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Ph20mm Flexible LED Display

Our products Ph20mm Soft LED Display Screen are designed exactly for improving the stage effects. They can be self-using for permanent installation or rental depends on the reality situation of your company.

The important features of our Soft LED Display as follows:

1.Flexible, easy to install, disassemble, maintain and packing. And also can be rolled up. Different shapes are realizable: round, cylinder, dysmorphism and so on.
2.High transparence, good heat dissipation.
3.Low cost, they also will cut down the cost of transportation and installation because of their light weight. This product is the best choice for temporary events.
4.IP65, indoor or outdoor (using at night) use come to be possible.

ph20 led curtain

Ph20mm LED Curtain Specifications:
Pixel Pitch 20 mm 20 mm
Usage Indoor Outdoor
Pixel Composition (SMD3528) 3 IN 1 (SMD5050) 3 IN 1
Brightness ≥1500 CD/㎡ ≥5000 CD/㎡
Grey Level 4096 4096
Refresh Rate ≥1000 HZ ≥1000 HZ
Color Temperature ADJ Enable ADJ Enable
Viewing Angle 130° 130°
Pixel Density 2500 Dots/㎡ 2500 Dots/㎡
(L*W) Module Resolution 64 x 16 Dots 64 x 16 Dots
Max Power Consumption 237 W 237 W
Ave Power Consumption 200 W 200 W
IP Rating IP 61 IP 66
Operating Temperature -30℃~+ 55℃ -30℃~+ 55℃
(L*W*H) Module Size 1280 x 320 x30mm 1280 x 320 x30mm
Module Weight 3.5 KG 4.1 KG
Control mode Synchronization Synchronization
Working Voltage 220V/110V+/-15% 220V/110V+/-15%
Panel System Type Colorlight or Linsn Colorlight or Linsn
Input Voltage 110-240 V 110-240 V
Rigging system Fixed or Mobile Fixed or Mobile
Control Software LEDVISION or LEDStudio LEDVISION or LEDStudio


LED Curtain Application:

Our Ph20mm Flexible LED Display Board can be used in stage, bar, club, event, concert, show, TV station and so on. With the performance of IP65, indoor or outdoor use come to be possible.

Ph20mm Soft LED Display Screen

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