3D LED Billboard

3D advertising technology promises to bring special performances

The combination of naked-eye 3D technology and LED large screen is popular. Outdoor 3D LED display gathers popularity for the place and triggers a trend. In the core business districts of major cities, naked-eye 3D large screens present more exciting content to the audience with three-dimensional and realistic images.

What Are the Special Features of 3D LED Display?

LED display screen: Glasses-free 3D LED displays pay more attention to high refresh rate, high gray scale, high dynamic contrast ratio, and smooth transition of curved surfaces/corners.

Software products: A more professional decoder is required to achieve naked-eye 3D effects. The decoder should support material mapping and correction functions for special-shaped display carriers and support the underlying optimization of high-bit-rate decoding.

Playing material: Selecting the main perspective needs to make a three-dimensional structure according to the perspective relationship of the display model to ensure the best display effect.

Technological progress: The production level of materials has been greatly improved. And the structural modeling is more artistic. LED screens are no longer limited to traditional flat screens.


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What Can the Naked-eye 3D LED Display Bring to You?

The combination of 3D technology and high-quality LED large screen brings super shocking visual effects!

3D led display (2)

Ultimate Naked-eye 3D Experience

You can feel the shocking 3D images without wearing 3D glasses. Glasses-free 3D refers to a technology that can achieve stereoscopic visual effects without the help of external tools. The emergence of this technology has eclipsed other large LED screens.

The combination of Led display + 3D technology creates a more realistic and shocking immersive experience scene for you.

A stunning visual feast is presented on the huge screen, attracting many pedestrians to stop on the bustling city streets.

A New Form of Advertising

3D advertisements are more attractive than traditional 2D advertisements. In addition to attracting the attention of passers-by, 3D advertisements have been exposed twice on social networks due to their unique creativity and excellent visual effects.

According to the results of big data, the three-dimensional advertisement has higher attention and return on investment than the 2D print advertisement

3D advertising breaks people’s aesthetic fatigue of traditional print advertising, and at the same time allows brands to have a more three-dimensional promotion method. 

3D led display (1)
3D led display (3)

Attractive City Landmarks

The naked-eye 3D large screen with stunning visual effects has become a check-in landmark in major cities. The lifelike scenes on the huge screen attract many tourists to watch.

More and more cities are combining urban culture and creative content to create a unique visual name card for the city.

The 3D LED billboard has not only become an excellent platform for advertising and marketing but also a window to show the city’s customs to foreign tourists.


UNIT 3D LED Billboard Solutions

MA960 series 3D LED solution (1)

MA960 Series + Iron Cabinets

3D led display solution-iron cabinet (1)

Iron Fixed LED Display

10-EV960 led board (1)

EV960 Outdoor 3D LED Display

of800 curved led display

OF800 Outdoor 3D LED Display


ES960 Outdoor 3D LED Display

UNIT 3D LED Billboard Cases


Glasses-free 3D LED displays frequently appear in the core business districts of major cities, attracting everyone’s attention with shocking and realistic picture effects, and even become a popular check-in point. The creative picture has earned it a lot of likes and comments on social media.

Nowadays, more and more people feel the charm of the naked-eye 3D screen with its realistic three-dimensional sense, immersive experience, and eye-catching surprise.

3D Billboard 2023: Products, Price and Technology All Here!

Want a more engaging and innovative way to advertise your business? If you are looking for this then nothing is more suitable than 3D billboard! 3D digital billboard can bring you more benefits you may even not realize before. For example, higher engagement, deeper brand images, higher efficiency for delivering information, and more revenues!

Now, we will talk about 3D display in a straightforward, but comprehensive way. This article aims to give you 3D screen insights and provide you with possibilities to get more profits from your projects.

You will get how it works, what can it bring to you, how to estimate your potential cost to plan the budget, and some of the most important stuff about 3D billboards you need to know!

So, what is the new advertising technology all about? We will start from the working principles behind it.

1. What is 3D Billboard?

3D billboard also refers to “3D naked-eye billboard”, meaning it creates 3D effects for people without 3D glasses. It is a new stream for many creative advertising projects and has become a hot issue in the industry.

There are many types of 3D LED screens including holographic projection type, time-sharing multiplexing type, volume type, cylindrical lens type, volume type, grating type, and so on.

To further explain what is 3D digital led billboard, you can describe this screen as a display that do not require any glasses or extra equipment to view the 3D image, and is different from UR and AR, which needs extra equipment. 

The billboards show a three-dimensional anamorphic format to make it appear as if characters are approaching people from the screen.

Also, the multi-view technology allows people to view the 3D image regardless of where he stands, as long as still within a reasonable viewing distance.

However, the screen itself is still a 2D flat screen. The gorgeous 3D effect comes from an optical illusion that tricks the eye into believing something is real when it isn’t.

2. 7 Using Scenarios of 3D Digital Billboard

(1) Shopping mall and media facade

(2) Center of the business district

(3) Retail Store

(4) DOOH/Old building revolution

(5) Exhibition

(6) Exploration hall with flow experience

(7) Education

3d billboard advertising cases

The video rendering styles are flexible: modern style, anime style, mechanical style, and cartoon style. Almost all content styles can play their propagating roles much better than traditional 2D content. 

With such an advanced and innovative advertising screen, you can expect to get more attention, broader brand awareness, and higher potential profits! 

3. What Is 3D Billboard Price?

Although 3D billboard costs are various based on different specifications and manufacturing processes, they are more affordable than in previous years with the evolvement of technology and scale effect of LED industries.

The average 3D billboard price varies from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars considering its location, size, clarity, and quality.

How much does a 3D billboard cost?
The advantages of digital 3D billboards are unmatched by ordinary billboards. The cost of 3D LED screens is indeed much higher than that of flat screens.

The price of a 3D digital billboard ranges from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, among which the digital billboard cost and video production costs will become your big expenses.

(1) Digital Billboard Cost
3d advertising display generally consists of a flat display and a curved led display. The main influencing factors of LED billboard cost are pixel pitch, lamp beads, IC, etc.

The naked-eye 3D screens currently used outdoors have pitches ranging from P3 to P10 depending on the size of the screen. In addition, the choice of dot pitch is related to the best viewing position and total area of its installation position. In order to obtain excellent naked-eye 3D effects, LED displays with 4K or 8K resolution libraries are usually used.

(2) 3D Video Production Cost
3D video source is much more expensive compared to led screen cost. However, the huge commercial value brought by 3D billboards can make up for the cost of 3D content production to a certain extent.

The complexity, duration, and complexity of the production process of the video will all be factors that affect the 3d advertising billboard price.

Because of the complexity of its production process, the production quotation of 3D video sources is usually calculated in seconds. According to different special effects and character details, the quotations vary greatly.


Here are some other factors that relate to the final budgets, for instance, installation and structure. Moreover, designs like corner displays may also need additional costs ranging from dozens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here we list some factors affecting the final prices:

(1) Screen size

The larger the size, the higher the price.

(2) Video complexity

The final visual effects depend largely on the 3D contents themselves. Whether it has handled details accurately has direct impact on the level of visual verisimilitude, and sometimes even may be costly.

(3) Production complexity

Typically, there are five steps of production: requirements defined, planning, producing content, correcting screen, and finishing product acceptance.

(4) Duration

This refers to video time and production time. The longer the time of your display materials, the more expansive they are. And do not forget to take the production time into consideration to have a probable price in mind.

Do not forget a digital 3D billboard can be highly profitable by generating more income and offsetting your costs finally. That is why 3D billboard advertising becomes more popular than ever before and rising like a new mainstream after traditional printed billboard. 

However, the prices are more expensive than a traditional printed billboards, which is needless to say.

So, what are the reasons for the higher prices you need to pay for it? 

4. Why Are 3D Digital Billboards Better than Traditional Billboards?

3D LED display can do better than conventional displays in both advertising and entertainment as it performs better in both brand image development, content delivery, and also the final conversion rate. 

Here we will give you more evidence to prove this point.

What Is 3D Advertising?

3D digital advertisements have more depth than traditional 2D advertisements as they can pop out from the place. In this way, interactivity can be improved hugely, and customers can have more comprehensive senses of what is the products about, and how the products work.

Simply to say, 3D advertisements draw crowd’s attention, and deeper your brands and products in their mind at the same time.

It will improve your conversion rate, and you can expect higher potential profits.

Naked-eye 3D LED screen billboard has become popular in business districts of major cities. The emergence of this technology allows advertisers to see the great potential of creative 3D advertising. With the continuous enhancement of new media to advertising, the market competition of print media advertising is more difficult. As a result, advertising began to tap the huge value of 3D advertising.

(1) More appealing advertising way

Compared with conventional billboards, 3D advertising billboard is no doubly more attractive. Using such screen, your advertisements and brands can stand out immediately in such a information explosion age.

In many developed countries such as Japan, America and Korea, 3D digital LED billboard has already become a trend, and has already been applied to many marvelous real cases.

(2) Effect of Internet celebrities

A gigantic, amazing, and interactive 3D billboard inherently has the specialties of the important landscape. The Internet celebrities in the city may take photos and videos of these vivid screens, and share your brands on the Internet then.

That really can be the good-value trick to attract huge human traffic for free, isn’t it?

(3) Higher public retention and conversion rate

Want your advertisements to get much more attention in a limited duration? 3D advertising can achieve this goal beyond all doubt! 

It is obvious that the masses will stop for the 3D advertisements as the eye-catching videos can bring viewers experiences of both entertainment and education.

Put your brand in your potential customers’ priority when people search for the same products in their brains by choosing 3D billboard advertising as it can impress your targeted clients deeply, and effectively. 

(4) Create a public tech space

Realizing an outstanding 3D LED screen must combine the design philosophy of the supporting building and the specificity of the screen itself.

For example, designers often depend on the corners of bearing buildings because the two sides can be wonderful conditions to create left and right views to perform 3D visual effects.

Just like we mentioned above, the working principle laying behind 3D LED display is binocular disparity caused by different images for the right and left eyes.

(5) Generate a bunch of revenues

The sponsorship alone can generate huge profits for you. The average cost of having 3D billboard advertisements varies from a range of $1,200 to $15,000 per month, and your orders can be ceaseless as many large companies are paying attention to such effective advertising methods.

It is not to mention that the screen can be your cash cow if you want to display and propagate your own brands.

The surging exposure rate will bring you much more business opportunities by reaching to huge potential targeted market, and get their attentions.

(6) Improve aesthetics

By providing the public with a unique visual experience, your promotional methods become a creative and aesthetic landmark and give your viewers unforgettable impressions and memories.

(7) Better user engagement

The golden rule for marketing is that if you grab people’s attention at first, and encourage their engagement, then you will get profits.

3D visualization is no doubly a more in-depth advertising method and is more appreciated by your customers. With 3D marketing, advertisers can create an experience that is more memorable than 2D ads.

This will guide your customers to pay attention to the contents you display, and interact with them. 

(8) More advanced display technology

Traditional LED billboard for 2D content is flat, meaning you can’t produce 3D effect on it even the content is in 3D tech.

However, 3D display billboards are not flat typically, and contents produced for these screens should be especially with 3D effects.

Now, you may have already understood why 3D advertising billboard stands out from numerous advertising methods, how it promotes brands impressively, and demonstrate values of such a “high-end” sense. 

5. 19 Top 3D Billboard Examples from Brands Globally

More and more successful 3D advertising examples indicate that 3D advertising will become a new way of publicizing fashion brands.

(1) Nike Japan’s Air Max Day 3D Billboard

On the huge screen in the streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo, the creative advertisement issued by Nike has caused a huge response on the Youtube platform.

On this huge curved screen, the highly recognizable images of Air Max shoes in various colors are displayed in front of the audience.

(2) Naked Eye 3D LED Display Vivo X80. DOOH advertising billboard 2022

Unlike the giant screen located high up, this giant screen is located on the ground. Pedestrians can experience the stunning visual experience brought by 3D images from a closer distance.

The slow-moving blue whale, the mobile phone slowly flying out of the waterfall, the super shocking camera lens. The naked-eye 3D visual presentation makes advertising more creative.

(3) Giant Calico Cats Occupy Shinjuku 3D LED Billboard in Japan

Giant calico cats inhabit giant billboards in Shinjuku, Japan. It stretched out and licked its paws from time to time, and every move made the passers-by onlookers call it cute!

The giant 3D cat in Shinjuku, Japan, has attracted the attention of people all over the world. In addition to the irresistible attraction of cats, it is also inseparable from the visual effects brought by the 3D naked eye screen behind it.

(4) Giant 3D Gog Leaps Between Billboards in Tokyo

The huge 3D Akita dog at Shibuya Station is as popular as the 3D calico cat in Shinjuku. The strong figure and honest appearance attract many tourists to watch.

Shibuya Station has many billboards. Every hour on the hour, this 3D Akita dog will jump back and forth across eight advertising screens, trying to catch a Frisbee.

In addition to “performing” catching Frisbees, it also has the function of telling time to people near the station.

The puppy moves nimbly and shuttles between multiple screens. This multi-screen interactive outdoor naked-eye 3D billboard brings people a different visual experience.

(5) Wild Hearts Japan Fantasy World Epic Adventure Video Game

To promote and celebrate the release of the game, Wild Hearts placed a cool 3D advertisement on the Shinjuku advertising screen.

The ferocious beast is about to emerge! The protagonist in the picture is one of the official characters in the game – Ookami.

I saw the ferocious monster walking down the hillside menacingly and roaring at the people below. The surroundings quickly turned to winter.

The mist coming out of the mouth, the snow particles condensing on the fur. The creative team integrated multiple elements such as wind, snow, trees, and ground interaction to make the seasonal changes in the entire picture very natural.

(6) Meta Quest launches 3D advertising at Piccadilly Circus in London

As part of the global ‘Wish for the Extraordinary’ holiday campaign, Meta Quest 2 launches with a vivid 3D ad. Creative 3D videos quickly became the focus of London’s Piccadilly Circus.

The image shows an astronaut stretching out his hands as if to leap out of the screen and Santa Claus riding a roller coaster. An NFL player leaps into the crowd to catch the football.

Meta Quest integrates product selling points into different scenes and delivers them to users through naked-eye 3D billboards.

(7) JCDecaux Singapore’s First 3D Anamorphic Content

The immersive 3D digital display at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 extends the lush jungle landscape into the modern airport.

The image shows a vibrant jungle landscape. Two flapping birds were chased away by a leopard jumping up a tree trunk. The next second it jumped as if it was about to jump out of the screen.

(8) Cobra Kai 3D Billboard in Time Square, New York

Times Square is the most prosperous place in New York City and is filled with many billboards.

Cobra Kai Season 5, Miyagi -Do vs Eagle Fang, Amazing 3D Billboard In Times Square NYC.

The wonderful pictures made the audience marvel at the cobra’s agile movements and a strong sense of oppression. The immersive 3D billboard allows people to experience exciting battles!

(9) Amazing 3D Billboard for Coca-Cola in New York

Coca-Cola released one of the earliest 3D ads in 2017. Marketing their drinks to the world on a giant LED screen in New York.

1,760 independently moving LED screens rise or sink in an orderly manner along with the picture, creating an effect similar to water ripples.

This screen also won two Guinness World Records at the time: the world’s largest 3D automatic billboard and the world’s first 3D automatic billboard.

(10) Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Outdoor Tiger 3D Video Ad in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

The game-changing 3D tiger emerges from the darkness, taps the shutter button, and hits the record. Then, as the slogan “Ready to break the rules?” appears, the tiger charges forward and leaps forward to break the glass barrier.

By conveying the image of Tiger, it shows that Samsung will break with tradition and be committed to providing customers with creative products.

Tiger in the City activities were launched in 5 cities around the world. They are New York, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul.

(11) 3D Cyclops Billboard Brings Stunning Visual Effects in Taipei Shilin Night Market

The curtain slowly opened, and Cyclops gradually emerged from a pile of gift boxes. The next second he stretched out his big hand as if trying to grab something. The huge sense of oppression left a deep impression on people.

In the bustling night market streets, the Cyclops on the screen attracted many pedestrians to stop and watch.

(12) Red XIII 3D LED Billboard

The 3D Ad of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrate is one of the most impressive. Red XII is a hybrid of a lion and a wolf.

At first, she was sleeping leisurely on her stomach. As the helicopter rose, he gave passers-by a thrilling chase and escape.

(13) Public Media Art "Soft Living" by d'strict

“WAVE” and “ART PERFORMANCE” created by d’strict impressed people. Public media art “Soft Living” was also created by them.

People, animals, and plants become soft and flexible. They collide with each other but get along harmoniously in the closed space of the LED screen.

The stress-free and relaxed state brings a pleasant visual experience to pedestrians passing by.

(14) Cartie Red Box Appears on the Large Curved 3D Screen in Hong Kong

Cartier 3D advertising logs onto the huge curved LED screen located in the Hing Wai Building in Central.

For Cartier’s “Love is All” campaign, Content Factory by Prodigious collaborated with AC3 Studio to create this innovative 3D billboard. It wowed onlookers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

(15) Jeep Wrangler 3D Billboard in South Korea

Look, this car looks like it’s about to burst out of the screen! This 3D advertisement produced by Jeep for its new car appears on a giant curved billboard on the streets of South Korea.

(16) Nissan-Ariya 3D Billboard

Nissan-Ariya 3D Billboard is produced by Nissan Motor and agency partners TBWA/Chiat/Day LA and Outdoor Media Group (OMG).

The perfect body design and elegant posture bring you a new driving experience. The unique dual-screen interactive advertising format allows viewers to marvel at the charm of naked-eye 3D advertising.

(17) Smart Project (Summer Media Art) For SMTown Media Facade

Smart Project is a digital visual art project created in collaboration with Sila Sveta and CJ Powercast. Its creation is inspired by Korean flora and fauna.

Two huge screens present a very pleasing sight to people.

For example, a giant Newton’s pendulum ball that moves forever in the jungle, transparent soft cubes squeezing each other, butterflies in the tropical rainforest, etc.

(18) Nigeria First Airport 3D LED Billboard

The billboard, called The Maslow, is the first truly outdoor naked-eye 3D LED billboard in West Africa. It was launched by advertising agency Alpha And Jam in partnership with Murtala Mohammed Airport (MMA2).

Vibrant colors and mesmerizing animations impress people. 3D LED billboard delivers more stories through unique visual content.

It is strategically located along Muritala Muhammed Airport (MMA2). It will be visible to passers-by traveling to and from the local and international terminals in Lagos.

(19) 3D Digital Billboard for Mix City Shanghai Grand Opening

To celebrate Shanghai’s Mix World Shopping Mall, OUTPUT and artist Shang Fu teamed up to create this wonderful naked-eye 3D video for the MixC big screen.

The LED billboard on the bustling street turns into a large gift box and claw machine! The 3D artwork makes this large screen an important landmark in Shanghai.

Naked-eye 3D screens redefine public art content in the digital age. Excellent visuals will also attract a large number of customers to the mall and create more possibilities. 

6. Technologies of Naked-eye 3D LED Screen

There are two types of technologies that applied to this kind of LED displays. And the first type  is parallax barrier. 

How does a parallax barrier work?

A parallax barrier is a device placed in front of an image source such as a a liquid crystal display, so that it can display a stereoscopic or multiscopic image without the viewer having to wear 3D glasses. 

Placed in front of the regular display, it consists of an opaque layer with a series of precisely spaced slits that allow each eye to see a different set of pixels, creating a sense of depth through parallax.

two technology of 3d billboard

The second technology is Lenticular lens. These displays use the refraction and focus of lenticular lenses to change the direction that light travels.

two technology of 3d led billboard

7. How Do 3D Digital Billboards Work?

In short word, It works via “forced perspective”.

This term stands for such a phenomenon, that from certain vantage points, flat images can be viewed as dimensional. Just like in real life, the two different images in each eye will give us the depth we perceive in real objects.

For 3D naked-eye screen, it will show two different images as well, and both photos are taken from two different angles to be combined. Therefore, our left and right eyes will see different images without obvious perception, resulting in the depth observed in 3D video clips.

The videos can show a three-dimensional effect not only up-down, left-right, but also front-back, and long-distance close-up images.

You may want to ask – is there any real case for me to understand the principle further?

For SM building, the right part of the huge 3D LED billboard shows main view of the image, while the left part shows the left view of the image. Finally, a realistic 3D effect is performed.

That is why the stunning 3D effect comes from – a little tricks for your eyes with reasonable viewing distance, size, shadow effect and perspective relationships, creating much more impressive visual performances for all viewers.

Up to now, you may have already catch on why such a screen have huge potentials to optimize your business, and how is it differ from traditional advertising screen. So, do we have any corresponding products can recommend to you? 

Here we will introduce to you our hot-sale LED display screen series that can meet your high requirements of 3D advertising effect!

8. UNIT 3D LED Screen Solutions

Here we will list some of the most important factors that relate to the final quality of 3D billboards.

There are several conditions that 3D LED screen need to meet:

(1) High-standard LED display with high grayscale, high refresh rate, and frame rate.

(2) Generally, the LED cabinets should be customized.

(3) Appropriate design which can produce parallax.

(4) The fusion of 3D LED display and ambient light.

(5) Integration of LED display and installation site.

(6) Higher contrast ratio and high HDR, which are important to achieve immersive experience.

(7) For outdoor led billboard, the brightness should be more than 6000nits to ensure normal watching.

(8) High-standard driving IC, which can achieve high brightness without any concession to grayscale that may damage the final effect.

8.1 Unit EV960 Indoor/Outdoor LED Cabinet Series

ev960 3d billboards

EV960 series features high energy-saving capability that can help you save a bunch of budgets by fewer electricity costs and labor-consuming. The corner is seamless splicing and can form a U-shaped structure, which is necessary for many 3D billboard projects, or XR LED studio projects.

It is our hot-sale screens for 3D advertising projects to maximize efficiency for your outdoor 3D advertising.

Especially for outdoor LED billboard, which is usually large, the EV960 LED screen can be your good advertising assistant to get more human traffic, and save you money and time.

(1) Saving power

EV960 screen adopts CCES technology and dual voltage output, which needs less consumption for operations.

CCES technology

Moreover, the module and Power supply increase heat loss area by 2 times with cooling rib.

(2) Saving supporting structure costs

The cabinet size is 960x960x75mm and the module size is 480x320mm. The weight is lighter than normal cabinet with only of 30kg/sqm. The light and thin cabinet design can save you structure costs.

What is more, it supports the direct shift to constructing the billboard without changing its supporting structure.

(3) Saving space

EV960 features can total frontal and back dual maintenance, thus no other maintenance space is needed.

Therefore, many applications do not allow to reserve a space for maintenance.

(4) Saving maintenance costs

EV960 features high reliability that comes from high protection ability up to IP66 with an enclosed module and power box.

The 5VB fireproof certificate(TUV) and strict reliability test program ensure each cabinet safe and reliable.

Besides, the cable channel design which put the channels in the bottom of the panel allows cables hidden inside to avoid biting by mouses and moisture.

EV960 3D LED Display

High Protection Aluminum Chassis Panel Design, 

Standard size cabinet with 960*960mm dimension,

480mm*320mm module size.  

easy to install and disassemble


Front service for module20 seconds
Back service for module23 seconds
HUB card(back maintenance)78 seconds
Power supply(back maintenance)70 seconds
Power box( front maintenance)200 seconds

(5) Saving Installation labor costs

Slim and lightweight cabinet, less labor needed. What is more, the fast connection on wires brings higher installation efficiency.

(6) Saving transportation costs

With weight of only 30kg/sqm and depth of only 75mm, the cabinet can save you more transportation costs by needing less room.

8.2 Unit OF800 Curved LED Screen

of800 3d led screen display

Unit OF800 LED screen is a powerful curved LED display with an arc corner which supports customization.

(1) Waterproof design

IP65 waterproof design with module level. Both frontal and back protection ability can reach IP65.

(2) Almost no splicing seam, perfecting the visual performance of arc corner.

of800 curved led display

(3) High brightness level, high definition LED panel, high contrast ratio of 5000:1, and stable performances.

(4) The brightness level can reach 6000-6500cd/sqm, the contents can be seen clearly even under direct sunlight.

(5) Dual services available. With special maintenance tool, the maintenance can be fast and easy.

OF800 LED display maintenance

(6) Remote control supported. It can be managed and controlled to display different brightness levels, contents, and operational situations remotely

(7) Energy-saving, saves up to 30% electricity power compared with traditional display.

OF800/Traditional LED Screen 1 Panel(w)   1 Sqm(w/m²)  
Average power consumption 100-150 / 250-300 200-250 / 350-400
Max power consumption 500-550 / 700-750 720-770 / 1000-1100
The size of traditional LED display is 768X768mm

It is clear that no matter the average power consumption or the max power consumption of OF800 all can be saved up to almost 30%! 

Choose it as your 3D LED screen, more profits are waiting for you.

of800 curved led display (5)

OF800 Curved LED Display

Unique Cabinet Design with 800×900mm and 800×1200mm 

High flatness, seamless corner

Front service design for easy install and disassemble, 

Energy Saving LED Screen, multi-usage with kinds of installations.


8.3 Iron fixed curved LED cabinets for 3D LED screen

Our latest 3D LED display solution: MA960 series + iron curved LED cabinets. Or iron outdoor LED display cabinets for 3D ad billboards.

These two new solutions provide you with more diverse choices. You can choose the right product to meet your specific needs.

Iron 3D billboards support a variety of pitches, including P4, P5, P5.926, P6, P6.67, P8 and P10mm. It is worth mentioning that the P5.926mm pitch can make common cathode 3D LED billboards, bringing you a more shocking visual effect.

3D effect
3D led display solution-iron cabinet (2)

The size of the MA960 series outdoor LED display is 960*960mm. The size of the curved iron cabinet is 640*960mm. They can be spliced into a 3D curved LED video wall.

We use a small size module of 80*160mm to ensure a clearer and more delicate display effect.

The outdoor iron-fixed LED display has many features, including energy saving and low power consumption, IP65 waterproof, and cooling fans heat dissipation. It supports 90-degree curved surface installation, suitable for fixed installation on building exterior walls.

3D led screen solution

In outdoor environments, its high brightness display effect performs well, bringing you a more excellent visual experience.

We look forward to working with you to provide you with the most advanced 3D LED display solutions to give your project new vitality and charm.

If you have any questions or further information needs, please feel free to contact us.

Want to get the most competitive Led billboard to create the brightest naked 3D LED video wall? How to find the most trustworthy one among many led billboard manufacturers? UNIT LED looks forward to cooperating with you.
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All the information about 3D LED screen solutions you can find here!

9. More Trends of 3D LED Screen Display

3D LED display can not only be applied to advertising billboard, but also to other innovative LED screens such as 3D floor LED displays, and 3D car LED displays.

9.1 3D Floor LED Display

3d floor led display

The LED 3D dance floor can be installed together seamlessly to make any desired size, and people can step on the display to make an incredible interactive effect!

There is an innovative feature of an interactive LED floor screen that is interactive entertainment, which allows real-time interaction when users step on the screen.

The intelligent interactive floor LED screen can bear huge pressure, besides, it can resist high temperatures and water. The wide viewing angle, adjustable brightness, and clear images make it can be applied to various applications.

Combined with attractive 3D display effect, it can definitely become your good assistant to boost human traffic!

9.2 Virtual LED Production

Working with a large 3D LED display, game engine (UE4 game engine), and camera with a tracking device on top, LED virtual production technology has become a historic tide in today’s film industry.

led virtual 3D fliming production

3D LED wall is the soul of LED virtual production technology.

The background will look like a three-dimensional space that can be zoomed, tilted, and traveled through with the cooperation of actors and tracking devices.

By applying such technology, filmmakers can replace traditional green screen with LED walls to facilitate the shooting, reduce the unnecessary post-production, and add more realism such as the perspective shift and reflect light that is often problems for post-production.

Moreover, it also can be applied to many other using scenarios such as modern studio, interactive classroom, stage and exhibition, interactive digital media, and so on.

Anything about LED virtual production, you refer to our special post for LED Virtual Studio to get professional advice, prices and products!

10. FAQs of 3D LED Billboard

Generally speaking, for indoor screen, the screen size should be above 3sqm; for outdoor applications, the screens are often more than 100sqm, and height from the ground at the bottom should not be more than 10m.

As long as you are in the acceptable viewing distance and angle, you can see the 3D effect.

The best viewing place of 3D naked-eye display is 45 degree diagonal position of the screen.

3d digital billboard best viewing angle

Unit provides customers with all-around 3D display solutions including products, services and contents.

Our curved seamless LED screens have multiple pixel pitches available such as 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 6.67mm, 8mm and 10mm with multiple sizes supported. What is more, we also provide our customers with matched LED controllers if needed.

As for contents, we can provide free 3D demo video to show you the effect and customized video. The quotations is decided according to customer needs.

Here are some recommended configurations:

Hardware (Screen):
1, high refreshment: ≥3840hz
2, High grayscale: ≥14bit
3, High dynamic contrast
4, Configure multi-graphics card

Professional decoder and 3D video source also needed.

Yes, we have. And only filling in a simple forms to let us know your needs and basic information about your projects, you can join our free sample and promotion activity to get free samples and also discounts!

11. Conclusions

UNIT LED provides with you a high-quality 3D billboard from screens, and contents to services! We will give you reasonable quotations, all-around professional technical support, and content assistance! Wanna know any more information, or just contact us to get your free samples or discounts? Just fill in the simple form without minutes to get your high-quality LED panel module and screens!