ph6mm Indoor LED Module

>> Ph7.62mm Indoor LED Module

>> Ph8mm Indoor LED Module

>> Ph10mm Indoor LED Module


Outdoor LED Module

rgb led module

>> Ph8mm Outdoor LED Module

>> Ph10mm Outdoor LED Module

>> Ph12mm Outdoor LED Module

>> Ph16mm Outdoor LED Module

>> Ph10mm SMD Outdoor LED Module

>> Ph10mm RGB 3IN1 LED Module

>> Ph16mm RGB LED Module

>> Ph20mm Outdoor LED Module



LED Control Card


Single Color LED Control Card

Fullcolor LED Control Card

Synchronous LED Control Card

Asyncrhonous LED Control Card

Wireless LED Control Card


LED Video Processor & LED IPC

led video processor LED Video Processor is dedicated to LED display screen. its mission is to convert the external signals(such as:HMDI,VGA,SDI,CVBS,S-Video,etc) to DVI signal that can be recognized by led display....more
led ipc LED Industrial PC is used for remote control led display, street led display, LED IPC is thin and reliable control ability,you can put the IPC in the led cabinet. some pictures to show you how to install the IPC in the LED Display. ....more


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