5D Billboards 2024: How it Works, Price, and Solutions!

When we talk about immersive and interactive digital advertising displays, what do you think of? In addition to the hot China 3D billboard, 5D billboards are attracting people’s attention!

If you are looking for a more innovative way of disseminating information or advertising, then don’t miss this blog!

1. What are 5D Billboards?

“5D billboard” is a relatively new term often used to describe digital billboards with a higher level of interactivity and sensory experience.

Compared with traditional 3D billboards, 5D billboards provide a richer and more immersive experience in terms of vision, hearing, and touch.

When it comes to 5D billboards, we can think of them as an evolved version of traditional 3D billboards, which pay more attention to interaction and sensory experience with the audience.

2. Are China 5D Billboards Real?

Yes, China 5D billboard is taking the streets of major cities by storm with its three-dimensional vision and interactive elements that transcend physical boundaries.

It seems that the character will jump out of the LED screen in the next second, attracting the audience’s attention.

Whether it is commercial advertising or artistic expression, 5D billboards in China are becoming the best choice for outdoor media in the future.

As you can see from the video above, the visual effects of a 5D LED display are more realistic and the elements of the picture seem to break through physical boundaries.

3D LED billboards use artificial frames to present certain naked-eye 3D effects. Such as boxes, windows, and other elements.

3. The Keys for 5D Billboard

5D billboards in China have a more immersive and realistic experience than 3D billboards.

To better understand China’s 5D billboard, we first need to understand what 5D technology is.

3.1 What is 5D Technology?

“5D technology” usually refers to a type of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technology.

It combines three-dimensional (3D) digital images, real-time interaction, sensory stimulation, and other elements.

3.2 Applications of 5D Technology

The main application fields of 5D technology include entertainment, education, training, tourism, medical treatment, etc.

5D technology is widely used in the entertainment industry, including cinemas, amusement parks, theme parks, and other places.

By combining 3D images, tactile feedback, special effects (such as rain, snow, wind), dynamic seats, etc., audiences can have a more realistic and immersive experience while watching movies or playing games.

5D technology is combined with LED displays and auxiliary equipment to create a more realistic 5D billboard.

It creates more compelling commercials and promotions.

Novel interactive elements and sensory stimulation help attract consumers’ attention and enhance brand image and product recognition.

3.3 The Keys of 5D Effects

(1) Three-dimensional Digital Image

3D led display (2)

5D technology uses three-dimensional digital imaging technology to create virtual three-dimensional environments or objects.

These images can be projected into the audience’s field of vision through head-mounted displays (such as VR helmets) or AR glasses, allowing them to see a three-dimensional picture.

(2) Real-time Interaction

Compared with traditional three-dimensional digital images, 5D technology has the characteristics of real-time interaction.

Audiences can interact with the virtual environment in real-time through gestures, sounds, touches, etc., and change the status and behavior of the environment or objects.

(3) Sensory Stimulation

To enhance the audience’s immersion, 5D technology may use various sensory stimulation technologies, such as vibrations, scent injectors, fans, etc.

These technologies can simulate senses such as touch, smell, and hearing, giving viewers a more realistic and realistic experience.

(4)Real-time Rendering

To achieve real-time interaction and dynamic adjustment of content, 5D technology usually uses real-time rendering technology.

This technology can generate new images or animations in real-time in response to the viewer’s actions as the viewer interacts with the virtual environment.

(5) High-quality 5D LED Display Panel

3d billboard advertising

High resolution and high refresh rate: High resolution can ensure rich image details. A high refresh rate prevents image flickering or stuttering.

Good color performance: including wide color gamut, high contrast, and uniform color rendering.

Wide viewing angle: LED billboards are usually used outdoors or in public places. Viewers may view advertising content from different perspectives.

High brightness: ensures clear visibility even in bright sunlight.

Reliability and Durability: The sturdy and reliable LED screen cabinet can withstand the effects of outdoor weather. IP65 protection level has good dustproof and waterproof effect.

Support interactive technology: 5D LED displays have interactive functions, such as touch screen, gesture recognition, etc.

(6) Powerful LED Control System

To achieve efficient playback and management of advertising content, the 5D billboard control software needs to have powerful functions.

For example, image and video processing capabilities, real-time interactive functions, multi-screen simultaneous playback, remote management and monitoring, user interface friendliness, security and stability, etc.

China 5D LED billboards combine elements such as 3D vision and sensory stimulation.

All-round sensory stimulation makes your advertisements or other information more easily received by your audience.

4. How Do China 5D billboards Work?

If you have a certain understanding of 3D LED screens, then 5D LED displays will be familiar to you. 

You can think of 5D billboards as an advanced version of 3D billboards.

It works similarly to 3D displays. The principle of visual barrier and visual difference are used to present three-dimensional visual images.

On this basis, add interactive elements to provide a personalized experience for the audience.

In addition, 5D digital billboards use additional auxiliary equipment to stimulate the audience’s sense of smell and touch.

These effects enhance the immersive experience and make the content more memorable.

The following blog will introduce you to 3D digital billboards in detail, including how to work, features, advertising examples, etc.:

3D Billboard 2024: Products, Price and Technology All Here!

5.Comparison Between 5D Billboard and 3D Billboard

Here are some differences between 5D billboards and 3D billboards:

(1) Enhanced Interactivity

5D billboards often use advanced sensing technology, such as touch screens, gesture recognition, or voice recognition. This enables viewers to interact with advertising content in real-time.

This interactivity can attract the audience’s attention and enhance their sense of participation and investment.

In contrast, traditional 3D billboards are usually static, and viewers can only watch passively without being able to participate.

(2) Multi-sensory Experience

5D billboards create a richer and more immersive experience by integrating multiple sensory elements such as vision, hearing, and touch.

For example, they may be equipped with a hi-fi system that provides the audience with stereo sound. Or use scent injectors to release scents relevant to advertising content.

Traditional 3D billboards usually only involve visual effects and are relatively single in terms of other senses.

(3) Real-time Interaction and Personalized Experience

Some 5D billboards can sense audience behavior and feedback in real-time and adjust advertising content accordingly to provide a more personalized and dynamic experience.

For example, ad content can change or display different elements based on the viewer’s gestures or sounds.

This real-time interaction allows viewers to engage more deeply with ads and experience distinctive personalization.

(4) Technology and Resource Investment

Because more technology and resources are involved, 5D billboards are generally more complex and expensive than traditional 3D billboards.

The realization of 5D billboards may require the use of advanced sensing technology, real-time data processing, and other technical means, as well as more sophisticated equipment and facilities.

Due to the high investment in technology and resources, 5D billboards usually require more time and energy in design and production.

To sum up, 5D billboards are a more interactive and sensory form of digital advertising.

They provide viewers with a richer and more personalized advertising experience by providing multiple sensory stimulations and real-time interaction.

6. 5D Billbords Price

In general, 5D billboard price is more expensive than 3D billboard price.

The main factors that affect the cost of the 3D billboard are LED screen cost, control system and media playback system, personalized 3D video production, and other expenses.

The price of 5D billboards has more aspects to consider. In addition, depending on the scale of the project and the actual effect you want to achieve, the price of 5D LED billboards may be affected.

The price of 5D billboards is affected by many factors. Here are some common factors:

(1) LED Screen Cost

LED screen cabinets’ cost is one of the key factors affecting the overall price.

Generally speaking, larger sizes and higher resolution billboards cost more. Because they require more LED modules and more complex manufacturing processes.

Smaller spacing and higher quality represent higher definition and more detailed visual effects. Correspondingly, the price is higher.

The material and quality of the billboard will also have an impact on the price.

High-quality LED modules, durable housing materials, and stable and reliable control systems usually increase costs, but can also improve the performance and longevity of billboards.

(2) Technology and Functions

The technology and features used in 5D billboards will also affect the price.

For example, some 5D billboards have interactive functions such as touch screens, gesture recognition, and sound sensing, or use more advanced real-time content rendering technology, and the cost may be higher.

(3) 3D Animation Production

Quotes for 3D animation production are calculated in seconds. Its production cost accounts for a large proportion of the entire 5D billboard price.

In the long run, subsequent benefits can cover these costs.

The price of 3D animation production is affected by many factors.

Including project complexity, animation length, graphics quality, audio production, project deadlines, and client requirements.

(4) Customized Requirements

If customers have special customization requirements, such as non-standard sizes, special shapes, personalized designs, etc., this will usually result in additional customization costs, thus affecting the price.

(5) Installation and Maintenance

In addition to the purchase cost, there are also installation and maintenance costs to consider.

This includes the cost of installation labor, the installation of electricity and internet connections, and the cost of ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

EV960 3D & 5D billboard solution

(6) Geographic Location and Environmental Conditions

The location and environmental conditions of the billboard will also have an impact on the price.

For example, installation and operating costs may be higher in busy urban center areas or harsh climate conditions.

7. Why Still Choose a 3D LED Screen?

There may be some advantages to choosing a 3D billboard over a 5D billboard, depending on your needs and budget.

(1) Cost-effectiveness

3D billboards are generally more affordable than 5D billboards.

Although 5D LED billboards provide a more interactive and immersive experience, their production and installation costs may be higher.

If your budget is limited, choosing a 3D LED display may be a more suitable choice.

(2) Simple and Easy to Use

Compared with a 5D LED screen, a 3D ad billboard may be simpler and easier to use.

They do not involve complex interactive technology and real-time content rendering, so they are easier to operate and maintain.

If you don’t have complex interactive needs, it may be easier to choose 3D billboards.

(3) Wide Range of Application

Indoor/outdoor 3D advertising billboards can be used in various scenarios, including commercial advertising, city logos, cultural displays, etc.

They can be found in shopping malls, public transport stations, and outdoor plazas.

(4) Outstanding Visual Effects

Although 3D LED billboards don’t have the immersive experience of China 5D billboards, they can still provide eye-catching visual effects.

Utilizing high-definition images and animation effects, 3D LED screens are enough to capture the audience’s attention.

They can convey a clear message and brand image better than ordinary outdoor LED displays.

(5) Mature Technology

At present, the production technology of 3D billboards has been mature. From LED screens to animation production, the production process is quite clear.

More and more LED screen suppliers have launched many complete 3D LED display solutions. When choosing 3D LED displays, you can have more choices.


However, 5D LED display has not been widely popularized yet. But we believe that maybe shortly, it will become the new favorite of outdoor advertising.

Overall, choosing between 3D or 5D billboards depends on your specific needs, budget, and target audience.

If you need a simple yet effective advertising display and have a limited budget, choosing a 3D billboard may be a good choice.

8. UNIT 5D & 3D Billboards Solutions

We provide one-stop 3D LED display solutions!

Our wide range of products and services includes high-quality LED panels, advanced control systems, and professional 3D video production.

Whether you need to create eye-catching 3D advertising LED billboards for commercial advertising, event displays, or other occasions, we can provide a full range of support and solutions.

(1) MA960 series + Iron Cabinets

Previous slide
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The size of the MA960 series outdoor LED display is 960*960mm. The size of the curved iron cabinet is 640*960mm. They can be spliced into a 3D curved LED video wall.

We use a small size module of 80*160mm to ensure a clearer and more delicate display effect.

The outdoor iron-fixed LED display has many features, including energy saving and low power consumption, IP65 waterproof, and cooling fans heat dissipation. It supports 90-degree curved surface installation, suitable for fixed installation on building exterior walls.

(2) EV960 Series 3D LED Display

Saving space

Many applications do not allow reserving a space for maintenance

EV960 VR features can TOTAL FRONT AND REAR MAINTENANCE, thus no other maintenance space。


Saving maintenance costs

The cable channel design is at the bottom of the panel, allowing cables hidden inside. 

Cables high-temperature resistant power box inner wires: 200℃

Between the cabinets:-40 +150℃

Saving labor costs

Slim and lightweight, thus less labor needed

Fast connection on wires, higher installation efficiency

Saving power

Module and Power supply increase heat loss area by 2 times with cooling rib

⊹ Die-casting aluminum cabinet

⊹ Aluminum module chassis

(3) OF800 Series Outdoor 3D Billboard

3D LED Curved Display (1)

High waterproof ability

IP65 waterproof design with module level. Both frontal and back protection abilities can reach IP65.

Great visual performance

High brightness level, high definition LED panel, high contrast ratio of 5000:1, and stable performances.

Dual services supported

The maintenance can be fast and easy just with a simple maintenance tool.

You can easily finish the installation, and for a large 3D outdoor LED display, it can save you huge energy no doubt.

(4) OF1000 Series 3D LED Panel

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High Brightness

Copper wire:5000nits

Gold wire: 6500nits

To achieve a certain viewing distance, there must be enough brightness to ensure

Low-pressure operation reduces the power and guarantees the long lifetime of the display screen.

Heat Dissipation

Module and Power supply increase heat loss area with heatsink, to achieve the best cooling effect. PTS Metal material up to 90%. Don’t contain Any Plastic.

Protective Performance

Excellent flame retardant grade

Die-cast aluminum material, high temperature and durable

Anti-corrosion protection

Reach 5VB fire protection level

UL94 protection level from high to low: 5VB>V0>V1>V2>HB

9. The Bottom Line

In this post, we take an in-depth look at 5D LED billboards, including the keys to the 5D effect, how it works, prices, and so on.

Compared to 5D billboards, 3D billboards, which are more cost-effective, are an excellent choice for outdoor advertising. UNIT LED is here to provide various 3D LED screen solutions!

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