90 degree LED Right Angle Display

LED right angle display is also called right angle LED screen or L Shape LED display or corner right angle LED display, the main feature is that the LED display with a 90° angle like two displays are connected with one display is in vertical and other display is in horizontal. LED right angle display is also one of the creative LED displays which are mainly customized as customer’s need. Compared with other complicated shape LED display such as cube LED display, ball LED display, polygon LED display, triangle LED display or others, right angle LED screen is simple.

Main Features of LED right angle Sign

  • Pixle Pitch: LED right angle Panel can be designed with pixel pitch P10mm, P8mm, P6.67mm, P5mm, P4mm, P3mm, P2.5mm, P2mm  and more.
  • Display Size: The LED display size can be customized as customer’s requirement depend on the pixle pitch of LED display module
  • Application: Right angle LED video wall can be used for indoor fixed LED display and outdoor fixed LED display
  • Cabinet Material: For most of customized LED display, we recommend use high hardness steel material to produce
  • LED Panel: UNIT adapts stable Nationstar LED and Best Driving IC such as MBI5124 to ensure the display is high quality, high stability with uniformity color,
  • Power Supply: UNIT choose top brand LED power supply such as MEANWELL, G-energy to ensure the LED display high riliability
  • Cabinet Color: Black and Grey are avaliable
  • Control Method: Synchronous or Asynchronous
led right angle display

The advantages of UNIT LED Right Angle Video Wall

  • Latest SMD 3in1 techology to ensure LED display color bright, uniform, consistent.
  • Super wide wiewing angle 160 degree in vertical and horizontal
  • Seamless connection without no gaps in the corner of the LED display
  • High flatness, High brightness to ensure LED display vivid image and videos
  • High quality Nation star LED and MBI5124 driver IC to ensure LED display high fresh rate and high gray Level.
  • Front service or front maintenance is available as customer’s need.
  • 3 year Warranty and professional tech support with good after-sale service.

Front of Cabinet

UNIT right angle LED Screen with ultra high flatness, the visual effect is amazing to meet various application such as adverting, stage show, information display and more.

led right angle display
led right angle display

Back of Cabinet

the right angle LED Screen cabinet is made by high strength steel, IP65 waterproof level, equipped with two or more colling fans, cooling effect is excellent.

led right angle display
led right angle display

Corner of Cabinet

The right-angled corner is 90 degree, without no gaps at the joint, other degree is available as customer’s need.
Corner of right angle LED display
Corner of right angle LED display

LED display Cases

  • Project Location: France
  • Pixel Pitch: P4mm
  • Moudle Size: 256×128mm
  • Module Resolution: 64×32 dots
  • Cabinet Size: 512×640mm
  • Cabinet Resolution: 128×160dots
  • Total Cabinet Units: 8pcs
  • Total Display Area: 2.62144 sqm
  • Application: Commercial Advertising
right-angled LED display

Application of Right-angled LED Display

UNIT right-angled LED display is widely used in many locations such as bar, stage, shopping center, celebrating activities, information publishing, mall, ariport, subway, church, sports activities, hotel entertainment, etc. UNIT is committed to providing the professional, impeccable and creative LED display products to meet various market requirements.

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