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8W LED Panel Light

8w led panel light
MOQ: 1 Pcs
Voltage: AC85-265V
Frenquency: 50-60HZ
Lumen: 750-800Lm
Consumption: 8W
Size: 300mm*300mm*13mm
LED Angle: 160 Degree
Color Temperature: Warm:2700-3500K,White:6000-6500K
LED Type: SMD 3014
Materail: Aluminum Alloy +PMMA
Certificates: CE,RoHs
Warranty: 3 Years

2.Conference / Meeting rooms.
3.Factories & Offices.
4.Commercial Purposes.
5.Residential / Institution Buildings.
6.Schools, Colleges & Universities.


8W LED Panel Light Details:
8w led panel lamp

8W LED Panel Board Features:
1. Energy Saving. Saving 55%-70% electricity cost to traditional Panels.
2.Advanced super longlife and stable driver.
3.Professional thermal management.
4.Instant on, no warm up time required.
5.No noise, no flickering.
6.No UV or IR radiation in the beam, mercury free.
7.Anti-shock, anti-moisture.
8.Aluminum alloy 6063 body and leading light transmitting Optical PMMA cover.
9.Exquisite small appearance. Easy to install with mounting brackets.
10.Eco-friendly. No mercury and other harmful materials
11.No delay on start.
12.Long life span, longer than 50,000H

hot sale 8w led panel lighting


Why We Choose LED Panel Lighting ?

1.green lamp, protecting the earth
the led panel light is eco-friendly with no mercury and lead inside, and recognized as green light of 21st century
2.efficient conversion, reducing heat
Led lighting converts all energy into light without energy waste, and doesn’t cause fading to documents and clothing
3.quiet and comfortable, with no noise
Led lamp will not make noise. It’s suitable to the circumstance with sophisticated electronic equipment, also suitable to libraries, offices and so on
4.soft light, protecting eyes
Traditional lamp produces 100-200 times strobe per second by using AC current, while spotlight converts AC to DC directly with no strobe, so it will protect our eyes
5.high brightness,high output, energy saving.
6.super-long lifespan, over 50,000hrs, it uses 8hrs each day, can use 10 years.



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