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China rental LED display enjoys a high reputation all over the world. The high contrast ratio, high resolution, high refresh rate, and excellent display performance have won praise from many customers. In some major music festivals, exhibitions, annual meetings, and other large-scale events, there are many indoor/outdoor stage LED screens.

In cultural activities such as song and dance evenings and open-air music festivals, event LED display rentals work as the important stage background. It runs through the entire event. Paired with dreamy lighting and dynamic music, they work together to create the perfect stage effect. China LED display screen rentals are well-deserved best display equipment.

event china rental led display

1. Why is the China Rental LED Display Popular?

Why is the China rental LED display so popular? It is a point of concern for many customers. China’s LED display industry is currently at the forefront of the world. And there are many high-quality China LED display board rentals exported from Shenzhen, Guangdong all over the world. As a new generation of display equipment, LED display screens are more and more popular in commerce, transportation, stage, and other fields. The rental led screen is the mainstream product this year.

(1) The Normalization of COVID-19

Since the outbreak of Corona Virus Disease 2019 around the world in 2019, the world’s import and export trade has been affected to a certain extent. In the LED display industry, the transaction of LED rental screens has also been affected. Due to the requirement of epidemic prevention and control, various indoor and outdoor activities have been canceled or postponed. But after two years, in many countries and regions in Europe and the United States, the development of COVID-19 has gradually become normal. The epidemic has been brought under control in some places, and people’s lives have gradually returned to normal. Rising demand for rental led screens from more event planners.

(2)Rent LED Screens for Events

For small businesses or individuals, the cost of purchasing large-area LED displays is very high. And some customers just need to use the LED display panels for an event once. So in terms of expense and usage, renting led screens for events is the best solution. You only need to pay the rent to get the right to use the led screen rental.

stage rental led screen

(3)China LED Screen Rental with Good Display Effect

In addition to the influence of supply and demand, input costs, and other factors, event rental led display has incomparable advantages over other display devices. For example, projection equipment is not suitable for outdoor occasions. The cost of a china led screen display rental is much lower than the LCD screen in the same area. And it can run stably with high-definition picture quality.

2. Standard Process of Purchasing China LED Display Screen Rental

① Choose a China rental LED display manufacturer which has high-quality LED products and technology services. Get in touch with the business personnel and explain the needs (including the installation location of the display screen, installation environment, size, pixel spacing, etc.)

② The sales staff will provide a quotation plan for led display screen rental according to your needs.

③ Carefully reading and understanding the details of the contract plan, confirming the relevant matters with the sales staff.

④ After the communication between the two parties, the rental led display manufacturer will formulate an electronic version of the led screen order contract.

⑤ The customer confirms that there is no objection to the terms. The contract takes effect. Then, the customer pays the deposit. Manufacturers start production, quality inspection, packaging, and delivery.

⑥ After the customer receives the display screen, check that it is correct. Pay the balance.

3. How much is a china rental led screen per square meter?

When we want to buy something on Amazon, we search for similar products to compare prices. You must also pay attention to the price when purchasing a china rental led display. So how much is a china rental LED screen per square meter? There is no single answer to this question and answer. Because the price of the rental LED display is affected by many factors.

If you want to know the price of rental LED video walls, you must first determine some specific matters such as application, point spacing, installation method, etc. Then the display screen supplier will give a reasonable plan and quotation according to your needs. There are usually additional discounts for larger quantities.

Many factors affect the price of rental led display, such as light-emitting chip, pixel pitch, indoor or outdoor, area size, etc. Take light-emitting chips as an example. The price of chips in the United States and Japan is much higher than that of other chips. It is because their chip research and development technology are advanced. In recent years, China’s LED chip research and development technology has continued to improve, and LED lamp beads such as Nationstar and Gold have also gained a place in the market.

How is the actual quotation of LED display manufacturers calculated?

You must be interested in how to calculate the quotation for a complete display solution. After all, this is an important aspect when it comes to money. Before that, we must be clear that the price of a complete large rental LED board project includes many costs. Obviously, the proportion of led video wall rental is very large.

The components of the LED display project price

  • Whole screen price (unit price * screen area)
  • Control system costs
  • The cost of the frame structure
  • Shipping and installation costs
  • Steel frame and civil works costs
  • Power distribution system costs
  • tax

When choosing a large led rental screen, the correct way is to choose the right product according to your needs. You can’t just judge based on the price. Choosing the right product can make better use of led screen rental to create more income for your project.

4.Professional China Rental LED Display Manufacturer-UNIT LED

Displays are necessary for every industry. Especially in the advertising and entertainment industries, different displays have different functions. Without the led display, your event production will be greatly reduced. So how can we obtain high-quality display products quickly and efficiently? First, you need to find a trusted manufacturer. A professional china rental led display manufacturer will provide you with professional customer service and good display equipment.

who are we?

UNIT was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. As a professional led display solution provider, we have more than 12 years of rich experience. The company provides a variety of display products for customers to choose from, such as rental led display, commercial led display, fine pixel pitch led display, indoor/outdoor fixed led display, and so on.

Our belief is to provide customers with high-quality, easy-to-operate led display products. Honesty, responsibility, and trust are our core values.

What do we offer?

  • High-quality products

Our displays use advanced SMD packaging technology, industry-leading quality raw materials, and efficient control systems. We are determined to provide our customers with high-quality rental led video walls.

  • First-class service

For 12 years in business, UNIT has provided thousands of display units to various industries around the world. This includes event production, sporting events, launches, advertising, and retail. A perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale system will escort your transactions.

  • Free technical guidance

Professional technical guidance allows you to use the China rental led video wall conveniently and quickly. There will be technical personnel to solve the problem for you.

  • 5% Module Spare Parts

UNIT provides 3 years quality guarantee and 5% module spare parts. You don’t have to worry about the quality and after-sales issues.

UNIT Magic500 p2.604mm rental led display test


This article gives you the answer to why the china rental led display is popular. led video wall rental is widely used in stage, events, sports, and other fields. Investing in led screen rentals can add sparkle to your event projects. Welcome to contact us to get the best rental LED video wall price!

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