30 Attentions of LED Display Working – Starting up, Powering, Cleaning, and Storage

Today we will discuss 30 attentions of LED display working from aspects including starting up/powering off, operation, stroing, electricity supplying and so on. Knowing these can help you avoid unnessary damages and operate your LED display screens more effectively!

LED Display Working Attentions

1. Attentions of Starting up and Powering off

(1) Starting up:

Turn on the control computer at first, and then start up the LED display screen.

(2) Powering off:

The sequence is inverse. Please shut down the power supply of screen, and stop the control software, and then power off the LED display board.

Shut down the computer at first may cause some severe consequences such as burning out of LED lamp beads, or LED screen not working.

(3) Do not start up and shut down the LED screen frequently within a short time.

The interval time should be at least 5 minutes between starting up and powering off.

(4) Do not start up the screens at full white as the surge current may hurt the power distribution system.

2. Attentions of Running LED Display Boards

(1) Do not play the full-white images on the screen lasting for more than half an hour, this may lead to damages to the whole distribution system.

(2) When the brightness of a part on the screen is comparatively much higher than the rest of the screen, just shut down the LED display immediately, and figure out the problem before using it for a long time again.

(3) During the LED display working, please do not power on/off it too frequently.

(4) Apply too much pressure on the surface. Please don’t press down harder on the surface as severe damage can be caused to the top layer or anti-gloss coating.

3. Attentions of LED Display Working Environments

(1) The working temperature shall be within -20℃ to 50℃, and the humidity shall be 10% to 90%RH.

(2) Avoid using or storing in environments with high temperature, high humidity, high acid, and so on.

(3) keep away from flammable materials, gases and dusts when running and storing.

(4) Avoid strong collisions and sharp objects during transportation.

(5) When the temperature is too high or the heat dissipation does not reach the standard, do not run the LED screen for a long time.

(6) The excessive humidity will hurt the inner components, resulting in short-circuit and server damages to the LED display screen.

(7) LED display should be placed in a low-dust environment as much as possible.

The dust may degrade the play effect and circuit. For instance, the excessive dust may decrease the brightness of screens from 30% to 70%. And the dust may disorganize the rotation speed of the color wheel, leading to deviation of color.

Cleaning the screens routinely is one of an important factors to prolong the service life and keep the great play effect, especially for outdoor LED display.

(8) If water enters into the LED cabinet, please power off the whole screen as fast as possible. Keep the LED display not working.

After the drying of all components, you can turn it on again.

4. Attentions of Electricity Supplying

(1) LED module should use DC + 5V power supply (working voltage: 4.2 ~ 5.2V), and prohibit the use of AC power supply.

(2) The positive electrode and negative electrode can not be reversed otherwise there are risks of burning out or even fire disaster.

(3) The power supply voltage of LED display should be controlled within 220V ± 10% and 50HZ ± 5%.

(4) There should be a safe distance between the ground electrode and null line, and the power source, and other high-power equipment.

(5) If happens short circuit, tripping, cable burning and other abnormal conditions locate the problems quickly and then power on.

Please do not power on the LED display multiple times to test before positing the trouble spot.

(6) Ensure good grounding protection to avoid lightning strikes. In strong lighting weather, just stop the working of the LED display.

(7) Only professionals can touch the internal wiring of LED screens to avoid electric shock. If there is any problem with the wiring, just ask a professional technical staff to maintain, or ask for advice from the manufacturer.

5. How to Clean LED Screen?

(1) Clean the screen routinely to avoid the dust, water and other materials from outside to affect display performances, especially for outdoor LED display

(2) Choose the right cleaning equipment such as soft-bristled brushes, microfiber cloth, and cotton swabs. Please do not choose equipment that is tough or rough which may scratch the surface of the display.

(3) Choose the right cleaning agent including special cleaning liquid and repair agent for LED displays and water.

Please be noticed that never spray liquid cleaners directly onto the screen. And don’t use cleaning products that contain ammonia and alcohol.

(4) Cleaning steps:

a.Blowing dust.

b.Cleaning, spray the cleaning agent on the surface and use a moist cloth to wipe the surface (do not make the cloth sop too much water).

c.Removing dust again. Use the brush to clean up the LED display module again

d. Cleaning the screen again.

e.Air drying or blow-drying.

f.Repair. Spray or dip LED display repair agent on the surface.

5. How to Store LED Screen?

(1) Temperature requirements: ambient temperature should be -40℃≤t≤60℃. After the package is opened, LED products shall be stored in the environment with temperature <30℃ and humidity <60%.

(2) When LED lamp beads are transported and stored, please heighten the LED lamp beads with objects to avoid water absorption and moisture absorption.

(3) Do not power off the screen for a long time.

After installation, LED display screens shall be often turned on for dehumidification. If LED displays are not turned on for quite a time, please dehumidify them before use.

A recommended method is to bring up the brightness from a low gray level which can heat the LED boards up gradually to dispel dampness.

There is corresponding preheating time:

a.Screen off more than 3 days:

Set 30%-50% brightness for 4-8 hours, and then increase the brightness to 80%-100%.

b.Screen off more than 7 days:

Set 30%-50% brightness for more than 12 hours, and then increase the brightness to 80%-100%.


Today we discussed the attention of LED display working from 6 aspects including working environment, starting up and powering off, electricity supplying, operating, cleaning, and storing. For more useful information about LED display screen, please turn to our LED FAQ page!

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