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UNIT LED got a Order of Ph7.62mm Indoor SMD 3in1 50m2 from Sri-Lanka

The clients from Sri-lanka has good praise of our Ph7.62mm Indoor LED Display, during the meeting, they place an Order of 50m2 for rental use. We have the strictly quality control for it, and every part has been inspected to let it work well.

The following pictures show How our indoor led display be produced, and what testing we do.

ph7.62mm ph7.62mm led screen
Gear Hanging Structure LED Cabinet
LED Cabinet Testing
ph7.62mm led display blue color testing ph7.62mm indoor led screen green testing
Indoor LED Display Blue Color Testing
Indoor LED Display Green Color Testing
indoor led display red color testing ph7.62mm indoor led display
Indoor LED Display RED Color Testing
Indoor LED Display Video Testing and Aging

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