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Truck LED Display

Attention: Our LED Truck and LED Box can be seperated. if you have your own Truck, you can only buy the LED Box.
If you have your own requests,please let us know, We will design your Own Truck for you!
The Standard Configuration List for UNIT-M-L320X192H:

-LED Truck’s Right Side:

1) Ph10mm 1R1G1B Outdoor Full Color Waterproof LED Display Screen size: 3.2mx1.92m,Resolution: 320 x 192 dots to play the Videos for advertising and Movies.

2) LED Display with Hydraulic Cylinder System that has the Route 1.5m High.

led truck display

-Truck LED ’s Left Side:

1) Top:Ph10mm Outdoor Red Color Waterproof LED Display Screen size:3.2mx0.48m,Resolution: 320x48 dots to play the Text and Messages.

2) Bottom:3.15mx1.2m Rolling light boxes for painting pictures.

mobile led display

-Truck LED Display ’s Back Side:Ph10mm Outdoor Red Color Waterproof LED Display Screen size: 1.28mx1.6m,Resolution: 128 x 160 dots to play the Text and Messages.

led truck display

led vehicles
- Generator:KIPOR Brand Ultra Slient Diesel Fuel Generator- 16KW - Sound Box :2 pcs Waterproof Sound Box
led truck generator
- Controlling Computer (IPC):AVANTECH (IPC-610L) with 17” LCD - LED Video Processor and Air Conditioner for your Option
led truck system

- Anti-High Temperature System:Mobile LED Truck has the Special Cooling FANS to reduce the working temperature,There have 4 Cooling Fans,2 pcs for in and 2 pcs for out..it can reduce the working temperature to 40 Degree in Summer.

led truck

Mobile LED Truck Display

Truck LED Display is a new design for advertising,UNIT LED can give you a realible quality and competitive price LED Truck Display to earn your LED Display market. if you are interested in it,please contact us.

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