3D Billboard China 2024: Feel The Charm of 3D Advertising!

Naked-eye 3D LED display has been a hot topic in outdoor advertising for large screens since 2021. Amazing 3D billboards China have won the favor of consumers for their real and vivid expression.

In this post, UNIT LED brings you an introduction and case study of China 3D billboard.

If you are looking for a novel advertising method or plan to create a landmark building for a city or business district, 3D billboard China may give you some inspiration.

1. Is 3D billboard in China Real or Fake?

You must have seen some 3D billboard videos on the Internet. The realistic three-dimensional visual effects combined with the large ultra-high-definition screen are impressive.

You may be wondering whether such a vivid picture is real. Those pictures are just virtual 3D animations.

And this is the charm of 3D billboard China. The unique screen structure and vivid 3D materials make people forget reality and immerse themselves in the visual impact of super realistic naked-eye 3D images.

2. Are there 3D billboards in China?

Yes, there are many amazing 3D billboards in China. Most of them are located in the bustling business districts of first-tier cities. Such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, etc.

With the advancement of naked-eye 3D technology and the maturity of 3D LED display solutions, outdoor 3D LED displays are appearing on more and more urban streets.

3D billboard in China

3D LED Wall in Hangzhou

3D billboard in Qingdao

3D Billboard in Qingdao

The shocking naked-eye 3D visual impact has won praise on the Internet. It can be said that 3D LED billboards have been the top trend in the LED display industry in recent years.

So which cities in China have 3D billboards? What kind of shocking visual experience do they bring to people?

3. Which Cities Have 3D Billboards In China?

From a regional perspective, 3D billboards in China start from first-tier cities and gradually spread to other cities.

The more famous places include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, etc.

3.1 Beijing

As the political and cultural center of China, Beijing has many prosperous business districts.

In Wangfujing Commercial Street, Taikoo Li Sanlitun, Dongba Wanda Plaza, and other places, you can see these outdoor 3D LED walls with super visual impact.

Novel naked-eye 3D creative video content brings visitors an immersive visual experience. The high-resolution and high-brightness outdoor 3D LED screen also presents excellent images on sunny days and in the scorching sun.

3.2 Shanghai

Shanghai is a global metropolis and business center with dense human traffic and abundant advertising space.

Multiple 3D billboards not only enhance the city’s image but also greatly enhance the advertising communication effect.

Stunning 3D LED billboards have become an eye-catching presence in the Bund, Nanjing Road, Times Square, Shenyang Middle Street, and other places.

3.3 Guangzhou

In the bustling Beijing Road business district, the 1,200㎡ 8K naked-eye 3D outdoor large screen attracts passers-by to take photos and check in with its stunning visual effects.

This screen uses a customized creative LED display solution of “Super 8K LED display + naked-eye 3D + AR interaction”. The shock-sensitive large screen has upgraded the appearance of the Guangzhou Xinda Xin Department Store, giving the century-old store a new look.

In addition, you can also experience the charm of naked-eye 3D in Guangzhou Design City, Renfeng Building, and other places.

3.4 Chengdu

Chengdu 3D LED wall is located in the core business district of Taikoo Li on Chunxi Road. The screen area is 888 square meters.

The naked-eye 3D big LED screen is linked with the adjacent 450㎡ ultra-high-definition screen to inject new vitality into the Chunxi Road business district.

Visitors were amazed by the spaceship that seemed to be about to rush out of the screen, the cute panda, and the mechanical hand that stretched out of the screen.

3.5 Chongqing

The “3788 Light of Asia” naked-eye 3D large screen is located in the center of Guanyinqiao business district. It is built around both sides of the Suning.com building.

This 3788㎡ screen takes into account architectural aesthetics and naked-eye display effects, perfectly integrating with the surrounding environment.

In addition, Wanzhou Wanda Plaza’s nearly 1,000㎡ LED screen and Chongqing Midland Plaza’s 2,000㎡ 3D LED wall are full of technology. 

The curved corners perfectly adapt to the building structure. They have become new check-in landmarks on the streets of Chongqing.

4. China 3D Billboard: How it Works?

Why do 3D billboards look so real? How does Chinese 3D billboard work?

4.1 Border Effect

3D video material uses borders to give the picture a strong three-dimensional feel.

When the subject of the picture breaks through the boundaries of the frame, the entire picture becomes three-dimensional and has a sense of space.

Therefore, some of the screens around the 3D billboard will not be lit. Or when making 3D video material, you can artificially create a border to get a sense of the boundary.

Such as cages, corners of rooms, glass, etc. When the subject of the picture breaks through the border, the human eye will get a 3D effect.

4.2 Artificially Distorted Images

Most 3D billboards use curved LED screens.

Create 3D videos based on the resolution and size of the large screen and the position of the corners. Then choose the appropriate angle to render the scene for the best viewing effect.

Generally speaking, the best viewing angle is directly opposite the 90° angle of the 3D billboard.

Therefore, Digital 3D LED billboards use curved screens and frame effects to obtain three-dimensional scenes.

Flat Screen

Curved Screen

4.3 HD LED Screen

The screen of a 3D LED billboard is not much different from the traditional 2D screen.

Compared with traditional screens, 3D LED displays have certain requirements for screen parameters: high refresh, high grayscale, and high dynamic contrast.

On the one hand, it is to present the best visual effects, and on the other hand, it is to avoid problems such as ghosting when shooting.

4.4 Powerful LED Control System

Large-area screens with high pixel loading require a powerful LED control system.

It ensures that the screen has controllable brightness levels, colors, and dynamic effects.

4.5 Display Broadcast Control System

The efficient display screen broadcast control system has powerful decoding capabilities. The point-to-point display gives the screen a smooth and immersive visual effect.

With it, remote control of 3D advertising can be easily achieved.

5. How About 3D Billboard Price in China?

3D billboard costs vary greatly depending on the screen area and the quality of the 3D material.

In general, the screen cost does not account for a large proportion of the 3D Billboard cost. The main cost pressure comes from 3D material production.

But in the long run, the revenue generated by the commercial value behind it can make up for the content production costs to a certain extent.

5.1 LED Screen Price

The price of the screen is mainly affected by factors such as spacing, refresh rate, and area.

High-quality lamp beads, ICs, power supplies, and PCB boards will increase the cost of the screen.

4.2 Supporting Facilities

Ultra-large load LED control systems, video processors, etc. also need to be considered.

4.3 3D Video Creation Costs

3D material creation costs account for the largest portion of 3D Billboard Price.

Its content production needs to fully consider factors such as the shape of the screen, the degree of curvature of the surface, the best viewing position, and the resolution.

Only 3D video materials created by combining the characteristics of the screen can present the most perfect visual experience.

The price is determined based on factors such as resolution, 3D scene construction, special effects, duration, and customer special requirements.

According to Nova’s quotation, the cost of creating 3D videos ranges from 3,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan per second. Its resolutions are 2K, 4K, and 8K.

6. Amazing China 3D Billboard Examples

Glasses-free 3D projects incorporate new things into light display scenes. Outdoor 3D displays combine content creativity, 3D animation, virtual humans, AR, and interactive programs.

Next, we will take stock of some representative digital 3D advertising examples from China. Let’s experience the visual impact brought by a 3D LED display!

6.1 China 3D Billboard Nile Dragon

The dragon is an ancient creature in ancient Chinese mythology, with a strong oriental mystery.

Let’s look at the naked-eye 3D screen to let you feel the oppression of the ancient oriental species.

Shock! A giant dragon hovers in the corner of a street building. It twisted on the stone wall and moved quickly. It seems like it will burst out of the screen in the next second!

On the Xinda Xin Department Store building on Beijing Road in Guangzhou, the image of a giant dragon flying into the sky adds a touch of beauty to this century-old building.

6.2 Hyper-realistic Panda 3D Billboard in Chengdu

Two cute giant pandas appeared on the streets of Chengdu. They looked curiously at the setting sun for a while and drank milk from a basin next to the snow-capped mountains.

They lie on the giant screen at the corner, looking down at the city from high in the air and looking at the pedestrians passing by.

This “Panda Gift” video is the world’s first naked-eye 3D real-life shooting project of a giant panda.

6.3 China 3D Billboard Train

On the streets of Guanyinqiao, Chongqing, an orange and white track train No. 3788 is slowly driving out of the screen. Then it suddenly accelerated and flew straight ahead.

The three-dimensional effect of the light rail passing through residential buildings made people take out their mobile phones to take photos and record them.

The naked-eye 3D screen located at the security checkpoint of Jiangbei Airport shows passengers’ transportation culture.

It restores Chongqing’s unique transportation mode with realistic images of trains speeding through the city.

6.4 Stunning China 3D Billboard Tiger in Taibei

The 3D tiger at Taipei Shilin Night Market brings a visual feast to the night.

The sleepy little tiger just woke up from his sleep and tried to catch roasted corn. The look of despair after the failure made passers-by call him cute.

A blue butterfly flies into the picture. The little tiger jumped hard as if he was about to burst out of the screen and jump into people’s arms. Finally, it was summoned back to the advertising wall.

6.5 Giant 3D Orange Cat In Wuhan

3D led display (3)

Are you still fascinated by the 3D calico cat living on the giant screen in Shinjuku Station, Japan? There is also a super cute orange cat greeting you on the China 3D LED billboard.

A realistic naked-eye 3D orange cat attracts people to stop and watch. It is located on the 500-square-meter “Window of Central China’s Main Axis” in the Tiandi District.

This large LED screen is composed of dozens of individual screens. The screen is L-shaped and can present a seamless naked-eye 3D sense of space.

7. China 3D Billboard Manufacturer

3D advertising is the future of indoor and outdoor advertising. How to make your screen instantly catch people’s attention? An immersive 3D LED display is a good choice.

UNIT LED is an LED display manufacturer dedicated to providing high-quality LED displays and perfect solutions to customers around the world.

If you are looking for a China 3D billboard manufacturer, UNIT LED can provide you with a one-stop solution for 3D billboards. Including LED display screen, and control system. 

We can provide you with outdoor naked-eye 3D LED billboards and indoor immersive LED display solutions.

7.1 Naked-eye 3D LED Billboard Solutions

EV960 Outdoor LED Display

EV960 outdoor led display 1

OF800 Series Outdoor LED Display

of800 Commercial led display 1

ES960 Outdoor LED Display


EV1000 Outdoor LED Display

3D led screen solution

Iron Fixed LED Display

7.2 Indoor Immersive LED Screen Solution

UNIT LED uses soft LED modules with super flexibility and floor tile screens with good weighing performance to create immersive spaces for indoor scenes.

Immersive LED video wall displays more creative, interesting and functional immersive scene vision.

7.3 UNIT 3D Digital Billboard Cases

8. The Bottom Line

In this post, UNIT LED introduces you to the exciting China 3D billboards from multiple cities. 3D advertising is the future of indoor and outdoor advertising.

If you are looking for an LED billboard China, UNIT LED can provide you with good 3D LED display solutions. Just contact us and get the best product at the factory price!

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