The Best Outdoor LED Screen-EX960 Series Full Guide!

The best outdoor LED screen has excellent display performance and ultra-high protection level. Bright, high-definition images make your content easily memorable.

What are the requirements for the best outdoor screen? How to choose the most suitable product for your outdoor project? UNIT EV960 EX series high-quality outdoor LED screen can meet your diverse needs!

1. What Are the Requirements for the Best Outdoor Screen?

Outdoor display screens are extremely versatile. Such as outdoor perimeter LED displays, naked-eye 3D LED displays, large outdoor billboards, etc.

Common pixel pitches include P5, P6, P6.67, P7, P8, P10, etc.

As the people’s demand for high-standard display effects increases, many customers choose small-pitch outdoor LED displays. Such as P2.5, P3.076, and so on.

The best outdoor LED screen needs to have excellent performance. It can provide an exquisite visual experience outdoors in changing weather conditions.

The best outdoor LED screen should have the following characteristics:

1.1 High Brightness & High Definition

Only outdoor LED billboards with high brightness and high definition can ensure excellent display effects. The content on the screen can be seen even under direct sunlight.

In desert areas or some areas with sufficient sunshine, high brightness is an important indicator of outdoor LED displays.

Generally speaking, the brightness of outdoor display screens is between 5000-6000 cd/㎡.

Some special cases require higher brightness. You can communicate with your LED screen supplier.

1.2 High Protection Level

The changing outdoor weather requires the best outdoor LED screen to have high protection capabilities.

The protective measures include but are not limited to waterproof rubber rings, glue filling on the module surface, three-proof paint, and sealed boxes.

The IP65 protection level can protect most outdoor LED screens from rain and dust. Waterproof IP66/IP67 outdoor digital screen has better protection capabilities.

1.3 Excellent Heat Dissipation Performance

Prolonged use will cause the internal temperature of the display to rise.

In some high-temperature areas or hot summers, excessive temperature of the outdoor LED billboard will cause damage to the internal electronic components.

Therefore, efficient heat dissipation performance is an aspect that must be considered for outdoor displays. The heat dissipation function will directly affect the service life of the screen.

The outdoor LED screen equipped with a cooling system can control the internal temperature within a reasonable range during operation.

1.4 Grounding And Lightning Protection

Giant LED screens installed in outdoor environments must take lightning protection measures.

If thunderstorms are common in your area, it’s better to invest in a screen with lightning protection for safety.

2. Highlights of EV960 EX Series

Incorporating various technological innovations, the EV960 EX series high-quality LED display is coming!

It breaks the traditional design of relying on a cabinet as a display unit, and a single display panel can independently become a display unit.

EX series LED panel adopts a high brush chip. It has a clear picture and high contrast. Even if you use a mobile phone to shoot the screen, you can ensure good picture consistency and reproducibility.

EV960 EX series (2)

2.1 Highlights of LED Panel Screen

640x640mm Cabinet (2)

(1) Super Light Cabinet Design

The weight of a 960*960mm single cabinet is 27±2kg, which is more than 50% lighter than traditional cabinets.

A 640*640mm single LED screen cabinet is only 13kg. The thin and light box is convenient for installation, maintenance, and transportation.

Its maximum thickness is 89mm, which is more than 40% thinner than traditional boxes.

It has a beautiful structure and good flatness. It saves space and makes the building facade simple and beautiful.

(2) Excellent Heat Dissipation Design

EX series best outdoor LED screen adopts a light metal alloy heat sink plate.

And the flow guide inner cavity is designed to actively dissipate heat. Green, energy-saving, long service life.

No air conditioning is needed to assist cooling, which can save electricity bills.

The low power consumption and low heat EX series can meet the needs of outdoor displays in high-temperature areas.

(3) High Stability

The cabinet is made of light metal alloy that has high safety, temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

The integrated design has higher stability than traditional plastic kits. It has higher safety, smaller high and low-temperature deformation, and higher corrosion resistance.

(4) Front and Rear Maintenance

The lightweight and lightweight EX series LED panel adopts an integrated rotating lock pin design.

It can realize all-round installation and maintenance from front to back.

Remove the LED module panel from the front, and then remove the power box cover to perform maintenance and inspection on the power box.

The dual maintenance method is easy to operate, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of operation and save time.

(5) Easy Installation

The outer steel frame is designed with a self-guiding positioning plate, which is easy to assemble and greatly improves the flatness.

Progressive locking device, with locking prompt tone, more humanity.

2.2 Highlights of Power & Control Box

power & control box

(1) Light Integrated Power & Control Box

Light metal alloy integrated power & control box, lightweight, easy to maintain.

Independent detachable power control box supports front and rear dual maintenance.

(2) Easy Maintenance

Integrated protective junction box, with neat threading and high water resistance.

The integrated fanless power supply and control system allow for easy heat dissipation, no need for air conditioning, and strong weather resistance.

(3) Integrated Interface

The panel and power & control box both adopt the integrated interface created by WGO.

The wire layout is regular and the protection is high, and the operation is more stable in harsh environments.

Integrated Interface

2.3 Highlights of Panel Display Group

(1) Automatic Positioning

The outer steel frame is designed with upper and lower positioning guide plates and positioning screws, making assembly easy and efficient.

When fixing the outer frame steel frame of the box, an adjustable range of 7mm up and down is reserved, which has high fault tolerance and is easy to assemble.

(2) Efficient Frame & Easy Installation

According to on-site installation requirements, we can provide matching installation brackets.

The matching bracket does not require welding, and the corner code connection is fixed on the back structure.

The display panel is fixed with butterfly screws, and the installation can be completed by fixing it with bare hands at the installation site.

3. Applications of the Best Outdoor LED Screen

It can be widely used in outdoor 3D billboards, football perimeter LED displays, arena displays, commercial advertising signs, road LED screens, etc.

3.1 3D Billboard

EV960 EX series high-quality LED display can be spliced into any arc and any angle for outdoor 3D billboards. It has more installation scenarios and a wider application.

3.2 Perimeter LED Display

EX960 Sport LED display (2)
EX960 Sport LED display (1)

The 1600*900mm perimeter LED display accurately displays the color of the brand LOGO. The high refresh rate can effectively avoid black lines and flickering during live broadcasts.

Anti-collision designs such as soft masks and soft pillows ensure player safety and display device stability. The left and right connection locks and handle design make the operation more user-friendly.

4. More Details

640x640mm Cabinet (1)

640x640mm Cabinet

960x960 EX Series Cabinet

960x960mm Cabinet

640x160mm LED Module

640x160mm LED Module

Power Supply

5. EV960 EX Series Specification

Pixel pitch








Panel Size



Panel Resolution









1415 SMD

1415 SMD

1921 SMD

1921 SMD

2727 SMD

2727 SMD

2727 SMD

Unit Size



Unit Resolution












Light metal alloy material

Service Way

Front and Rear


≥5000 cd/㎡

≥6000 cd/㎡

Max Power consumption



Avg Power consumption



Working voltage

100-240V / 50-60Hz

Operating Environment


Refresh rate


Operation power voltage

100-240V / 50-60Hz

Operational temperature

-40°C to +60°C / 14°F to 104°F

Operational humidity


IP rating



3 years standard product warranty

6. Conclusion

As a high-quality outdoor display, the EV960 EX series can meet your diverse display needs for outdoor visual presentation or advertising. High-contrast, high-refresh screens impress your audience with your content.

Want to get the most detailed quote about the best outdoor screen? Don’t hesitate to contact us now! Our professional staff will provide a complete solution for your project.

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