Best Comparison: Black LED Display VS White LED display

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Chapter 1: What Are White/Black LED Display

1)The Appearance of White LED

The LED is assembled by a plastic bracket and a light-emitting chip. In the early light-emitting chip, cause of low brightness, in order to improve the brightness, engineers made the plastic bracket into a white bowl (white LED) to enhance the focus reflection and ensure that the low-brightness chip achieves a brighter effect.

But white LED also has its shortcomings. When it wants to display black or gray,its light-emitting diode (white) will also participate in the color display on the display, which will cause color distortion (cannot display black, gray, dark green, etc). Engineers compensate for the chip’s lack of brightness by losing color expression.

2)The Appearance of Black LED

The black LED display is a display made of a black LED with a packaged plastic bracket. In the past, LED display screens were mostly used for outdoor advertising screen. Due to the long viewing distance, the LED screen’s brightness was required to be higher, and the loss of color could be accepted to compensate for the brightness.

However, now, as the brightness of LEDs is getting higher and higher and the high-density and small-pitch LED displays are becoming more and more mature, the LED lamp beads do not need to be made white to achieve satisfactory results.

At the same time, in order to meet people’s requirements for image fidelity and improve the contrast of LED displays, foreign LED display packaging companies like CREE and NICHIA first developed black LEDs, and then it became more and more popular.

Chapter 2: The Difference Between Black LED and White LED Display

Compared with the general white lamp LED display, the Black LED Display has more different with it, the details as follows:

2.1. Main different of Black LED and White LED Panel

1. The contrast ratio of the black LEDs is 10000:1, and the contrast ratio of the white LEDs is 3000:1. In the black light state, it is just a completely black LED screen, and the LED Display effect is better than that of the white lamp. The white lamp will look unsightly when the screen is off. Because it is a white light, you will see it when the screen is off (black screen). The LED display is a white screen with many white dots.

2. The black LEDs have better stability, high contrast, low brightness and softer colors. The Black lamp can achieve high image fidelity when expressing black or gray, and improve the contrast of the LED Display screen, thereby achieving good results; while white LED will be distorted when expressing the same color. Happening.

3. The black LEDs have low power consumption and the white LEDs, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

4. The black LED does not reflect light, so the background brightness of the LED screen will be lower, which also means that the brightness of the black lamp LED panels will be lower.

black led display

2.2. Cost compared of Black LED and White LED Wall

Through the above comparison, the white lamp LED screen is weaker than the black LED display in some functions, but in terms of cost, the black lamp LED display is more expensive, and the white LEDs has a strong price advantage. Customers can choose to buy black or white lamp LED displays according to actual needs.
As customers have higher and higher requirements for the display effect of LED display screens and promote the continuous development of technology, it is believed that black lamp LED display screens with higher fidelity will become the mainstream.

Chapter 3: The Application of Black LED Display

Considering that white LED Screen are still the mainstay in the market now. Menwhile because of the problem of contrast, Indoor LED Display have been with black lamps a few years ago. We will focus on the application of black LED Display here.

Why use the blak lamp to make the outdoor rental LED Display?

1)Black LED display effect is exquisite

For the performance of the LED display, the higher the fidelity, the better the performance of the display, and the fidelity is mainly determined by the two indicators of the contrast and color of the image (greater contrast, more color types the better).

Contrast refers to the measurement of different brightness levels between the brightest white and darkest black in bright and dark areas of an image. Larger the difference range, the greater the contrast. High contrast is easier LED Display vivid and rich colors, and can support colors of all levels. The LED display made of black led can always keep the brightness and darkness of the display screen clear and clear.

2)Contrast determines the sharpness of an image more than brightness

Increasing the brightness of the LED display is essentially to increase consumers’ visibility of screen pictures, videos and other content. Studies have shown that the human eye’s perception of color is greater than its perception of light and darkness.

Generally speaking, higher contrast, clearer and more vivid the image, and brighter. Therefore, the contrast ratio determines the clarity of the entire image more than the brightness. It’s more important than high brightness.

white led display

In addition, the contrast has a greater impact on the dynamic video display effect. Because the light-dark conversion in the dynamic image is faster, the higher contrast, the easier it’s for human eyes to distinguish such a conversion process.

However, some clients still have the inherent idea that the higher the brightness, the better. In fact, too high brightness will not only cause light pollution, but also harm the visual experience of consumers and reduce viewing time; at the same time, it will also increase electricity bills, thereby increasing operating costs.

3)Black LED have Higher Contrast than White LED

So, in the outdoor environment, it’s more feasible to increase the contrast of the LED display screen to improve the recognizability of the image than the blind pursuit of high brightness which causes light pollution and high energy consumption, under the same brightness, the higher the contrast, the stronger and more vivid the image displayed, and consumers will have a clearer viewing effect.

Also based on its non-reflective properties, the black LED display packaged with black plastic bracket and PPA has a more uniform background color and can absorb external stray light. Therefore, compared to white LED, the black LED is more suitable for outdoor retnal LED display.

Chapter 4. Development Trend of White and Black LED Displays

In the past, LED display screens were mostly used for outdoor commercial advertising display. Due to the long viewing distance, the brightness of the display screen has higher requirements, and the loss of color can be accepted to compensate for the brightness.

However, at present, when the brightness of LEDs is getting higher and higher, and the high-density and small-pitch LED display is becoming more and more mature, the LED lamp beads no longer need to be made white to achieve satisfactory results.

As customers have higher and higher display requirements and the continuous advancement of LED display technology, outdoor black lights have gradually become the “new favorite” of outdoor displays, especially in the European, American and Japanese markets. Black LED display has begun to become popular, and will have a broader development prospect.

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