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Fixed installation LED display is a common display product in the led screen market. Today we introduce to you the knowledge of China fixed led display.

As the name implies, a fixed LED video wall is a display device fixed in a specific location. Once installed, its position cannot be easily changed. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can see fixed led screens everywhere. In this post, you will learn about the features of fixed led displays so that you can better select the most suitable product.

1. Features of UNIT China Fixed LED Display

1.1 Excellent display effect

Most of the led displays on the market nowadays use SMD 3-in-1 technology. High-quality lamp beads, ICs, module kits, etc. constitute the quality of LED modules. Through seamless splicing, the super large indoor and outdoor fixed installation led display has good flatness.

The full-color SMD fixed installation led screens have high brightness and excellent color accuracy. The super clear resolution quality makes for an unforgettable viewing experience.

ev960 series led display

1.2 High protection effect

Once installed, the fixed led video wall needs to bear hours or days of operation. Therefore, the fixed LED screen needs to have a strong protection ability. The indoor fixed led display can not consider a waterproof problem.

The outdoor fixed led display has a waterproof rating of IP65. The high protection design allows it to withstand the complexity of the outdoor environment. Even in the case of bad weather, the led display can work normally.

1.3 Long life span

Led display devices use high-quality diode light-emitting devices, coupled with high-quality components. And some outdoor fixed led displays are equipped with cooling fans. These designs give led displays a long service life.

1.4 Low maintenance cost

Low maintenance cost comes from its reliable stability. Because of the characteristics of the fixed led video wall, the LED screen cabinets are made of high-grade, reliable, and durable components.

On the one hand, the screen is not prone to failure. On the other hand, whether it is pre-maintenance or post-maintenance, it is easier for maintenance personnel to overhaul in case of problems.

It makes both indoor and outdoor fixed led displays become pretty good investments. As it allows you to realize the maximum value for your investment.

1.5 Customizable size

Unlike most die-cast aluminum or magnesium alloy rental screens, the size is fixed. The material and size of the fixed led screens can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Compared to rental LED panels with a fixed size, a fixed led display has higher flexibility.

2. Reliable Fixed LED Display Factory-UNIT LED

Where to buy high-quality china fixed installation led display? We recommend a reliable fixed led display factory-UNIT LED.

2.1 High-quality products

UNIT’s Customized Size China Fixed LED Display uses SMD chip technology for high brightness and good display performance. No matter the indoor or outdoor fixed led display, the high-quality products will bring you high returns.

2.2 Professional LED team

UNIT LED has been working deeply in the led display industry for many years and has built a professional foreign trade team. Our team has served customers from many countries. According to customers’ needs and experience, our professional salesmen are ready to provide you with perfect fixed indoor/outdoor led display solutions.


2.3 Free technical guidance

Don’t worry about any technical problems after purchasing UNIT’s displays. Professional free technical guidance will solve your problems.

2.4 Customized Size China Fixed LED Display

We provide a variety of solutions, including special-size cabinet customization, and indoor simple iron box display solutions. As long as you indicate your needs, we will do our best to provide you with a good project solution.

3. Fixed Installation LED Display Recommendations

As an important segment of the commercial led display, fixed installation-led video walls have a wide range of applications. We can see them in many places in our daily life. For example, led video scoreboards in sports stadiums, outdoor screens on building facades, traffic signs on both sides of the road, and digital billboards on the street.

These fixed outdoor led displays are suitable for all weather conditions. The high brightness makes it possible to display even under sunlight.

In addition, in some large shopping malls, airports, securities education halls, and other places, fixed indoor led displays have undertaken the task of advertising and information display.

Here are the indoor and outdoor fixed LED products we recommend to you. A variety of choices, a variety of feelings.

UNIT most popular outdoor led display 960*960mm Cabinet

MA960 Magnesium Alloy LED Display

  • 960*960mm Cabinet Standard Size
  • SMD 3-in-1 LED Encapsulation technology
  • Both indoor and Outdoor are available
  • Magnesium alloy cabinet design
  • CE, Rohs Approved
  • 3-Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

OF800 Series Front Service LED Display

  • 800×900m, 800×1200mm Cabinet Size
  • Outdoor fixed LED display
  • High Refresh Rate to 3840 HZ
  • Frontal and Rear Double Service Design
  • multi-usage with kinds of installations
  • Energy saving led display
800×900mm and 800×1200mm LED cabinet UNIT latest outdoor fixed led display
UNIT customized Size indoor fixed led display Steel or Aluminum cabinet

Customized Size Indoor Fixed LED Display

  • Customized Size as Customer’s Requirement
  • SMD 3-in-1 LED Encapsulation technology
  • Dual Service with Front or Rear Maintenance
  • Steel or Aluminum cabinet design
  • High flatness, the excellent display effect
  • 3-Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part
  • High grayscale, high refresh rate


4. Real Customer Cases

Case 1-P4.16 Outdoor LED Billboard to France

Installation Country: France

Pixel Pitch: P4.16mm

LED Display Size: 800*900*98(mm)

Module Resolution: 96X72dots

Module Size: 400X300mm

Cabinet Material: Aluminum

Product model: OF800 series

Refresh Rate: 3840Hz

LED Lamp Bead: Nationstar

Application: Outdoor advertising

unit china fixed led display

Case 2- P10 outdoor SMD LED display in Finland

Installation Country: Finland

Cabinet Material: Steel

Pixel pitch: P10mm

Module Dimension: 320*160mm

Grayscale: 16384

Contrast Ratio: 4000:1

Display size: 6080mm×2240mm

Product model: Customized Size Outdoor Fixed LED Display

P10 outdoor SMD LED display

5. Conclusion

Want High-quality China fixed led display? UNIT LED will be one of your best LED display suppliers. So, if you need fixed led displays for your project, contact us.

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