3D Advertising Billboard: Examples, Prices and More! (2024)

If you want to ask about the hottest form of outdoor advertising at the moment, a 3D advertising billboard is worthy of the title!

Are you considering incorporating 3D billboard advertising into your marketing strategy, or are you looking for LED display manufacturers to get high-quality 3D billboards? This post knows how to help you further!

Just follow us and get details of 3D ad billboard solutions!

1. What is 3D billboard Advertising?

1.1 Advertising LED Billboard

LED screens are already very common for indoor and outdoor billboards. They display dynamic, high-resolution content in HD and vibrant graphics.

LED technology enables vibrant colors, flexibility in content updates, and the creation of visually compelling displays.

First, let’s understand what OOH advertising is. OOH advertising stands for “Out-of-Home advertising“. A major trend in advertising LED screen is 3D billboards.


1.2 3D Advertising Billboard

How do you break through the clutter of traditional static advertising and capture your audience’s attention in a memorable and shareable way? 3D advertising billboards came into being.

3D billboard advertising refers to the use of three-dimensional elements, illusions, or technology in outdoor advertising structures to create a visually impactful and immersive experience for viewers.

Different from traditional static advertising LED displays, 3D billboard advertising uses various techniques and technologies to make the content multi-dimensional. 

It is more interactive and memorable for the audience.

These billboards combine physical layers with visual effects to create a sense of depth and realism.

It can make advertising content appear to stand out or jump out of the viewer’s radar.

They utilize not only naked-eye 3D designs but sometimes actual mechanical elements. They capture the attention of passersby more effectively than traditional print billboards.

2. Why 3D OOH billboards Are so Impressive?

Why are naked-eye 3D ad billboards in Times Square or on the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo so popular around the world?

From these two places, we can summarize several outstanding features of 3D outdoor LED screen:

2.1 Create an Unforgettable Impression

Naked-eye 3D LED advertising billboard creates an unforgettable impression that resonates with the audience.

The combination of creative design, technological innovation, and strategic placement helps brands leave an indelible mark on their audiences.

By providing a memorable visual experience, these billboards promote positive connections between potential customers and the brand

2.2 Immersive Viewing Experience

How to prevent your customers from being disgusted with your commercial advertising?

You may wish to consider using immersive 3D visual images to create an immersive viewing experience for your audience!

Smart brands use digital 3D LED billboards to engage audiences through visual effects and dynamic storytelling.

This not only helps improve audience favorability but also enhances brand memory.

For example, the 3D advertising board in Shinjuku, Tokyo, displays vacuum cleaner advertisements for pedestrians from the perspective of a cute calico cat.


2.3 Interactive Functions

In the world of 3D billboard advertising, interactivity plays a key role in capturing the attention of your audience.

Incorporating interactive features allows viewers to actively engage with the content, turning the billboard into a two-way communication channel.

This could include touch-sensitive surfaces, motion sensors, or augmented reality experiences that respond to the viewer’s movements.

By making the ad experience engaging, brands can build stronger connections with their target audiences.

2.4 Stand out in the Urban Landscape

The bustling city streets are filled with numerous commercial billboards. 3D ohh billboards provide brands with a unique opportunity to stand out.

These large-area screens with novel naked-eye 3D visual effects can break through the visual clutter of traditional billboards.

Then, brand messages are not only seen but also remembered.

This increased visibility is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas and iconic cityscapes where brands strive to maintain their presence.


3. How Does a 3D LED billboard work?

3.1 Projection Mapping

Specialized software projects visual content onto the LED screen to match the physical size and contours of the billboard.

On the one hand, it guarantees precise alignment between virtual and physical elements to create immersive visuals.

On the other hand, it transforms a static structure into a dynamic canvas while adding a sense of space and layering to the picture.

3.2 High-quality LED Display

Digital 3D advertising billboard requires high contrast, high refresh rate, and high HDR image quality.

LED technology enables dynamic content, allowing for real-time updates, transitions, and interactive features.

This flexibility enhances the ability to engage your audience with ever-changing and captivating displays.

3.3 Design Perspective

(1) Creative elements

First, designers are advised to make clever use of shading, perspective, and layering techniques. This creates the illusion of depth in the image and enhances the visual impact.

Second, help convey your brand message through customized creative elements.

Telling stories through visuals, animations, and graphics ensures your audience engages more deeply with the content.



(2) Best viewing angle

According to the imaging principle of the human eye and the principle of visual barrier, as well as the position of the billboard, the best 3D visual image can be obtained at a specific location.

(3) Integration with the surrounding environment

Designing a 3D billboard requires that it blend harmoniously into its surroundings.

Billboards should complement the architectural elements and aesthetics of the site, not destroy them.

In short, 3D ooh billboard uses advanced projection mapping, and LED technology, and fully considers other factors to ultimately present an impactful picture.

Successful 3D billboards harmoniously combine technological innovation with thoughtful design to deliver a visually striking and impactful advertising experience.

4.3D Advertising Billboard Price

The cost of 3D billboards can be affected by a variety of factors, and understanding these factors is crucial for advertisers, agencies, and businesses planning to invest in this form of advertising.

We discuss it in two situations. The following are the key factors affecting 3D advertising billboard prices:

4.1 Buy Your 3D Advertising Billboard

(1) Hardware-LED Screen Cabinets

LED displays with high configuration standards in all aspects mean more cost investment.

High-quality 3D LED displays with exquisite picture quality, high refresh rate, and high contrast are more expensive than conventional LED displays.

(2) Size and Dimensions

The physical size of the 3D advertising board is directly proportional to the 3D billboard cost.

First of all, a large screen area means that more materials and technology investment are required.

Secondly, the complexity of projection mapping or LED displays on larger surfaces can also impact cost.

(3) Maintenance

LED displays require regular maintenance and updates to keep the screen functioning properly. Understanding long-term maintenance requirements and associated costs is critical to budgeting.

(4) Creative 3D videos

Currently, the duration of a creative 3D animation advertisement is between 15 seconds and 1 minute.

The production cost of 3D video needs to consider screen characteristics, special effects, brand elements, and other aspects.

According to the quotation from Novastar, the quotations for 3D videos of different standards range from CNY8,000 to 20,000/s.


(5) Local regulations and permits

Complying with local regulations and obtaining necessary permits may affect costs.

Some areas may have specific guidelines for outdoor advertising structures, and there may be fees and additional costs for obtaining a permit.

4.2 Rent A 3D LED billboard

(1) Advertising agency or supplier

Reputable agencies with a proven track record of innovative 3D billboards may charge higher fees for their expertise and services.

(2) Duration of advertising campaign

The duration of advertising is directly proportional to the rent.

Additionally, long-term contracts or extended presentation periods may result in negotiated discounts or adjustments to pricing.


(3) Location of billboards

The rent for large 3D advertising LED billboards in prime locations such as high-traffic areas or urban business districts is relatively high.

Correspondingly, due to the increase in popularity and potential audience scope, 3D advertising has wider coverage and better brand promotion effects.

(4) Customized

Customization, including branding elements or specific color schemes, may affect cost.

Customizing 3D billboards to fit your brand image or event theme may involve additional design and production fees.

5. Most Immersive 3D AD Billboards Examples

5.1 Coca-Cola's Reality Bridging 3D Billboard Advertising

What will happen when Coca-Cola meets The Girl with The Pearl Earring?

Coca-Cola launched this 3D advertisement that successfully allowed girls to transcend time and space.

From the virtual world to the real world, two unrelated characters meet through the 3D OOH billboard.

5.2 Dior's first 3D Ad in Times Square 3D billboar

To help celebrate the launch of Dior’s latest fragrance campaign for Miss Dior, BCN Visuals has launched a specially created 3D advertising for Dior.

Pink hues and growing flowers fill many billboards in New York’s Times Square. What a clever way to “feel” the senses of a fragrance through advertising!

5.3 Audi, BMW, and Mercedes 3D OOH Billboard in Seoul

The huge LED screen located at the COEX Artium in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea has brought many successful 3D ad examples.

The entire LED screen is 80 meters wide and 23 meters high.

The German premium car brand promotes its latest cars (Mercedes EQE, Audi Q4 Etron, and BMW M) with a forced-see-through campaign.

The speeding cars on the big screen bring a sense of oppression to the pedestrians passing by.

People can’t help but imagine that it will rush out of the screen in the next second!

5.4 RTFKT x NIKE 3D Advertising Billboard in Tokyo

The large 3D screen on the streets of Shinjuku, Japan has new content! This time Nike’s new advertisement is still eye-catching!

Centering around the promotional activities of the new collaborative series of Air Force 1 shoes, NIKE and the virtual fashion platform jointly launched a new creative 3D AD.

The advertising video opens with the highly recognizable sunflower, and then successively shows various color-matching Air Force 1 shoes.

5.5 RayBan’s 3D Glasses Advertising Board in Times Square

As the bow on the surface of the gift box opened, a pair of cool black sunglasses flew out of the RayBan box.

The all-round and multi-angle display allows the audience to fully understand the elegant appearance of the exhibits.

This stunning installation captivates pedestrians and locals alike, taking eyewear marketing to a whole new dimension.

6. Future Trends in 3D Billboard Advertising

6.1 Integration with Augmented Reality (AR)

The addition of AR technology helps the audience achieve deeper interaction with the commercial 3D advertising billboard.

Viewers can participate in interactive marketing activities directly related to the advertised product or service through their mobile phones or other AR-enabled devices.

Beyond that, AR features can encourage social sharing.

This helps expand the reach of your advertising campaigns and generate user-generated content that further promotes your brand.

6.2 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Designs

Energy saving, green, and environmental protection are the development trends of the entire industry.

In the future construction of 3D advertising LED screens, sustainable materials, energy-saving technologies, and environmentally friendly design principles may be used.

For example, choose energy-saving LED displays and recyclable materials.

6.3 Advances in Holographic Technology

Holographic technology will bring more realistic and fascinating visual effects.

The visual effect of characters floating in mid-air brings people a more realistic experience.

On the one hand, holographic 3D billboards will solve the limitations of viewing angles, ensuring that holographic content remains visible and convincing from all angles.

On the other hand, holographic technology can enhance immersive experiences through multi-sensory stimulation.

In short, the future of 3D LED billboard advertising will continue to develop based on the present.

Innovative and interactive 3D OOH LED board will become an excellent advertising solution.

7. UNIT 3D Advertising Board Solution


8. The Bottom Line

In conclusion, 3D ad billboards have become the best choice for creative advertising and building landmark buildings because of their visually impactful visuals.

UNIT LED provides affordable LED display solutions for creative 3D advertising billboard! Just send a message to get a quote now!

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