Best 3D LED Advertising Billboard: Product and Examples!

Glasses-free 3D refers to a technology that can achieve three-dimensional visual effects without external tools. This technology has injected new vitality into the display industry. 3D LED advertising has also gradually gained the favor of advertising investors. Glasses-free 3D billboard has become the new favorite of indoor and outdoor advertising.

How to get the best 3d display effect and advertising effect? In addition to creating 3D content, installation site selection, and other factors, a high-quality led display screen is undoubtedly an important part.

UNIT LED is your trusted LED display manufacturer. We are always ready to provide you with cost-effective 3D LED display solutions. UNIT EV960 3D led panel is a good choice for 3D LED advertising. Come with me to learn more

3D led adverting display

1. Why do you choose 3d LED advertising?

Why choose 3D LED advertising? Simply put, it can bring more popularity and awareness to your brand. More people learn about your product. They are your potential customers and can bring you more business value.

(1) 3d billboard screens-the future of advertising

The emergence of 3D billboards is a blow to traditional advertising media. With the increasing attraction of new media to advertising, the advantages of print media advertising are gradually weakening. The major brands began to explore the charm of 3D-led ads.

The high-quality led display screen with high definition and high contrast brings the audience pleasant visual enjoyment. Customized and exclusive creative 3d advertising content grabs the audience’s attention in the shortest time possible.

It is worth noting that 3d digital billboard has a wider reach than traditional print ads. It is inseparable from the help of social media. Compared with ordinary advertisements, people are more willing to share 3D creative advertisements on social media.

3d led advertising video wall

(2) Advantages of 3d outdoor advertising led display screen

Why Choose Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Large Screen Display? Here are some reasons:

  • It’s fully demonstrated its diverse display charm, so those high-end luxury goods and fast-moving consumer goods have strong advertising needs and forms.
  • lMaking it an important “landscape” and “landmark” of internet celebrities in the city and then adding vitality to the city and the influence of the commercial street.
  • lPrecise delivery, covering the target circle at zero distance
  • lThe value of precise marketing and the aggregation of target groups
  • lThe advertising effect is transformed quickly, which helps the audience to recognize and transform the advertising effect
  • lDemonstrate the value of a “high-end” brand and establish a high-quality brand impressive
  • lEffectively cover the audience with a high reaching rate
  • lUnique space value

Now, you may have an idea to invest in a 3D outdoor led video wall. So how to choose the best hardware equipment? I want to recommend the UNIT EV960 series led display board to you.

2. Best 3D LED Advertising Panel- UNIT EV960

EV960 series is an energy-saving led screen. It has the characteristics of energy saving and excellent display effect. Among them, the VR series arc corner screen is especially suitable for outdoor naked eye 3d large screen.

The current popular 3D LED display solution is to place two displays at 90 degrees, with a circular arc display connected in the middle. When people stand in the corner, the 3D effect is more realistic. With customized content, the shocking picture brings people a novel experience.

3D led display viewing angle

(1) Excellent design

The aluminum chassis features a locking edge screwless design. The fully enclosed box can provide access to the internal components. Compared with the ordinary plastic, the EV960 aluminum case has better protection performance.

EV960 outdoor led display 1

Aluminum Chasis

Plastic Property

Heat Conductivity


0.02-0.04 MK

Melting Point:

660 W℃

170 W℃

Strong Capacity:



Recycle Ratio:



The corners of the arc screen and other displays can be seamlessly spliced. Any angle between 75° and 135° can be realized. The U-shaped structure at the corner is conducive to presenting a perfect naked-eye 3D effect.

5VB fire rating and IP68 protection level make EV960 led video wall more reliable. There are drainage holes at the bottom of the panel to prevent water accumulation. You don’t have to worry about its normal operation even in bad weather outdoors.

(2) Energy-saving led display

EV960 series outdoor led display is a Common Cathode LED display. It is powered by 2.8V and 3.8V. Compared with ordinary display products, it consumes less power. Energy-saving led screens also friendly to your electricity bill.

energy saving led screen

Maximum Cabinet Power Consumption (W)


Average Cabinet Power Consumption (W)


Input Voltage (V)


In addition, the die-casting aluminum led screen cabinet has good heat dissipation performance, which can avoid additional cooling equipment costs. At the same time, it can also ensure the long-term operation of the equipment. The product recovery rate of the EV960 LED panel is as high as 90%.

(3) Outgoing display performance

If you want to implement the Hologram 3D display, your display needs to meet the following conditions:

  • High refreshment: ≥3840hz
  • High grayscale: ≥14bit
  • High dynamic contrast
  • Configure multi-graphics card

In addition, a professional decoder and 3D video source are indispensable.

Choosing the EV960 outdoor led display can provide you with the best solution. There are three pixel pitches: p6.67mm, p8mm, and p10mm. Equipped with high-quality ICs and lamp beads, the EV960 will present your 3D digital billboard with high-definition, smooth, and clear-color content. Help you capture more attention.


(4) Affordable price

This excellent outdoor led screen board can save your investment cost in many ways, and its price is super competitive.

First of all, energy-saving LED display can save energy consumption. That said, the electricity bill for your 3D outdoor screen will be a reasonable figure.

Secondly, the thickness of EV960’s cabinet is only 75mm. A single cabinet weighs 28Kg. A thin box saves more space. So it can save you shipping costs.

Then, the design of the front and rear maintenance can save your maintenance costs, including time and labor costs.

3. 3D Advertising Billboard Price

3D billboard price is the point of interest for customers. It consists of multiple parts: led display, production of 3d video source, installation cost, maintenance cost, etc.

For led displays, pixel pitch, indoor or outdoor, these factors can affect the price. And depending on the number of displays required for the project, the price will vary.

Video source production is not cheap either. Generally, the quotation will be given according to the effect the customer wants to present. The production of 3D video sources is generally billed by the second. If certain special effects are required, the price will be more expensive.

UNIT LED has built a professional team. We can provide you with a “Hardware+Software+Content” integrated 3D advertising billboard solution.

4. 5 Excellent 3D LED Advertising Examples

Naked Eye 3D LED Display Vivo X80 by 'Lost N. Found' Studio. DOOH advertising billboard 2022.

In the busy street, a large led display attracts people’s eyes. VIVO 80 smart phone emerges from the curtain of water. The stunning visual effects make passers-by not praise.

Using 3D advertising can make your brand stand out from your competitors. Advertise your product and expand your brand. 3D led advertising will be a new form of advertising.

IWC Forced Perspective DooH campaign Piccadilly Circus London

Ichiki watches seem to be flying towards people from street led screens! What an amazing experience!
Every detail of the watch was carefully presented during the presentation. If you were there, would you be surprised by this kind of creative advertising?

Nike Japan’s Air Max Day 3D Billboard

The Nike Air Max series is showed perfectly on this outdoor video advertising screen just outside the station, appealing much more attention than people think!

Obviously, this is a 3D led advertisement for commercial purposes. From this AD, you can see some interesting images and feel that 3D led billboard is changing the traditional print advertising format

Ocean Outdoor unveiling DeepScreen 3D DOOH templates

No matter in offline reality experience or on web-based mobile devices, naked eye 3D works can always bring visual wonders beyond the real perception to the audience. Offline, they bring crowds of onlookers and explorers to the real estate they are located in, and online, they trigger topics and spread, achieving good publicity effect.

Cat & evil spirit "Sadako" - 3D digital billboard in Shinjuku Tokyo.

Sadako and her cat attract the attention of pedestrians on a giant 3d led display in Tokyo, Japan.
The naked eye 3D large screen in each city becomes a city punch landmark because of its stunning visual effects. Meanwhile, more and more cities integrate urban culture and creative content, making the naked eye 3D large screen a unique visual business card of the city

5. Conclusion

OOH billboard adds a new dimension to the customer experience with its stunning graphics. If you want to promote your brand in a creative way, 3D LED advertising is a good choice! UNIT EV960 outdoor led panel will make you satisfied. Contact us now to get the latest quote!

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