LED Display Panel: Showing Chinese Romance to the World

On the evening of February 20, the closing ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which has attracted worldwide attention, was held as scheduled at the National Gymnasium in Beijing. At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, China presented an unparalleled visual feast to the whole people. As a carrier to show the humanistic feelings behind China, the LED display panel has attracted the attention of many people. Today, we will reveal the secrets of LED display screens at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

According to relevant reports, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics adopted a lot of hot information technology. Including digital performance and simulation technology, artificial skills, AR, naked-eye 3D LED screen, and other technologies. Technology empowers art. You can see the power of LEDs at the opening ceremony everywhere. Various LED display panels work together to create a beautiful world of ice and snow.

LED display panel in Beijing Winter Olympics

The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is a breakthrough and victory in the LED display screen industry. China presents an audio-visual feast with Chinese romance to the world with its own LED screen products.

The World's Largest LED Floor Tile Screen

In the past, such a large-area full-field display usually adopted an engineering projection scheme. However, with the maturity of China’s LED display panel industry, the engineers at this opening ceremony boldly adopted an all-LED solution. More than 11,000 square meters of LED floor tile screen is enough to set the Guinness World Record, and it is the largest LED floor tile screen in the world.

The innovative design is powerful. It reflects the “digital technology + aesthetic innovation” visual label of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The world has seen the charm of China’s LED display panels.

The entire Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony LED floor tile screen is composed of more than 40,000 modules of 50×50mm, with a total area of 11,626 square meters. More than 40,000 LED display panels are from different manufacturers, including Unilumin Technology, BOE, Leyard, and other manufacturers. According to Li Ziliang, general manager of the manufacturing system of Shenzhen Unilumin Technology Co., Ltd., the batch of LED displays was officially delivered at the end of September and was used for the opening ceremony rehearsal in October.

Largest LED Floor Tile Screen

Considering the cold weather during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the LED display must be cold-resistant, non-slip, and wear-resistant. Moreover, as a LED display panel specially used for ground display, it must also overcome the problem of load-bearing. The ground display system can help the cast and crew to complete complex performances. 

This LED display screen is a conventional product for Chinese manufacturers who have researched LED display screens for many years. However, the LED display with such a large area has refreshed history. With the help of the strict control of product quality by various LED display manufacturers, a fantastic performance appears.

Novel Interactive LED Floor

From the entrance ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the Chinese doors and windows presented by the athletes’ feet are pretty. With the movement, the content of the display screen also changes. It shows the large rivers and mountains of China. On the world’s hugest three-dimensional stage, the audience can feel the power of China with the LED display and unique light and shadow system. The LED technology turns the creativity of director Zhang Yimou into reality, making the world feel the romance of China.

In addition to the 3D naked-eye effect, interactive sensing is also a highlight of the LED display. The wonderful display effect comes from the motion capture interactive system configured on the LED display panel. The interactive LED floor tile screens can chase the movement trajectory of the cast and crew and transmit it to the control system. The interactive sensing device is the key to realizing the interaction between the LED display screen and the actors.

For example, when the actor is skiing, there are signs of snow being pushed away from where the athlete is paddling. During the Dove of Peace show, snowflakes will appear wherever the children walk. The interactive led floor tile screen makes the scene more realistic.

Ice Waterfall 3D LED Display Screen

In recent years, 3D LED screens are very hot. You can see naked-eye 3D LED displays in many shopping malls. With its shocking and realistic picture effects, it has attracted the attention of many people and caused heated discussions on the Internet. As early as 2012, naked-eye 3D technology appeared. However, there are few relevant cases because of immature technology and funding problems. With the maturity of naked-eye 3D technology and the increasing demand for 3D images, 3D LED screens were used in this Winter Olympics. Let the audience feel the current hot technology power.

At the opening ceremony, the billowing river seemed to pour down from the sky. Then the river water gradually pools and freezes slowly, creating a world of ice and snow. The inspiration for this scene comes from a poem by Chinese Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai – “The water of the Yellow River comes from the sky”. This shocking picture seems to make people feel the majesty of the Yellow River.

Such a shocking display effect is inseparable from the high-quality performance of the 3D LED display. This vertical screen is 58 meters high, 20 meters wide, and has a resolution of 2560×7328. When erecting such a large screen on flat ground, the wind speed in the field is a problem. The icefall led display adopts a grille screen with an aluminum bar structure. These LED grille screens are designed with an overall glue filling process, with a protection level of IP65 and strong wind resistance.

IceCube 3D display is full of creativity

Ice Cube is 22 meters long, 7 meters wide, and 10 meters high. As one of the most-watched famous scenes, the Five Rings of Ice and Snow gradually emerged from the Ice Cube. The Ice Cube, the Olympic Rings, and the local stage are all made of LED displays. Through the control system, the latest light and shadow display technology is helpful to create such a dreamy scene.

Parallel Cube is the world’s largest pentahedral naked-eye 3D display device, and it is also the driving device with the highest power throughout the opening ceremony. The LED display unit adopts a carbon-fiber structure design to reduce weight. The weight of a single display cabinet is only 8kg. This design is conducive to the rapid lifting and lowering of the Ice Cube and presents a visual effect.

The appearance of the Olympic rings also made the audience shine. A laser located on Level four of the Grandstand shines on the IceCube and sculpts it. Then the Olympic rings slowly emerged, instantly igniting the enthusiasm of the audience. According to relevant personnel, this engraving vision is present under the combination of laser and IceCube 3D visual effects.

Olympic Rings - Creative LED Display Stunning appearance

The five rings of ice and snow are one of the most crucial props for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to display the Olympic spirit. The crystal-clear five rings of ice and snow break out of the ice, symbolizing that countries in the world have broken down barriers.

The creative LED display constitutes the five rings, among which the soft flexible LED display plays an important role. The five rings are 19 meters long, 8.75 meters high, and only 35mm thick. The whole adopts an aluminum alloy truss structure that is both rigid and lightweight. It only took 43 seconds to rise steadily to an altitude of 13 meters.

Olympic Rings-Creative led display

The appearance of the 2008 Summer Olympics Fantasy Rings at the closing ceremony also dazzled the audience. The Dream Five Rings are manufactured by Aerospace Science and Technology Group. And it seems like the mini version of the Five Rings in 2008. It consists of 21,000 led lamp beads, and the display time is more than 60 minutes.

Snowflake Main Torch - Double-sided LED Screen

Snowflake Master Torch is full of creativity. The combination of creative LED display and double-sided LED screen presents the artistic effect. The one-way controllable special-shaped LED display outlines the outer shape of the snowflake, showing the line feeling of the snowflake. The inside of the torch is hollowed out. 96 small snowflake-shaped and six olive branch-shaped LED double-sided screens are equipped with more than 550,000 LED lamp beads. A single signal channel of the driver chip controls each lamp bead.

In addition, the transparent double-sided LED screen has excellent transparency, which shows the empty inspiration of snowflakes. The main torch stage adopts the synchronous/asynchronous compatible information transmission system and ALOT technology system independently developed by BOE. An asynchronous control system sends large-scale video content in a short period. Meanwhile, the synchronous control system ensures that the 102 double-sided screens achieve a millisecond-level response. In addition, the “main road + loop” control system ensures the ultra-high reliability of the torch table operation.

Various Application Scenarios of LED Display Panel

In addition to the opening ceremony, LED display panels have appeared in many scenes. Such as the dispatch center of the stadium, the large screen of the studio, the outdoor broadcast, the awards stage, etc. LED display screens have penetrated every aspect of the Winter Olympics.

From the front of the stage to the backstage, the LED display applications are various. The fine pixel pitch LED displays in the control center and the Bird’s Nest emergency command center escorted the Winter Olympics. The small room displays the relevant information of each department in real-time according to the LED display screen to ensure the safe and stable progress of the work of the department.

On the skiing arena, in the studio, and on the streets of Beijing, multiple 5G+8K ultra-clear outdoor LED displays are broadcasting the Winter Olympics live in real-time. Under the “Xue Ruyi” jumping platform of the National Ski Center, five LED displays with a total area of 600 square meters broadcast the athletes’ competition in real-time.

virtual giant Chinese knotting

After more than 30 years of accumulation, now the LED display achieves romance on the stage and conveys the truth on the field. With the addition of 5G, AI, and digital synthesis technology, LED display panels have a variety of forms to meet more needs. For example, the virtual giant Chinese knotting formed by digital AI technology at the closing ceremony complements the blue Chinese knotting presented by the ground LED display.

LED Display Screen Industry Ushered in Great Opportunities

On February 16, the World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance (UWA) officially released the first batch of “Hundred Cities Thousand Screens” Ultra HD video and audio communication technology standards. 5G+8K has become an important keyword. LED display panel will usher in a new round of development driven by relevant policies.

Judging from the performance of the LED screen in this Winter Olympics, the LED display is no longer a simple electronic display device but is developing in an artistic direction. Some experts believe that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be the starting point for the second take-off of the entire LED screen industry. Through this world-renowned event, people from all over the world have felt the display effect of the LED screens. It is an excellent opportunity for the LED industry. The influence of the Winter Olympics will promote the development of the entire industry.


The Winter Olympics have come to a successful conclusion. The LED display also did the job perfectly. LED display panels allow the world to see China and spread the beauty of culture across borders. We believe that LED display panels will bring more and more surprises to people’s lives.

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