What is Mini 4 in 1 LED Display? Professional Introdution!

When compared to the traditional SMD 3 in 1 and the LCD, the new Mini 4 in 1 LED display has significant advantages.

In this post, we will give you some useful information about mini 4 in 1 led display. Just read it!

4 in 1 led display

“Four in one” means that there are four basic pixel structures in a package structure, which are still four “lamp beads” composed of 12 RGB – LED chips in essence.

LED display companies have a deep technical accumulation in SMD mounting process, and the “four in one” packaging is a further development based on the inheritance of SMD packaging.

SMD packaging contains one pixel in a packaging structure, while “four in one” packaging contains four pixels in a packaging structure. The surface mounting process is still used in the process.

The “four in one” route has become the most mature process, equipment and manufacturing in the exploration of LED micro-display industry compared with other routes explored at a smaller distance.

LED display companies adhering to the “four in one” route do not have to worry about taking the “four in one” route and discarding the original technology accumulation. On the road to smaller spacing, the “four in one” packaging meets the practical needs of many LED display enterprises in terms of technical difficulty and cost investment.

In terms of product maintenance, the “four in one” mini LED module products can also be repaired on site as traditional packaging products.

The IMD package adopted by the “four in one” Mini LED module overcomes the technical problem of too many LED crystals in the single CELL structure in the COB package.

The “four in one” mini LED module IMD package combines the advantages of SMD and COB, and solves the problems of ink consistency, stitching, light leakage, maintenance, etc. It has the characteristics of high contrast, high integration, easy maintenance, low cost, etc. It is a better solution on the road to smaller spacing.

The “four in one” mini LED scheme inherits the technical advantages of SMD products, and has innovation and development on the basis of inheritance.

mini 4 in 1 led display

At present, the “four in one” Mini LED module uses the formal chip for cost consideration. As the packaging manufacturer makes more requirements for the chip, it will further introduce the “six in one” or even “N in one” scheme.

The “four in one” mini LED products have the technical advantages, which are highly praised by many LED display companies, and thus promote the display industry to formally enter the P0. X era.

The “four in one” scheme has brought new development opportunities for the LED display industry to explore smaller spacing, More LED display companies have adhered to the “four in one” route and joined the “four in one” camp, which has provided and accumulated more rich experience for LED display screen to explore the development of smaller space.


In the face of the wave of Mini LED led by the “four in one” plan, some other insiders also raised the opposite voice. It is believed that the “four in one” product has a greater probability of bad points than COB, and it is also proposed that the “four in one” maintenance site cannot repair single lamps without professional equipment.

Although the “four in one” mini LED module itself has some disadvantages, in the packaging stage, the “display pixel” of the final product has been determined.

This makes midstream packaging enterprises provide “more specifications of four-in-one lamp beads”, which also requires closer cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain.

However, in the exploration on the road to smaller spacing, the “four in one” route has made great efforts to explore the micro-display industry, and the achievements are obvious to the industry.

On the whole, compared with COB technology, the “four in one” Mini LED module makes more full use of existing industrial technology and resources.


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