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Outdoor LED Video Wall

Outdoor led video wall with high brightness and less weight, it is waterproof,widely used for outdoor led background lighting and outdoor led advertising.

UNIT LED has the outdoor led background wall of Ph31.25mm, Ph37.5mm, and Ph40mm. you can choose any model according to your different applications.

Ph31.25mm Outdoor LED Video Wall Module
LED Packing: 1R1G1B
Pixel Pitch: 31.25mm
LED Module size: 250mmx250mm
LED Module Pixel: 8 dots x 8 dots
LED Cabinet size: 500mmx500mmx100mm
Brightness: >5000 CD/M2
Cabinet Weight: 20 kg/M2
Viewing Distance: 21m-300m
Viewing Angle: 120 Degree Horizontal and 70 Degree Vertical
Material and Protection: Steel/Aluminium, Waterproof IP65
Power Consumption: 500 W/Sqm
led video wall module Correction Scale Level: 16bits
Frame Update Frequency: 60Hz,70HZ
Screen Refresh Frequency: 4800-9600 Hz
Gamma Correction: -5.0—5.0
Support Input Video: S-Video, DVI, HDMI., SDI, HD_SDI
Control Distance: Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Support VGA Mode: 800×600,1024×768,1280×1024
Color Temperature: 5000-9300 adjustable
Operating Temp.: -20-60 Celsius degree
Operating Humidity: 10-95% RH
Operating Life: 100,000 hours
MTBF: 5000 hours
outdoor led video wall
outdoor led video wall cabinet
Outdoor LED Video Wall Cabinet Face
Outdoor LED Video Wall Cabinet Back
led video wall
led video wall connection
Outdoor LED Video Wall Cabinet Installation
Outdoor LED Video Wall Cabinet Connection


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