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LED Display Screen

LED Display Screen is a large display screen system combining micro-electronic computer and sound box system to show the pictures and videos for advertising. It is renowned for the distinct features of bright colors, high brightness, durability and stability. Of all the display media choices, LED Displays ranks number one, and is widely used in commercial advertisement, stadiums, information transmission, news releasing, stock exchange and etc. LED board is one of the most advanced display media all over the world.

This system is composed of display control, screen and audio & video equipment, detailed description as following table:

led display system

* LED Display Screen
* LED Control System and Communicating Systems.
* Control PC and other equipments.
* Audio and Video Equipemnts.
* LED Control Software.
* LED Display Frame and Structure.

New & Hotsale LED Display

Flexible LED Display Curtain

>> SMD3535 Outdoor LED Display

>> Ph10mm DIP 3IN1 Outdoor LED Display

flexible led display

>> Ph6mm

>> Ph10mm

>> Ph15mm

>> Ph20mm

>> Ph31mm


Indoor Fixed LED Display

Outdoor Fixed LED Display

indoor led cabinet

>> Ph5mm

>> Ph6mm

>> Ph7.62mm

>> Ph8mm

>> Ph10mm


outdoor led cabinet

>> Ph8mm

>> Ph10mm

>> Ph12mm

>> Ph16mm

>> Ph20mm




1.LED Display Board part:

1).Display module:
It is the assembled display unit of LED.

2).Framework of the led display board:
The framework used to install and sustain the led board

3).Outside decoration of led displays
Using compound aluminum and other material for outside decoration of display screen

4). Video signal source and audio system::The signal to be play on LED board could come from Cable TV, video camera, video tape player, VCD/DVD player, satellite or judger system, aslo it has the Amplifier and HI-FI loud-speaker.

2.LED Displays control part:

1).Control computer:
The control computer installed with LED control software is used for LED display Board program editing and program play control.

2).Remote control computer:
The remote control computer installed with control software can access control computer by LAN or Internet to realize the control of LED displays.

3).Play control software:
The software is designed for program editing and program play control, lightness adjustment control as well, which could be running on Win XP,Vista platform.

4).Power supply:
Power supply is used to supply and control display electricity. it is 110V/60HZ-220V/50HZ switchable, the LEDs powered by 5V DC to show a safe voltage.

3.Function and service of LED Display Board:

1.Video play:It may play various video signals, switch to different video sources at any time, also may zoom in, zoom out the picture or perform video cut operation.

2.Characters and text display:It can display various characters with different fonts, types and different character information, also may realize the page rollup, shift, rotate, snow flow, screen rolling, glint and more than other 10 types display function.

3.Picture display:It may play various formats graphics, pictures, such as BMP, TGA, GIF etc.

4.Cartoon demonstration:It may play two-dimensional and three-dimensional cartoons, and realize the vivid effect of the picture.The above layout is random. The powerful software may play video images, characters and graphics independently, also may tile up the characters information, cartoons etc.

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