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LED Display Control System

LED Control System is one of the most important of led display screen system, The function of led display controller is the transmit the signal from computer or other device to LED Display Panel. LED Control Card has two type, one is Synchronous led control card, another is Asynchronous LED Display Controller. UNIT LED has good experience on these kind of led control system.

Synchronous LED Control System

Synchronous LED Control system normally including the LED Sending Card, LED Receiving Card and LED Hub Card, aslo some multi function cards for Brightness and Humudity Adjustment. The following pictures show you how the synchronous led display control work with LED Display Screen.

synchronous led control system

Synchronous LED Card Brand


LINSN LED Control Card:

Linsn led control system including the TS801(SD801D) ,TS802 led sending card and RV801D,RV901,RV908,RV907 series led receiving card, aslo the Multi function card with sensor for temperature and brightness adjustment. ....More Details>>

novastar led
Novastar led display controller is becoming more and more popular because its professional and full support. Sync led display controller including MSD600,MSD300 led sending card and MRV300,MRV320,MRV320 series led receiver.aslo the monitor control card and multi function card with light sensor..... More Details>>
colorlight led card
Colorlight have developed a series of innovative products: T8 network play system, T9 receiver card, A8 dual-mode card for both synchronous and asynchronous system, 5A receiver card and the high-end Q series products. All our products are highly appreciated by our customers and imitated by the peers.....More Details>>
DBstar LED Display Controller is has their led sending card with DBS-HVT series and DBS-HRV led receiving card series.DBstar aslo provide the led video processor for LED Control System...More Details>>



Asynchronous LED Display Controller

asynchronous led display controller
xixun led
Xixun LED Control Card is the most popular Asynchronous LED Dispaly Controller, they provide the Wireless led solution such as RF,WIFI,3G wireless communication for LED Display Screen. the products has A31,M31 series for wireless communication....More Details>>
huidu led card
Huidu LED Control Card is widely use for single color/double color led display controller, recently Huidu has the HD-C1,HD-C3 asynchronous led control system for full color led display. The LED control card can automatically connect to computer without any network/IP setting,and U-disk functions that U disk can be used to update program...More Details>>
novastar led
Novastar led display controller is becoming more and more popular because its professional and full support. Novastar Async LED Display Controller has the PCC80,PSD100 control card and PBOX100 led sender box,Refresh Rate:6000Hz maximum for static LED display, 3840Hz for scanning LED display....More Details>>
lumen led card
Lumen LED Controller include on-line product for R&G solution and RGB solution, off-line product for line display, graphic display, video display etc. Application include Single color, multicolor, indoor or outdoor LED sign,the main series is: C-Power LED Control card.....More Details>>


These LED Control Card is usually for Fullcolor LED Display Screen. aslo they have led display controller for single color and double led display sign.if you need more information,please contact us to get more information!

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