19 Most Important FAQs of Poster LED Screens – Quick Answer

For people who want to purchase poster LED screens for their shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, retail shops, cinemas, car wash shop and so forth to advertise, inform, entertain and so on, there may be many questions arise such as how it creates profits for you, how many customers it can impact, and what you will get from it, of course, some technical questions. So many and they sound so confused, right?

Today, we will talk about the most frequent FAQ of poster LED screen to help you do better decisions.

1.How can I get profits from poster LED screens?

You can advertise to increase your sales volumes, attract new customers, show new products and impact people with brand images. Just place a poster LED display in your stores, or on the entrance, can attract people’s eyes as much as possible to advertise your featured products, increasing the possibilities of turning them to your customers.

Moreover, you can get excess income by receiving advertising money from other companies. For example, if you receive $40 per product for a month, and feature 6 products over the month, then you can receive $240 sponsorship incomes per month and $2880 per year! You can ten times the profits as the working life of LED display can be long up to at least 80,000 hours.

What is more, it can give you some tax benefits. For instance, if you have a poster LED screen worth $5,000, and the tax bracket is 32%, then it can save $1600 for you. After the offset, your true cost will be only $3400.

2.What are the differences between conventional LED display and poster LED screen?


Poster LED screens have a more attractive appearance and have more flexibility for adjusting. For example, the back brackets can adjust the poster LED screen to different directions, and the unique base-standing brackets can make them can stand stably on the ground.

2) Set-up and control

The poster LED display is very easy to use and control. Only need a mobile phone you can achieve real-time management. Just download the special controlling mobile app on your phone, and you can change the contents displayed within one second. The video below shows how to control the poster LED screen.

3) Interaction

If you think about the scenarios where you met the LED poster, for instance, in shopping mall, at the entrance of elevator, restaurant, bus station and so forth, you may realize that the interaction is an important advantage features the screen.

For example, the smart poster LED in shopping mall which can plan the lunch for customers who are in different ages or instruct them to arrive at the shops they want, whereas the conventional LED screen display generally only show the contents.

3.What a poster LED screen can be used for?

Almost all formats of video and image can be displayed on the LED poster, including those in jpg, png, mov, wmv, and mp4 formats and so on.

You can use it to advertise your products, deliver important information such as promotional activities to your clients, impact viewers with your brand image, or use it to generate sponsorship revenues.

A LED poster screen has huge possibility for you to discover and utilize, all these can become your next source of revenue. And don’t forget their long service life which can up to at least 8-10 years, which can ensure continuous incomes for you.

4.Poster LED display price - what are the important pricing factors?

The prices of poster LED displays are basically experiencing fluctuation as the LED screen market is dynamic, that is why sellers don’t like to list the prices on their website because there are many variates on the market. But you can still have a ballpark price after considering these elements that support the underlying logic of pricing.

1) Configuration

Configuration of poster LED display screen refers to the inner components such as board card, driver card, decode board and power panel, etc.
For example, there are two types of board cards – standalone version board cards and online edition board cards. The former generally will cost less than the online edition board card. And different driver cards will also influence the driving performances of poster LED screen.

There only lists several of components that will influence the pricing. For details, you can ask your manufacturers to provide you with the list of components.

2) Customized cabinet

The customized cabinet is another feature that gives LED poster advantages over LCD poster. By providing such service, LED poster screen has more possibilities to meet specific requirements of clients for different locations and different installation conditions. That is why unique design and mold opening sometimes will cost some budgets of customers.

3) Size

It is no doubt the bigger the screen, the higher the cost. The size of screen is one of the vital factors that determine the final price of the whole display.

4) Logistics and package

The total shipment, destination, transportation methods and the package will all influence the final price.

Generally speaking, it is better to let LED poster companies arrange the delivery because they usually have built long business relationships with logistic companies. And the cost of the package will increase with the transportation conditions becoming harsher. For example, if you choose to ship your products, then the package should be waterproof so that the cost of this part will increase accordingly.

5) LED poster company

Part of the production cost of LED poster screens is decided by the LED screen manufacturers from aspects of raw materials, configuration, transportation and so on.

If there are too many unnecessary configurations and functions, the cost of the screen may be excessive and can be cut down by rationalizing the design.

5.How many customers will see my poster LED screens everyday?

It depends on how many customers will pass by your poster screen every day, and whether the quality of your content is good or not. For example, if you put your screen on a busy street with 4K videos displayed on it, and the content is creative to engage people, undoubtedly you will get more customers than before!

6.Which installation methods can I choose?

Poster LED screen supports multiple installation methods including bracket standing installation, base-standing installation, lifting or hanging installation, multi cascade installation and creative installation, and so forth, and there is no need for steel structure.


7.How to control the screen?

Our poster LED screen to support both synchronous control and asynchronous control. For synchronous control, we recommend control systems including Novastar, Linsn and so on. This controlling way is suitable for customers who have placed computer near the screen.

For asynchronous control, we recommend control systems such as Novastar, Huidu, Colorlight, Xixun. Through this way, you can control several screens remotely on PC, notebook and mobile phone even when you are in other cities.

Take our popular P2.5mm 640*1920mm poster LED display as an example:

Control system Sending card/controller Receiving card Control on Optional
Novastar 1pc * T1 card/T3 card/TB3 box with wifi 6pcs * MRV336 PC, Android, iOS 4G module
Huidu 1pc * A30 card + wifi 6pcs * R512s PC, Android, iOS 4G module
Colorlight 1pc * C4 box with wifi + 4G 6pcs * 5A-75E PC, Android, iOS  
Xixun 1pc * M60 with wifi 2pcs * D80-16 PC, Android 4G module

8.How to maintain poster LED screens?

There are two ways of maintenances including front maintenance and back maintenance.

1) For the front maintenance, the steps are:

2) Remove Screws;

3) Remove the cover and top bar;

4) Draw out acrylic cover from the top;

5) Use vacuum tools to move the module from the front.

This way is more convenient than the back maintenance, and needs less room for operation. For displays that needed to be hanged on or wall-mounted, this is a great method that can save lots of energy and time.

For the back maintenance:

1)Remove the left and right borders;

2)Slightly remove the acrylic glass from the front side;

3)Remove the screws from the corresponding back cover of trouble spots;

4)Remove the back cover;

5)Remove the LED module with trouble;

6)Install the new poster LED display module;

7)Turn on the display, press the test button for 5 seconds to automatically read the calibration data;

8)Turn off the poster LED after the display being normal;

9)Re-install the back cover, glass plate and frame.

9.How to prolong the service life?

1)Enable the steady voltage. To keep the voltage stable, do not use the same power supply of high-power facilities such as elevators as the unstable voltage will damage the screen itself thus shorting the service life.

2)Place it in appropriate environment, and avoid humidity and wind as much as possible. Leave enough room for it to dissipate heat that should be more than 10cm away from other objects.

Moreover, do not block the ventilation holes of the LED poster, and do not cover the screen with other things.

3)Read the operation manual carefully before starting it, and operate based on the instructions on it.

4)When you clean it, please power off the screen to avoid electric leakage and short-circuit. To know how to clean LED display screen, just click.

5)Stop the running after a long time working, generally speaking, generally speaking, continuous use should not exceed 7*24 hours.

6)Do not shift the contents too frequently, which will damage the screen. To ensure normal operation, the continuous switching time should not be less than 10 seconds.

10.How are LED posters different from LCD posters?

LCDs need a backlight, which means it can not produce light by itself, while LEDs can emit light by itself. This determine LED screen has a thinner and lighter cabinet.

LED poster vs LCD poster

Moreover, LCD poster screens are usually used for indoor applications, whereas LED poster screen can be both used for indoor and outdoor applications. LCD displays are weaker to the ambient environment such as rain, water, solid contaminant and so on, thus having shorter service life.

Usually, after 1-2 years of working, LCD displays will be needed to be returned to manufacturers for maintaining and fixing, while the working life of LED display screens can be up to at least 8-10 years.

It is worth to be mentioned that LED poster screen also performs better in the field of displaying high-definition images, saving power consumption, resisting water and solid contaminant, high brightness, and customization capacity.

11.Why LED poster screen is better than video projector?

Although a video projector seems to have a lower initial price point, it can not display the same image quality and high brightness as LED poster screens do.

Besides, it usually has more limitations on the contents, and higher requirements for the environment. It is not suitable for the outdoor environment as the brightness is not enough, and the curtain is easy to be damaged by humidity and dust, wind and sand, etc.

12.What technologies does LED poster display apply for?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED display screen can produce light by itself, thus owning thin and weight cabinet which is suitable for installation and maintenances.

LED displays are used to be manufactured with three small combinations of those three colors that allow creating millions of colors and details.

At present, many LED display companies use SMD technology, which refers to the surface-mount device. This technology combines the three colors by itself and replaces the three lights, allowing the display to show more precise color and higher-definition images.

13.Do you have MOQ requirement?

We do not have MOQ requirement, and you can choose to buy 1pc, 2pcs, 10pcs as you want. Just contact us, we will give you the best plan for your projects.

14.What payment method do you have?

We accept several methods of payment including bank wire transfer, Paypal, and Western Union Payment.

15.What are your packing ways?

We recommend you two kinds of packing ways. One is the Polywood case packing( non-timber) and the another is flight case packing.

16.What services do you supply?

We support pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services including product recommendation, tech support, and 2-3 years warranty. The professional team with more than 10 years of experience will give you specific advice and support through phone, video, email, field study to help you finish the LED screen project perfectly.

We provide our customers with all-around and round-the-clock services to make our biggest efforts to win our customers’ satisfaction.

17.What is the viewing angle of your poster LED screens?

The viewing angle of our poster LED displays are 160 degree for both H/V, meaning you can see the contents on our display if you are standing anywhere in front of the screen.

18.What is the appropriate viewing distance?

It depends on the pixel pitch of the LED display, in another word, the resolution. As a rule of thumb, the ideal viewing distance is 1.5x the pixel pitch in meters.

For example, if the pixel pitch is 2.5mm, then the viewing distance is 3.75m. At this distance, the human eye (or brain) no longer sees individual pixels, but rather the whole picture. Of course, you can get closer to see the display, the images will still be acceptable with the pixels becoming increasingly evident.

For the ideal viewing distance for your LED display, just phone us or send an email, we will give you a detailed answer!

Building 4,Huaze Industry Park,Zhoushi Road,Shiyan Town,BaoAn,Shenzhen,China.

+86-137-8705-0055 (WhatsApp)




19.What specifications of your LED poster screens?

 IPoster Series 
  Indoor series
 MODELP 2P 2.5
LAMPLED TypeSMD(1515)SMD(2121)
MODULEPixel pitch2mm2.5mm
LED module size160×80mm320×160mm
LED driving method1/40 dynamic scan1/32 dynamic scan
CABINETLED module layout(H×W)12×212×2
Display area1.06m²1.06m²
Cabinet size640×1920×35mm640×1920×35mm
Net. weight/set45kg45kg
Ingress protectionFront IP40/Rear IP40Front IP40/Rear IP40
PowerAC 240/100±10%AC 240/100±10%
ServiceabilityRear serviceRear service
DISPLAYMax.Power consumption500W650W
Avg.Power consumption 150W195W
Viewing angle(H/V)160°/160°160°/160°
Brightness800~1000 nits800~1000 nits
Pixel density(pixel/m²)169,344279,936
Contrast ratio4,000:14,000:1



-10°C to +40°C; 10% to 90%-10°C to +40°C; 10% to 90%
Lifetime(50% brightness)80,000hours80,000hours
Refresh rate≥2880Hz≥2880Hz

In Conclusion

In this article, we discussed 19 FAQs of poster LED screen including the features, applications, specifications, and matters need attention, etc.

We are a professional LED poster manufacturer with abundant experience of more than 10 years with a technical team who can deal with your problems timely and accurately. If you have any questions that have not been answered, welcome contact us.

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