What Advantages of Street Light Pole LED Display Benefit You?

The main purpose of developing street light pole LED display is to replace traditional light box on the poles, which can only display two advertisements during a certain period of time, and replacing the contents can be relatively complicate, whereas street light pole LED display can improve the efficiency largely that improves the use ratio of ad positions of light pole. You may have such question, what are other advantages of street light pole LED display?

Let us read this throught!

1.Smaller floor space with greater efficiency

Comparing to traditional LED display screen which needs to stand on the floor or hanging on the exterior of building, street light pole LED display will occupy less room, and take advantages of the light poles with greater efficiency.

On the one hand, it can easily change the advertising content through remote control, which deal with the pain point of traditional light box that is time-wasting replacement of content. 

On the other hand, light box can only show static image while street pole LED display can play dynamic video which is more attractive.

Finally, as the passerbys may not be willing to take too much time to see what is going on on the screen, and many of them will just have a glance, as a result, the dynamic street LED signage will improve the efficiency of transinformation.

Street light LED pole display case, street pole LED display

2.Innovative and aesthetic appearance can beautify the streets.

The colorful street light pole display can blend into the surrounding environments harmoniously, and itself can be a view spot of the city. 

3.Reduce the light pollution caused by traditional LED display screen

Light pollution can refer to excess light which will cause uncomfortable to people looking at the screen or even just passing by. 

For applications of street light pole LED display, reducing light pollution is a mandatory condition. That is, light pollution will affect the vision of passing drivers then lead to risks of traffic accidents. 

4.Single and double sided display

This kind of LED display can realize double sided display, which means one screen for multiple uses. 

5.Synchronization and asynchronous control, also can be controlled by mobile phone.

One of the outstanding features which make LED screen stands out from other traditional LED printed billboard or light box is the remote management. 

Only through a mobile phone, or computers, you can control the displaying contents whatever you want.

6.Multiple media endows it potentials for the entertainment industry

The LED pole display can not only display advertisements, but also support live streaming and rebroadcasting, which make the street light pole LED display has more potentials for the entertainment industry. 

For example, such LED display placed in parks can display attractive contents to let people focus on it, and then display advertisements. That is one of the great ways to attract first and then advertise better.

7.Cater to requirements of multifunctional facilities of cities

First, it can perfect street landscape. The street light pole LED screen can blend into the environments perfectly with adjustable brightness, which can reduce the light pollution at the same time. 

Second, it is an innovative form of medias. The street pole LED display can advertise the content in a way that people will not be adverse to, and it can achieve multiple media functions such as live streaming and rebroadcasting.

Third, it allows efficient display without any concession on quality. Although it doesn’t have big screen like other types of LED displays, there is no degradation of the displaying quality because of the high refresh rate, high contrast and brightness adjustment. 

8.A new member of smart city

As an important factor composing smart city terminals, LED street pole display has many featured advantages such as comprehensive advertising performance, easy operation and being compatible with livelihood services, etc.

Fisrt, it has strong advertising performances which can advertise needed contents such as public service announcement. 

Second, the strong and flexible data collection ability can help to save a lots labor and energy cost. 

For instance, the smart street light pole LED display can be connected to the nearby Internet of Things devices, such as video surveillance, face recognition, security monitoring, etc. That can help to achieve intelligent management of the whole city.

9.Create more convenient life for citizens

By connecting mobile phone, computer, Wi-Fi or other devices, it can monitor traffic conditions, weather data, humidity and temperature, slogans and so on. 

Meanwhile, it can broadcast information which can convenient citizens’ daily life such as wind speed and wind temperature, and content which can help the government to build a co-exsitence and sharing society.

Nowadays, the street light pole LED display has already begun to be commonly used in the LED screen market. The unique advantages make it stand out other information publishing products. 

What is more, by connecting with Internet, the street pole LED display can even play an important role in constructing smart city.

These are avantages of street light pole LED display that can benefit you, know them well and give yourself more possibilities in the future business!

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