10 Ways to Choose Right Transparent LED Display Screen

LED transparent display screen is becoming more and more popular, and the market share and customer recognition rate are constantly increasing. But how can we judge whether the LED transparent screen is good or bad, and then choose the LED cabinet with satisfactory quality? 

At present, the transparent LED panels produced by many manufacturers are very similar, even if the appearance is different, the construction principle is the same, such as circuit boards, lamp beads, wires, etc. This article briefly introduces how to choose a good quality LED transparent screen for you.

(1) Brightness comparison

Gently pick up the transparent LED module to see whether the brightness of the LED lamp can meet your requirements. Or directly play content on the LED transparent screen cabinet to check. The higher the brightness, the higher the requirements, also the higher the cost. 

For indoor environment, the indoor light is relatively dark (brightness 800 can be satisfied), so choose a cabinet with lower brightness, and the content of the transparent display screen can be well presented. But if the transparent screen is installed at the back of the window, it is necessary to seek higher brightness.

transparent led display screen (2)

(2) The light of the LED lamp should be consistent

While watching the brightness, pls see whether the light of the LED lamp is uniform. Good quality LED lamp is evenly and have a consistent color. Poor quality LED lamp has different brightness, such as the brightness of one LED lamp is very bright, the other LED lamp is dim, the luminous color is not uniform at random, and there will be obvious dark areas.

It is especially important to pay attention to check whether there is any color difference when observing the white light. If you use a thin white paper to cover the LED transparent screen module, you may not be able to observe the color very well, so it is better that use acrylic board with a certain thickness to cover. 

The presence or absence of color difference is the most important part of distinguishing quality, and it is also one of the main reasons for the price difference of LED transparent screens.

transparent led display screen (1)

(3) Cable’s chip

If it is only told by the LED transparent screen manufacturer that the wire used is of high quality with UL certification, it is not reliable. 

The most direct method is to peel the outer skin of the cable and count the number of the wire core inside the cable by yourself! 

Modules with 15,17,19pcs or even 20 or 30 cores should be no worse than those with 14 or 11 cores.

(4) LED lamp’s Temperature

After the LED transparent screen lights up and runs for a period of time, touch the surface of the LED lamp bead with your hand. If the temperature of the lamp bead is very high or even hot, the stability of the product is not as good as the one with a the low temperature.

(5) Solder joint quality

If the solder joint is full, it can prove that the welding process is good, and the quality of the solder is good if the brightness is high. On the contrary, the problem of false welding is prone to occur. 

The phenomenon of bad welding, dead led lamp or abnormal color is likely to occur in false welding which will lead to the late maintenance is very troublesome.

(6) LED transparent led lamp model

At present, there are two ways to make LED transparent screen, one is the front light, the other is the side light.The side luminous transparent screen module LED lamp is installed on the upper or lower side of the lamp strip. 

The viewing Angle is 160°, with a wider viewing angle, and the permeability rate is relatively high, which can reach more than 90%, and it has better anti-knock ability and fast maintenance requirements. 

The front light LED transparent LED module adopts the standard LED of the traditional LED display screen, which can ensure the omni-directional viewing Angle of 140°. It has mature technology, and has passed the test of the market so the quality is stable and reliable.

Side Light:

side light of the led display

Front Light:

(7) Stent type

In general, the majority of LED transparent screen adopts the silver-plated copper stent. The advantage of the silver-plated copper stent is fast heat dissipation, which can better heat the LED lamp and has small resistance. Some factories on the market use ceramic bracket to replace the silver-plated copper stent, ceramic bracket thermal conductivity is very excellent.

(8) The thickness of the PCB

If the PCB board is relatively thick, it will affect the permeability of the LED transparent screen. The thickness of the panel is about 10mm.

(9) LED chip

Depending on the brand of the chip and the size of the chip, the chip is the decisive factor for the quality of the lamp beads. 

Generally, the larger the chip, the stronger the stability, the higher the brightness, and the better the heat dissipation. The chip is the most important, because the chip directly determines the color rendering index, brightness, and anti-attenuation degree.

(10) Glue

Generally good quality Transparent LED screen products use imported glue. The encapsulated LED lamp will not be deformed by hand. However, if using cheap quality glue, gently press the LED lamp with your hand, the LED module may be deformed or even cracked.

In addition, the use of high-quality raw materials, the manufacturer’s design level, processing technology, construction experience all have a direct impact on the project effect, quality, life and operating costs.

Therefore, customers must understand these differences before choosing LED transparent screens in order to make the best choice. If you have a special transparent screen project, please contact our salesman and we will provide you with the best solution!

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