3D Billboard Price: How Much Does it Cost?

Today I will show you something about 3D billboard price.

The novel and shocking images of the 3D digital billboards can firmly catch people’s attention. The viral spread allows your content to get more likes and reposts on social networks.

As an innovative and eye-catching type of LED display, 3D led display is an excellent content carrier. For every customer who wants to invest in a 3D billboard, 3D billboard cost is what they care about. I will introduce you to the relevant content of 3D billboard price, and the factors that affect 3D billboard cost.

1. The Commercial Value of 3D Billboard

Shocking images, realistic naked-eye 3D effects, and a novel visual experience make passers-by stop and watch. 3D LED billboards have greater commercial value than 2D led displays.

1.1 Excellent Advertising Platform

Dynamic video content is more attractive than static text and pictures. This is the reason why outdoor LED billboards perform better than poster ads.

And 3D technology provides each audience with a more fascinating visual experience. With the shocking and interesting 3D visual effects, 3D LED billboard makes more people willing to stay and watch.

At the same time, when these 3D advertisements promote specific brands or products, they can also bring satisfaction and happiness to viewers through novel naked-eye 3D effects.

1.2 Enhance the Image of the City

In the important business districts of major cities, the naked-eye 3D led display has become a landmark building. The development of a naked-eye 3D large screen is conducive to improving the image of the city and awakening new commercial vitality.

The naked-eye 3D LED billboard guides traffic to the business district. It not only activates the commercial value of 3D display, but also promotes the improvement of the city’s soft power.

1.3 Virality

Various forms of interactive play can stimulate the enthusiasm of the audience. They are willing to share your 3D billboards on social networking sites.

With the power of social media, you can multiply your brand awareness and bring in more potential customers.

2. How Much Does a 3D Billboard Cost?

The advantages of Digital 3D billboards are unmatched by ordinary billboards. 3D LED screen cost and price are indeed much higher than that of flat display screens. As you can imagine, this is a coveted and expensive form of advertising.

How Much Does a 3D Billboard Cost? The answer to this question is more complicated than simple numbers. Let us discuss two situations:

2.1 Make a 3D Billboard

Making a 3D billboard works the same way as making a 2D billboard. You need to prepare an led display screen and play content.

The naked-eye 3D screens currently used outdoors vary in pitch from P3 to P10 according to the size of the screen. In addition, the choice of dot pitch is related to the best viewing position and total area of its installation position. To obtain an excellent naked-eye 3D effect, LED displays with 4K or 8K resolution libraries are often used.

Compared with led screen cost, a 3D video source is much more expensive. But the huge commercial value brought by 3d billboards can make up for the cost of 3D content production to a certain extent.

Generally speaking, if you want to make a 3D OOH advertising billboard, you need to consider the following budgets:

2.2 Rent a 3D Billboard

How much does it cost to rent a 3D billboard? Obviously, this number is not fixed. Costs depend on many external factors.

The average cost of having 3D billboard advertisements varies from a range of $1,200 to $15,000 per month.

Compared with buying a large-area 3d LED video wall, the rental money will be lower. You just need to provide the rental of the display equipment and the source of the 3d content containing your product.

Taking Times Square as an example, for led billboards of different locations and sizes, if you order these screens on the corresponding platform, the minimum can be $2 per hour, and the maximum can be up to $2,000 per hour.

led display in Time square NYC

Various forms of interactive play can stimulate the enthusiasm of the audience. They are willing to share your 3D billboards on social networking sites.

With the power of social media, you can multiply your brand awareness and bring in more potential customers.

The approximate price range is for reference only. Understanding these influencing factors can help you get the most cost-effective billboard:

Take these factors into consideration and you will have the best 3D billboard to showcase your content.

3. Factors Influencing 3D Billboard Price

In previous years, 3D LED billboards were not common. With the advancement of LED display technology, the number and area of 3D billboard projects have been improved.

An outdoor digital billboard can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the many factors you need to consider.

3.1 LED Display Cost

High-quality LED display carrier + high-quality creative content = successful marketing communication

Obviously, the led display cost cannot be ignored. 3d led panel has no change from traditional display in essence. However, there will be structural changes.

For example, the left/right sides of the cabinet and the module are designed with cut corners to facilitate right-angle splicing; or arc screen splicing is used at the corners.

UNIT EV series LED Display for 3D Billboard

UNIT LED has a professional team to provide 3D-led display solutions. EV960 & OF800 Series commercial led display are popular used for Outdoor 3D Advertising Billboard.

Outdoor led billboard price: how much does a led billboard cost?

Typically, outdoor models are $150-500/sqm more expensive than indoor models.

The price of outdoor led billboards is more expensive than indoor led display. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First of all, the working environment of the outdoor led billboard requires the screen to have higher brightness to ensure clear images. Especially in the direct sunlight area (brightness must be ≥7000nits)
Therefore, higher-level LED lamp beads or PCB boards will increase the cost of outdoor led digital billboards.

Secondly, the protection level as high as IP65 or IP68 requires more cost investment, and the corresponding price will increase.

The cost of display screens with different specifications is different, and the main influencing factors are:

Pixel pitch. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more expensive it is.

Customized needs. The cost of projects with customized requirements is slightly higher.

IC. 3d billboard requires a high refresh rate, high gray scale, and high dynamic contrast ratio.

In addition, the resolution, refresh rate, contrast, grayscale and other parameters of the display directly affect the price of the screen module. Generally speaking, the hardware cost is not much different from that of traditional outdoor billboards, mainly due to the high cost of 3D video sources.


3.2 3D Animation Video Cost

Compared with the hardware part, producing 3D video content sources is a huge expense. If the content source has special effects, such as running, colliding, etc., the price will be higher, usually charged by the second.

For different resolutions and different needs, the quotations for 3D content vary greatly. Glasses-free 3D video production includes 3D scene construction, object animation, character modeling, special effects, etc.

Combined with the difficulty of production and the individual needs of customers, there are differences in 3d animation video prices.

3.3 Control System

The immersive 3D effect needs to be equipped with a high-quality control system and video splicing equipment, a synchronous video server platform (multi-channel media broadcast control software and video server), and a sound system.

Novastar has launched a special solution for a naked-eye 3D LED display.




Nova control system

high refresh

high grayscale

High dynamic contrast

To avoid problems such as ghost images when shooting

Make the brightness and chroma of the display screen more uniform, and the display screen is purer

Nova H Series 2-in-1 Super Fighting Control

Super High Pixels

Super large load

To reduce video transmission delay time

More stable

Multimedia broadcast control system (ET4000+Kompass FX3)

Super 8K large resolution material decoding

Due to the large 3D video material, the display broadcast control equipment needs more powerful decoding capabilities

3.4 Installation Structure Fee

The installation of the LED display needs to pay the cost of the steel frame structure and the labor cost of the installation.

4. The Bottom Line

In this post, you learned about the business value behind 3d billboards and the factors that affect 3d billboard price. Are you moved by it? UNIT has a professional team to provide the best 3D LED display solution. Welcome to contact us and get your quota!

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