P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display Introduction

p3.91 indoor led display case

P3.91 indoor rental led display is widely used in our daily life. This article will talk about: What does the pixel mean? And how to define the concept of the pixel? What should be noted in using the rental LED display? People who want to hold an event indoors should know the below information before buying the […]

Novastar Mctrl300 Useful Manual and Product Introduction

MCTRL300 product image

Novastar MCTRL300 is a model of LED display image processing controller, and it is also the basic controller of nova technology. This article mainly introduces the working principle of nova star mctrl300, product parameters and specifications, product features, refer to the price at the time of purchase and specific applications. Mctrl300 LED display controller is […]

Outdoor 8K LED Screens: Hundred Cities and Thousands of Screens

On February 4, 2022, the Winter Olympic Games were successfully held in Beijing, what attracted attention was not only the performance of the Olympic athletes and the gold medals won but also the science and technology, led display screens used in the opening and closing ceremonies: Outdoor 8K LED screens. We are a global LED display […]

LED display controller: Core of LED display


LED display controller is divided into asynchronous control and synchronous control. LED display asynchronous control system is also known as LED display offline control system, or control card. The main control PC will need to display the information and various control commands through serial communication into the LED display screen control card, LED display screen […]

Outdoor digital led billboards: Introduction and some installation considerations


Most of the outdoor digital led billboards are used for advertising, including outdoor and indoor. But LED display also can be introduced into different applications, today just follow me to know the latest news about digital 3D LED billboards. We all know that led display can be used in different scenarios, as I mentioned before: […]

Outdoor P8 High Quality LED Display to Japan——EV960 Series


In this case, our customers demand high quality and large size, so we recommend the EV960 Series to them. Our EV960 LED display series has high protection aluminium chassis panel design, it is also an energy-saving LED Display.Energy-saving LED display means that the EV960 series is even more available for recyclable use. Project details Installation […]

What Can Flexible LED Display Modules Bring To You? Quick guide here!


Different from the traditional LED display module, the flexible LED display module is with a certain curvature. This feature also makes the flexible LED display module has a wider range of applications, today we will talk about the application scenarios and some features of the flexible LED display module. LED display modules are also divided […]

Outdoor P8 Commercial LED Display To Philippines—Custom Case

high refresh rate

In this case ,we offered Outdoor P8 commercial LED display ——MA960 series to our Philippines custom,and received positive feedback. Unit Commercial LED display MA960 Series is one of the latest Outsoor LED display series with best brightness,has a good waterproof rating of IP65. In this customer case, the customer requested to install an LED display at […]

Transparent Curtain LED Display—Light UP Your Building!

Curved transparent LED Display

The transparent curtain LED display is, as the name suggests, a glass-like LED display with light-transmitting properties. It consists of strip lights, but its display principle is innovatively optimised based on the light strip screen so that the screen as a whole is used as a curtain. Unit LED’s transparent curtain LED displays can achieve […]

How to present Digital Advertising LED Screens perfectly?

digital advertising screen for shopping mall

Digital advertising LED screens as commercial LED screens can be found everywhere, also used in many scenarios in life. But it is not easy to achieve the desired effect. If you want to know how to make a digital display look the way advertisers want it to look, come with me and read this article! What […]