500×1000mm P3.91mm Dancing Floor LED Display

500×1000mm P3.91mm dancing floor LED display is designed with UNIT latest techology. the products is uniform color, high contrast, brightness can be adjusted, the picture is clear and natural. Low power consumption, low heat, energy saving and environmental protection. Super load-bearing desing up to 2 tons. intelligent sensor, no need additional equipment. Unique mask design without any additional protective equipment such as tempered glass, acrylic, etc.

UNIT Dancing floor LED display case

P3.91mm dancing floor LED screen is a standard size with 500×1000mm cabinet, We also offer 500×500mm as customers need. the product is Lightweight, flexible, easy to install and maintain. It has many features as following:

500×1000mm P3.91mm Dancing Floor LED Display

LEDs: SMD1921

Module Resolution: 64X64dots (P3.91)

Module Size: 250X250mm

Cabinet Size: 500X1000mmX80mm

Cabinet Resolution: 128X256dots (P3.91)

Cabinet Density:  32768dots/cabinet (P3.91)

Cabinet Weight: 50kg/㎡

Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz

Waterproof rate: indoor using, IP68, non waterproof.

Max Consumtion: 800w/㎡

Advantages of UNIT Dancing Floor LED Display

1. Intelligent sensor, without additional equipment

2. Super load-bearing design up to 2 tons,

3. Front mask with frosted processing technology, anti-slip, anti-scratch

4. With ground supporter design, fast and easy to install

5. Fanless design, low-temperature operation, quiet and no noise

6. Ultra-thin cabinet for easy transportation and handling

7. Efficient and stable, high reliability and long service life

Unique LED display Module Design

UNIT 500×1000mm P3.91mm dancing floor LED screen uses 8pcs 250×250mm SMD RGB 3in1 LED display panels. the modules are designed with UNIT unique LED techology and high-quality masks with frosted processing techonology. The modules are Wear-resistant, and the screen is not easy to scratch.

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