7 Most Amazing 3D Digital Billboards! Best OOH Billboard

The post lists 7 of the most amazing 3D digital billboards across the world! As a rising new technology in 3D OOH, 3D billboard combines both technology of 3D visual effects and LED display.

Besides the stunning visual experiences the 3D advertising billboard can bring to you, the huge opportunities created by the collaboration of advanced visual technology and high-definition LED display can also help you discover more profits. The fourth wall can be broken, and the lines between content and screen are blurred, leading to more impressive advertisements than ever before. It can generate more profits than you think.

What Is OOH Billboard?

OOH, Out Of Home Media, is an advertisement that focuses on people’s surroundings.

OOH (Out-of-home) includes not only traditional outdoor advertising, but also the emerging ambience advertising. That is, advertising creation is carried out through the connection among creative content, advertising environment and publishing media, so as to achieve a unique visual presentation or interactive experience, so as to achieve good communication effect.

3d advertising is very hot these days. There are many successful cases in both commercial promotion and building city landmarks.
With the help of naked eye 3D technology, high-quality outdoor digital led billboard transforms the original video from the screen into a three-dimensional landscape with strong depth, bringing the audience a fantastic, huge and overwhelming visual feast.
More and more naked eye 3D art works and LED outdoor large screens are becoming a new landmark in the city.

Here we will get you 7 of the best 3D billboards to let you know the innovative advertising tools better, and also brings you a sense of technology and visual enjoyment!

1. Darth Vader 3D Billboard Times Square

The attention-grabbing OOH billboard brings people to the world of Star Wars in a fantastic and entertaining way. It is definitely a feast for fans of Star Wars and black knight!

The vivid visual performance grabs people’s attention immediately, and advertises the contents in an ever-innovative way!

2. Resident Evil Terrifying 3D Billboard New York

The immersive video brings viewers into the world of a terrifying movie. It looks so lifelike that people will be fear of it when they are watching the huge 3D digital billboard.

However, if only people put as much as effort as this video in more other advertisements, then we will have more things watchable!

3. Japan’s Air Max Day Nike 3D Billboard

Nike 3D billboard shows their Air Max 1 that comes to life outside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.  The lively advertisement series grabs people’s attention immediately, and the high-definition screen also plays a critical role in delivering the video.

It can definitely impress passersby, and bring more potential profits for Nike. 

Also, it is a good way of brand promotion.

4. Japanese 3D Cat Billboard in Tokyo

This gigantic Japanese 3D cat billboard is the latest crowd stopper at a busy intersection in Tokyo. 

The billboard was organized by local businesses to create a mascot and cheer people up amid the pandemic.

The 155㎡ realistic-looking 3D LED screen shows high definition up to 4K, performing a vivid, and cut cat, attracting passersby.

5. Red XIII 3D LED Billboard

The incredible 3D video of Red XIII in Omotesando, Tokyo has raised more issues recently. 

Super realistic video no doubt an excellent chance for propaganda, showing the great ability of LED display screen for promotion and delivering information.

6. Unique Coca Cola 3D Billboard

The 3D LED signs were constructed by 1,760 screens, and as the world’s first robotic 3D sign. 

The 3D billboard can move independently of one another with programmed choreography, and the shifting advertisement changes images with a motion like a slow wave of water.

This billboard went up New York’s Time Square and is a historical moment marking the development of LED display industry.

7. Balenciaga’s 3D Fortnite Billboard

The attention-grabbing out-of-home (OOH) billboard sees a Balenciaga-wearing Fortnite favorite Doggo looming larger than life over the sidewalks, bringing the partnership to the physical world in a very entertaining, and potentially somewhat jarring, way.

Viewers may get a surprise at the film, and the gigantic screen can entertain them no doubt.

To Sum up

The 7 of the most amazing 3D digital billboards in the world show us more possibilities of LED screens to break the limits between reality and the virtual world. More information about 3D billboard you can find on our LED blog pages!

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