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Ultra Thin LED Display

Ultra Thin LED Display is our latest products, Now it widely used for Rental LED Display.Both from the environmental point or from the perspective of saving space, "Ultra thin"is the important ideals of electronic product design nowadays, you can see ultra-thin mobile phones, ultra-thin notebook, ultra-thin TV. SHENZHEN UNIT LED CO., LTD. follow the trend of this "Ultra Thin" that develop the latest Ultra thin LED Display,leading the LED display industry, the first grand launch of ultra-thin LED display.

The Features:

1.Ultra Thin and Less Weight :Ultra-thin design and high permeability that allows the display to the limit weight,Thinner: Box Thickness can do 95mm, half the thickness of the conventional box,The weight is less 10-15 kg than the traditional led display, and the install way can be the place where require the special installation requirements.
2.Dot to Dot Correction:it Adapted to each pixel, each module, each Cabinet to do the dot to dot correction, and the Ultra thin LED Screen has the perfect white balance.
3.High Frequency:The Unique design of the drive circuit, The refresh rate to 4800hz for rental led display.
4.Waterproof :Grade of protection: protection level as the conventional can reach IP65.
5.Lower Consumption :It has the Lower consumption than the traditional led display, saving more than 20-30% consumption.

ultra thin led cabinet
Ultra Thin LED Cabinet
In-connection Cablnet Cables
Hanging Structure
Cabinet Effect
Ultra Thin LED Display Backside
Ultra Thin LED Display Face

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