How to Realize Multi-screen Synchronous Playback By Colorlight LED Controller?

Many people may know the famous Colorlight LED controller – one of the mainstream and outstanding LED control system providers that has large market sharing worldwide. So, how to use it to achieve synchronized playback of multiple screen?

Chapter 1. Introduction of Colorlight System Product Line

Colorlight has already been an industry benchmark for more than 10 years since it was established in 2007. As a professional and mainstream LED control system solutions provide, it occupies huge market share in this field with comprehensive product line, and has served a huge number of LED display screen companies.

1.1. The Main Series of Colorlight System Products.

It’s production line is wide and sufficient to meet different requirements of different customers including eight series, they are – Z series super LED controller, X series super LED controller, S series intelligent LED controller, A series networking LED video display C series networking LED video display, I series LED receiving card, accessories and software.

1.2 Introduction for Different Series.

All have strong and outstanding special to achieve various functions both indoor and outdoor LED display will need. For example:

(1) Z series super colorlight LED controller: It contains the functions of LED sender, LED video processor and LED video splicer. This series is a professional LED display controller which can appliy to high-end rental display and fine pixel pitch LED display in many applications such as media center, sports center and high-end conference.

(2) X series super colorlight LED controller: It owns wonderful LED video processing ability and receiving ability. Besides, the flexible displaying quality and practical functions such easy cascading and high-speed configuration all contributes to its advantages in different applications.

(3) S series intelligent colorlight LED controller: This series are high-definition LED sending equipment which can support digital signal up to 1920*1200 pixels. It can adjust brightness and chromaticity, and improve grayscale performance from low brightness. Also, it equips a series of versatile functions, which can be applied to different LED screen walls perfectly.

(4) C series networking LED video displayer: It is the new generation of Colorlight’s LED controller. It can achieve management without computers and contains stroage functions. Besides, it supports PC, Andriod, IOS and off-line displaying. This system has helped countless customers in projects such as commercial displays and smart cities to develop higher business value.

1.3. Software of Colorlight LED Controller System

Colorlight owns a series software that have corresponding functions according to different requirements customers may meet in the actual displaying.

(1)Colorlight cloud

C-series networked players can apply to commercial digital billboards, smart city applications and other applications perfectly as it is based on Colorlightcloud – a comprehensive smart system. It can be controlled via different operating systems and be accessible to a safe and trustworthy cloud data center.


LEDVISION is an easy-operating and functional software. With its multiple functions, controlling and management of LED display panels can be simplified and visualized.  


iSet is a professional software designed for the end-users, especially for rental LED display users. It can set the connection map among different senders and cabinets, and simplify the operation. Meanwhile, iSet can adjust brightness and other parameters.

Chapter 2. Main type of C Series Player with Resolution

It can possesses powerful functions including equipment monitoring, program edition, scheduling and cluster publishing, multi-level authorization management. And supports precise timing to achieve synchronized playback of multiple screens on Internet and LAN.

Colorlight C series player has many advantages in applications of advertising screens and exhibition screens.

2.1 Connection Way

You can connect C series player to Internet through LAN /WiFi/4G. Based on Colorlight Cloud service, you will enjoy unified management of multiple screens and multi-services across regions.

C series players are innovative product which integrates sender and receiver card into one equipment. It is easy to operate and cost-effective.

2.2 Specification of Colorlight C Series Player

PictureC1 clorlight LED control cardcolorlight C3 LED control boxColorlight C6 LED control video playerC7 Colorlight LED control system
Loading capacity (pixel pitch)130,000655,3601.31 million2.3 million
Maximum resolutionWidth 1024 Height 1024Width4096 Height 1536Width4096 Height 1536Width4096 Height 1536
CommunicationLAN/WiFi/4GStand-alone or access LANLAN/WiFi/4GLAN/WiFi/4G
Memory4GB(System occupied 2.5G), external U disc supported8GB (System occupied 2.5G), external U disc supported8GB (System occupied 3G), external U disc supported8GB (System occupied 3G), external U disc supported
U disk expansionUp to 128GUp to 128GUp to 128GUp to 128G
Automatic Brightness Adjustment
Timing Play
Connect without computerx
HDMI Outputx
Audio output
Optional 4G module
Optional GPS module
SoftwareLEDVISION 5.0 or higher versionLEDVISION 5.0 or higher versionLEDVISION 5.0 or higher versionLEDVISION 5.0 or higher vision

Chapter 3. Advantages of Colorlight System

3.1 Reliable Product Quality.

As the leading company in the industry, it is no doubt Colorlight has its strict inspection system and efficient but stable production plant.

The perfect specialities can be shown through sufficient functions the LED control systems can provide, they are listed but not limited as below:

a.4K video input capability;

b.UHD and HDR image processing and transmission with a maximum 3840*2160@60Hz;

c.Support multiple digital signal ports;

d.Supports brightness and chromaticity adjustment;

e.Supports improved gray-scale performance at low brightness;

f.Support screen arbitrary splicing.

3.2 Strong R&D Ability

It has more than 500 employees, among them 150 staffs are technical engineers who are able to provide professional and efficient technical services for customers worldwide.

As a high-tech company who integrates the processes of research, development, production, sales and services of LED display control systems, Colorlight LED controller focuses on overall solutions for the whole industry, and being dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies. Thus brainpower is the principal resource of Colorlight.

Besides, the market-oriented R&D spirits encourges Colorlight to develop new products that can cater to the market. For instance, as early as 2014, Colorlight LED took the lead in proposing the concept of 3D LED display and has done many related projects.

What is more, it has already took 5G tecnology into their prodect design concept and launched the Caiyun series based on cloud-based management services.

3.3 Comprehensive Services.

Services in the LED display industry undoubtly is one of the foremost factors when we juding the ability of a company.

Just as the statement of Colorlight: “to succeed with our partners with the most advanced technologies and service,” providing customers with superior services is always a stragetic goal of this company.

It provides many services such as 24 hours full-time services, overseas support and headquarters all emplying professionals technology staff in Shenzhen and three offices in the United States, Europe and India.

training center will offer staff and customers with latest news and materials for them to use and study the LED products and CCE (Colorlight Certificated Engineer) certification – a technical certification service of Colorlight oriented toward dealers, project contractors, manufacturers and technicians in LED display industry.

Chapter 4. Features for Multiple Screen Requirement

Colorlight LED Controller System with Cloud Server

1.Cluster Control

  • Screen cluster control remotely;
  • Advanced content management;
  • Supports wide range of media formats, reduce the needs of extra convert working;
  • Visual progress bar of content uploading.

2. Real-time monitoring

  • Players running status and location show in real time;
  • Facilitate to check current playing contents.

3.Scheduling management

  • Scheduled wakeup, sleep and reboot to targeted terminal;
  • Brightness, color temperature and volume scheduled adjustment;
  • Supports scheduled content playlist and mode-switch between sync and async.

4.Safety control

  • Enable with user authorization presetting and playlist review mechanism;
  • Automatically generate operation log.

5.Access control

  • Supports cell phone, Pad, PC accessing;
  • Remote adjust brightness, color temperature, volume;
  • Remote control device sleep, wake up, reboot and mode-switch between sync and async.

Chapter 5. Application scope and cases

5.1 Small Led display Case for Application Area

Project: Cluster Control Screen for High-tech Zone
Screen Type: P1.875
Resolution: 512*1024
Control System: C-series,i5A-905

Project: Cluster Control
Resolution: 256*384 for each screen
Control System: C-series, 5A-75B

Chapter 6.Popular Model of billboard with Colorlight Solution

6.1 Specification for Popular Model of Indoor poster display with suitable solution

Pixel Pitch1.875mm/2.5mm2mm/4mm3mm2mm/2.5mm/4mm/5mm
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
LED TypeSMD1515&SMD2121SMD1515&SMD2121SMD2121SMD1515&SMD2121
Module size240mm×240mm256mm×128mm192mm×192mm320mm×160mm
Scan1/32 scan1/32scan &1/16scan1/32scan1/32scan&1/16scan
Resolution of cabinet256×1024=262144dots 192×768=147456dots256×960=245760dots 128×480=61440dots192×640=122880dots320×960=30720dots 256×768=196608dots 160×480=76800dots 128×384=49152dots
Colorlight Control system1pc * C4 box + 6pcs * 5A-75E& 1pc * C4 box + 4pcs * 5A-75E1pc * C4 box + 6pcs * 5A-75E& 1pc * C1 Sender card+ 3 pcs * 5A-75E1pc * C1 sender card + 6pcs * 5A-75E1pc * C4 box + 6pcs * 5A-75E& 1pc * C1 sender card + 2pcs * 5A-75E
Outer Frame10mm
MaterialSteel &Aluminum
Driving ICICN2038S &ICN2153&MBI5124 &MBI5153
Refresh Rate1920-3840 Hz
Panel Weight35kg38kg40kg45kg
Signal type (video processor)AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, HDMI
Control WayUSB/LAN /Wireless/3G/4G Optional
Control systemSynchronous &Async

6.2. Suggestion of Control led display with Colorlight System

The smart pole led display made by steel or aluminum the cabinet size can be customize.

For example :

P3 :768mmx1728mmx120mm
Resolution : 256×576=147456 dots
Colorlight control system
Sender card: C4 sender box
Receiving card : 4 pcs 5A-75E Receving card .

P3.91: 750mmx1750mmx120mm
Resolution : 192×448=86016dots
Colorlight control system
Sender card: C1 sender Card
Receiving card: 4 pcs 5A-75E Receving card


This article introduces how to use Colorlight LED control system and Colorlight LED controller to achieve synchronized playback of multiple screen, detailed introduction of Colorlight LED, and cases. For more useful informatio about LED displays, just turn to our LED Display FAQs!

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