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3W LED Par Light

3w led par light
MOQ: 1 Pcs
Voltage: AC85-265V
Frenquency: 50-60HZ
Lumen: 240-260Lm
Consumption: 3W
LED Quantity: 3Pcs
LED Angle: 120-180 Degree
Color Temperature: Warm:2700-3500K,White:6000-6500K
Interface Type: E27
Materail: Aluminum
Certificates: CE,RoHs
Warranty: 3 Years
Application: LED Home Lighting, LED Commercial Lightings:

1).Interior accent lighting and perimeter lighting.

2).Exhibit lighting.

3).Museum lighting.

4).Scene lighting such as valley, restaurant, hotel, etc.

5).Display lighting such as shopping mall, showroom and counter etc.

3W LED Par Light Details:
3w led par light

LED Par Light Features:

1.Very low energy consumption-80% electricity saving comparing to the incandescent lamps;the LED light source of ultra high power,high brightness;lowest attenuation of brightness,extraordinary energy saving,extremely long life-50,000 hours lifespan which ensure at least 10 years continuous using;the attenuation of the LED light bulb source is less than 3% by 3000hrs aging test under temperature 50 degrees celsius.

2.Shockproof and vibration-proof thanks to solid-state light source,plastic and metal casings; all materials from inner light sources and outer cases are hard materials,such as Epoxy,ABS,PC etc.

3.Extremely strong light source:3W high power LED.

4.Patented packaging technology and heat dissipation design ensure the heat disperses quickly.

5.Excellent heat dissipation design based on aluminum alloy structure, the surface temperature is below 65° C, more safe and stable.

6.Low thermal output with No infrared and UV, No harm to human.

7.Instant full output/start, no speckle, no flickering, no humming no delay.

3w led par lamp

LED Par Lamp User instruction:

1)Indoor use only,IP54.

2)Do not touch lamp surface when power is on.

3)Do not watch the light-emitting surface directly.

4)Please choose the right power supply to match the product.

5)Please make sure the power is off before installation.



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