Airport LED Display Screen

High-definition full-color LED displays are ready to create smart airports

LED Display for Airport & Station

A large number of airport LED displays are used in the aerial display system of modern airports. They fully meet the display needs of airports, including providing airport passengers with a hassle-free travel experience, advertising, and entertainment.

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Why Do You Need Airport LED Displays?

airport terminal screen

(1) passengers can quickly obtain relevant flight information through the LED display for airport. The timeliness of information transmission ensures smooth travel.

(2) For airport staff, the various guidance information conveyed by the LED screen can guide passengers to complete related business independently.

It will improve the efficiency of work and promote the efficiency and smoothness of travel.

(3) For advertising investors, airports, as crowded places, are very suitable for advertising.

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How LED Displays Helped Smart Airports?

LED displays play an important role in airports. These high-quality LED display screens are distributed in every corner of the terminal building, providing a full range of information services for airport staff and passengers.

(1) Command and Monitoring Center

The command and monitoring center/airline command center undertakes the duties of operation coordination, service control, flight information release, and coordination and command of various units of the entire airport.

The excellent and delicate picture of the small-pitch LED display has a better display effect.

The stable and reliable visual display system facilitates the centralized management and unified command of various businesses by the control center.

airport LED signage

(2) LED Digital Signage

As a functional place with dense traffic, the airport cannot be ignored in how to quickly guide passengers to obtain quick guides.

LED digital signage tells travelers where to go and what to do in an eye-catching way.

In the terminal hall, ubiquitous signs point passengers to the location of restaurants, restrooms, and shops. They can quickly find useful information.

airport LED display screen (1)

(3) Flight Information Display

Huge displays in the airport lobby cycle through the latest information on flight status, gate locations, and departure times in clear graphics.

The display screen of the machine interface also has this function.

In addition to displaying flight information, it provides passenger guidance, reminders, and announcement information issued by various functional departments and on-site units of the airport as needed.

led display for advertising (1)

(4) Baggage Claim

At most airports, passengers disembark away from where they claim their luggage.

LED displays in the baggage claim area help travelers easily find the conveyor for their flight.

The image quality of the airport LED display is colorful, delicate, and lifelike.

It provides effective traffic guidance for passengers boarding.

curved led display screen

(5) Indoor & Outdoor Advertising

The airport has a large number of passengers, and the average daily flow of people is huge.

Therefore, airports often rent out advertising space to brands. LED screen is an excellent advertising platform.

There are applications in airport halls, building exterior walls, and luggage carousels.

LED digital signage makes media advertisements attract attention, realizes precise marketing, and enhances brand value.


Trains and airplanes are common ways of travel for people. In every corner of the airport or train station, LED displays provide passengers with a comfortable travel experience by delivering real-time information.

On the one hand, the airport LED screen provides instant and accurate flight information for passengers or pick-up personnel.

On the other hand, they bring us a rich and colorful information experience by constantly updating creative display content.

Today, let’s take a deep look at the mysteries of airport LED displays and reveal how LED displays inject new vitality into our travel life.

1. Airport LED Display Introduction

Airport LED display screens consist of a series of high-quality LED display screens. Including small-pitch LED displays, indoor LED displays, etc.

These display screens are designed to provide passengers with a full range of information services and advertising spaces.

You can see them in every corner of the airport. Such as the airport lobby, baggage carousel, command and control room, and other places.

airport LED display screen

Through computer network connection, airport LED screens realize real-time transmission and update of information. Passengers can quickly obtain accurate and real-time flight status, boarding time, location of the baggage carousel, and other information.

2. 4 Types of Airport LED Displays

With the development of the civil aviation industry and the diversification of passenger service needs, airports urgently need to use modern technology and advanced facilities to improve operational efficiency and service quality.

LED display screens have made outstanding contributions to the timely and accurate release of airport information, publicity and display of airport images, and unified scheduling work.

LED display helps smart airports and creates an integrated visual platform.

(1) Small-pitch LED Display

The high-definition and smooth small-pitch LED display helps managers quickly realize operation and maintenance scheduling services visually.

With the help of LED display screens, airport operation & maintenance personnel can achieve full-area and full-process control. 

What’s more, it is beneficial for ensuring the scientific allocation of airport resources and improving the efficiency of airport operation and management.

(2) Indoor LED Display

The ultra-high-definition indoor LED display large screen and the hoisting screen are used to display flight information, indoor advertising, and other purposes.

People find LED screens at security check entrances, waiting halls, boarding gates, and luggage islands.

The brightly colored screen allows passengers to receive more information while paying attention to flight information, including commercial advertisements, city promotional videos, and more.

Singapore Changi Airport uses 3D billboard to create a captivating and immersive environment.

In the video, you can see two parrots perched on a branch. They flap their wings as if they are about to fly from the screen to you.

Then the jaguar jumped out and drove them away. The vigorous posture makes it seem as if it is about to pounce on people in the next second.

With the sound of the forest, people seem to be in the jungle. Excellent 3D visual effects bring people an immersive experience.

(3) Outdoor Advertising Display

At the entrance of the terminal building of a large airport, the outdoor LED display easily attracts people’s attention with its high-definition picture and dynamic display.

The high-definition and high-brightness display platform brings an unparalleled new visual experience to people. More attention will surely bring good advertising revenue.

(4) Creative LED Display

The creative large screens made of soft flexible LED modules with high flexibility have a beautiful appearance. The unique shape can achieve a harmonious unity with the airport environment.

The high-definition dynamic display will attract more people’s attention and bring visual effects of experience to passengers.

At the same time, the creative display device echoes the architectural style of the airport to achieve the decoration and beautification effect of building a harmonious airport environment.

3. Advantages of Using LED Displays in Airports

The smart airport LED display has high brightness, high refresh rate, high resolution, and good color reproduction. It can meet the high-definition display requirements of fast scrolling on the large screen of the airport.

At the same time, the advantages of high lightness, fast heat dissipation, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance ensure the stable operation and convenient maintenance of the large screen in the airport.

(1) Real-time Information Update

The large display screen can display flight numbers, boarding time, boarding gate, and other information. Passengers are guided by convenient service information to take the plane safely.

After disembarking from the plane, the information on the display screen near the luggage island guides passengers to get their checked luggage.

airport LED display screen (2)

(2) Huge Advertising Benefits

Multiple display screens effectively communicate advertising information to all passengers in the form of video. At the same time, multi-screen and diversified advertising forms have improved the communication effect of advertising.

Airports earn rent by renting out advertising space to advertisers. The brand side obtains good advertising benefits.

(3) HD Display

The small-pitch LED video wall in the working area such as the control room has high-definition picture quality and wide viewing angle.

When an emergency occurs, the airport staff can respond quickly through the dynamic information transmitted by the display screen.

(4) Visual Enjoyment

Can a display with high contrast, comfortable brightness, and ultra-wide viewing angle give you a new view of the entire airport? The answer is yes.

Multiple screens add a vibrant visual element to the airport interior. curved LED displays and creative LED screens are good choices.

(5) Entertainment

How to let passengers pass the long waiting time and reduce the anxiety of passengers? Especially in case of flight delays or connecting flights.

LED screens can broadcast city tourism promotional information or promote gift shops, restaurants, or other forms of entertainment in the airport.

4. Technical Standards for Airport LED Displays

(1) High Definition

The airport LED display uses high-quality LED devices. High resolution and color reproduction can provide passengers with clear and lifelike visual effects.

(2) High Brightness

It can clearly display information in different light environments, providing passengers with a good visual experience.

airport LED display

(3) Good Stability

Through careful design and strict testing, Airport LED screens have extremely high stability. It can run for a long time and efficiently.

(4) Flexible Size

The airport LED display can be adjusted in size according to needs, adapting to different scenes and spaces, and providing passengers with the best information display effect.

(5) Long Lifespan

The LED display can last up to 100,000 hours. It can greatly save the investment cost of airport equipment.

5. UNIT Airport LED Display Solutions!

MA640 series

MA640 Indoor LED display

UNIT MA640 series indoor fixed installation LED display has an excellent visual effect. The 4:3 ratio cabinet design is perfect for a variety of 4:3 and 16:9 LED large screens.

MA250 double sided led display (2)

MA250 Double-sided LED Display

UNIT MA960 series is the latest multi-functional LED display. It can be used as an indoor/outdoor fixed installation LED display, advertising LED display, and more.

6. Conclusion

Airport LED display provides information indication, advertising, luggage information, and other functions for the airport. In short, the cooperation of LED display screens and smart devices will improve the work efficiency of smart airports.

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