11 Valuable LED Screen Content Creation Advices!

For people who want to show the LED screen content at the best state to the audiences, this is the chapter that can not be missed, we will discuss 11 points that can improve the content quality for your LED display screen

How to engage your audiences immediately? Follow us to read this article to get more insights!

(1) Use motion graphics but control the frequency

Motion graphics often are more attractive than static ones, and that is also a prominent advantage of the digital LED billboard which should be utilized- the digital billboards can show the dynamic images while the traditional printed billboards do not have this function. So do not miss any chance you can use moving images to grab the viewers’ attention!

However, undue animation may result in the missing of attention to the central information of the contents. Therefore, just keep a moderate frequency to prevent distracting the viewers.

(2) Highlight your emphasized LED screen content

There is a saying in almost every field – “try to do more with less.” By adding some font effects or bold the font, you can highlight your emphasized content easily. Moreover, you can utilize the contrast to highlight this content, too.
color contrast led screen content

Just try to make people notice the most important section on the fixed / rental LED display firstly. After all, the time people will spend on watching the display often takes our budgets as the cost, and we should maximum the advertising effect as much as possible during the limited time.

(3) Make the LED Display content short but precise

People always prefer short and thematic content to long and complex sentences. Pay attention to keep them logical and short, and also include the key points.

(4) Balance the graphics and resolution

In general, the size of your graphics has a negative relationship with the screen resolution, that is, the lower the resolution is, the bigger the graphics should be.


(5) Keep the video length reasonable, and update your ads

The audiences of LED video walls are often in motion, and they will not sit on a couch to see the contents. Therefore, edit the video length to reasonable values such as 10 seconds or 15 seconds based on how long your targeted audiences will watch the screens.

Moreover, try to display fresh daily content such as new ads, weathers, news and so on but not constantly repeated ones, avoiding audiences ignoring them as time goes by.

(6) Generate real-time and interactive contents

These types of content can be camera feeds, live social media, live updates, real-time scoring and commenting, and so forth. All this information can help to engage and entertain the attendees greatly.

(7) Test your contents before installation

Just test it with the templates to check the readability of texts, colors, and images. Just make sure the contents are suitable before further action to avoid useless work.

(8) Avoid too bright colors as background

If you often use bright colors like white for full display background, some problems may be caused. First, it may reduce the life span of LED displays. Second, it will cost more electricity so as to increase the power consumption. Third, viewers may feel uncomfortable with the too-bright background, and it might even lead to light pollution to cause accidents.

Just use soft colors as your screen background, and ensure the brightness is at an appropriate level.

(9) Choose readable fonts

It is recommended that choose common fonts like Arial as your fonts. And the text should be big and brief.

If you want to apply some text effects such as drop shadow, glow, and so on, do not forget to check the effect and use some methods to maximize the readability such as using moderate motions and contrast colors.

(10) Smooth transition

When switching from one video to the other one, try to use some transition effects such as simple fade in and fade out.

The transition should be noticeable but not dramatic to avoid distracting people’s attention.

(11) Find professional producers

When you are not so skilled at creating the contents, just find professional advertisement producers to help you do the stuff. It can save you lots of energy and time, and deliver you contents that have good effects.

When you are purchasing or renting the LED screens from the providers, you can ask for recommended advertisement makers, or sometimes the companies will offer such services to its customers.

Never forget there is a saying that find the professional people, and do the professional things.


How to get the right and effective LED screen content? We list 11 advice here, and hope we can inspire you some creative ideas for your future LED display content creation! Do you have other information want to know about LED display industry? Just turn to our LED FAQ page, or send us an email, and we will take your ideas as our next blog theme!

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