Transparent LED Screen: Novastar LED Controller Guide

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The transparent led screen is getting more & more popular especially in this year 2020. As the technology & workmanship of The transparent screen get gradually mature in the second half of 2019.Here we’d like to share with you some brief info & how to control transparent led display with Novastar led control system if […]

Flexible LED Display

Soft Flexible LED display

Flexible LED Display is also called as flexible LED screen or soft LED display or soft LED screen. The main feature of those LED display is the LED panel is soft.

Stage Rental LED display

Unit Stage Rental LED display

Stage LED display is also called stage background LED display which is usually installed in the places such as stage, theme show, wedding, concert, large-scale concerts, music tour, road show, fashion shows and so on

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

stadium perimeter led display

Stadium Perimeter LED Display also called sport perimeter advertising LED screen. the main feature is those LED displays used for stadium, sports center such as for Football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, swimming, rugby, ice hockey, and so on. Usually Perimeter LED Display is installed on the ground and slightly tipped towards the back with 5 – […]

Dance Floor LED Display

UNIT LED Dance Floor LED display

Dance Floor LED Screen: A Definitive Guide With the prosperous development of cultural performances in recent years,The Interactive Floor LED screen has become the new “darling” of stage design. Between the designer’s whimsy, the smart floor LED screen brings people excellent visual enjoyment.The LED floor display is a personalized LED display specially designed for the […]

Energy Saving LED Display

Unit Energy Saving LED display

Energy saving LED display is becoming very popular in recently years especially for outdoor LED display products such as P10mm, P12mm, P16mm, etc fixed LED display. With a very large area, LED display always need more power than ordinary appliances because the display is huge and ususlly needs many power supplies in all cabinets. For […]