Smart All-in-One LED Display for Conference/Meeting Room!

In the past two years, it was the beginning of the layout of large-size LED conference all-in-one machines. Since last year, the market demand has exploded, and the large-size all-in-one LED display has become prevailing among manufacturers.

For the LED display market, LED all-in-one displays have brought new increments. With the full spread of large-size LED all-in-one machines in this field, a new round of LED display growth will be created.

What’s the All-in-one LED Display?

LED conference all-in-one Display, also known as “smart conference tablet” and “conference tablet all-in-one machine”, is a new generation of intelligent conference LED screen.

It integrates a variety of conference equipment such as projectors, screens, multi-touch screens, video playback, audio, computer and file management, wireless transmission, and video conferencing.

The main application fields of LED conference all-in-one screen are corporate office space, education and training, government and enterprise units and smart medical care.

Compared to LCD, What are the advantages of LED all-in-one Display?

LCD and LED have their own advantages and disadvantages, which is better and which is worse are depended on the user evaluation.

In the traditional conference market, there are more projectors and LCD screens, but the projectors have high requirements on the indoor environment and light, and it is easy to create a small dark room, the conference will be more depressing, and the LCD screen is only limited In the market below 90 inches.

Compared with the LCD all-in-one display, the LED all-in-one screen is spliced by each LED display unit, which can easily realize a large screen of more than 100 inches, no visual seams, and it can meet the needs of many people to watch.

  • Small spacing display.
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle.
  • Viewing from any angle left and right Reflective, no color difference.
  • Thinner and lighter, which is convenient to move, install and disassemble.

Market Status and Development of All-in-one LED Display

According to the latest “2021 China Mainland LED Small Pitch Market Research Report” released by DISCIEN, the small-pitch LED all-in-one machine market in 2021 will have a shipment volume of 3.9K and sales of 930 million yuan, accounting for the overall LED small-pitch market.

At the same time, the year-on-year growth rate of sales volume in 2020 is more than 70%, which is in the stage of rapid growth.

data about all-in-one led display

2021 China Small Pitch LED All-in-One Machine Market Shipment Scale – Size Segment & Resolution

According to the research, judging from the current market shipment specifications, the current size segment concentration is relatively high, and nearly 50% of the shipments are between 130-139 inches, such as 135, 136, and 138 inches.

From the perspective of resolution shipments, 2K resolution LED All-in-one are the mainstream, but there are still nearly 26% of shipments with specifications below 2K, such as 720P and 900P.

This is rare in the sales of other display products, and the sales of low-resolution products are mainly to promote low-cost sales and attract users.

After all, the price of LED all-in-one screen is still at a high level, such as 2K resolution products. End users accept the price is basically above 40,000 USD/unit, while the price of low-resolution is below 30,000 USD/unit, and even some companies can do it below 16,000USD/unit.

Therefore, the resolution is the main factor determining the price of the LED all-in-one machine.

Industry application: mainly in education, public security and justice department, with total sales accounting for nearly 60%.

2021 China Small Pitch LED All-in-One Machine Market Shipment Scale – Size Segment & Resolution

According to the development cycle of various display products in the B2B market, it takes at least 3-5 years to penetrate the market from entering the market to high-speed development. In the high-speed growth period, it is expected that the shipment will exceed 40K by 2026, and the future growth potential is obvious.

UNIT LED All-in-One Display Recommendation

UNIT LED All-in-one conference Display in the size of 108’’,136’’ &163’’.

AIO led display

A complete 500×1000mm LED screen cabinet consists of eight 250×250mm LED modules. The application of seamless splicing technology can realize the fusion of multi-screen images. And it reduces the splicing gap to a minimum. The advanced assembly structure and seamless splicing technology provide your LED display with the perfect visual effect you want.


Good display material, small pixel pitch produces vibrant images. At the same time, this LED display offers an ultra-wide viewing angle. Both vertical and horizontal viewing angles are 160°. It means you can see displayed contents from multiple viewing angles.


  1. Thin and Light; Wheels for moving conveniently;
  2. Full HD, Automatic brightness adjustment;
  3. One-key start, wireless screen projection, USB plug and play;
  4. Delicate appearance design, multiple external interfaces;

(1) Speed Splicing

The standardized cabinet design can be quickly spliced into a large screen. A variety of sizes meet diverse display needs.

UNIT launched all-in-one LED screens with sizes 108 inches,136 inches, and 163 inches.

(2) 3840Hz High Refresh Rate

The high refresh rate ensures the clarity of the picture quality. UNIT’s all-in-one LED display uses high-definition and delicate images to display common “visual” analysis charts, graphics, and other content in meetings.

When people take pictures of the screen, there will be no flickering.

(3) Customizable Services

UNIT LED customizes the best solution for you according to your actual situation.

We provide two installation methods of wall hanging and mobile bracket.

Floor Mounted and Wall Mounted AIO led display

Floor Mounted                                       Wall Mounted

The free-standing is the standard installation way.

With the wheels at the bottom, you can easily move the machine and adjust the viewing direction.

This LED All-in-One Machine also provides other installation methods, installed on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. Customers can choose the suitable way according to different installation environment.

(4) Friendly design

Robust bracket design, firm and reliable. The bottom of the bracket is equipped with four universal wheels as standard, allowing you to move the screen.

Extremely narrow frame design, simple and elegant, saving space. The bracket is connected by screws to achieve a perfect fit.

(5) Wireless Projection

Our machine supports wireless projection. Interaction and sharing are very easy and convenient.

It can quickly realize wireless interconnection with personal devices such as mobile phones, computers and iPads. Personal equipment can directly control the large screen, and perform document presentation, writing, and annotation.

Multi-screen interactive

Wireless projection


Specification of AIO led display

We will add more All-in-one LED display solutions in the future, like Audio + Video, Amplification + Pickup, the future can be expected.

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