Column LED Display & Pillar LED Screen for Indoor Applications

Today, I will introduce you to a creative display with a 360° non-dead angle viewing angle – column LED display & pillar LED screen.

They not only add unique visual charm to the city but also provide new possibilities for commercial publicity, information release, etc.

Let’s explore this exciting new era of urban decoration and communication media together!

1. What is A Column LED Display?

Column LED display, or square pillar LED screen is a column-shaped LED display. You can see them in public places such as city centers, squares, and commercial blocks.

They attract the attention of passers-by with their vertical column design and high-resolution LED screen.

Because it has also become an ideal choice for urban landscaping, commercial advertising, and public information release.

shopping mall column led screen

2. Features of LED Screen Column

(1) Vertical Column Shape Design

Most column LED display screens adopt a vertical column design. This is a significant difference from traditional flat LED display screens.

This column shape design makes the screen more prominent and unique.

The unique shape combined with the high-definition picture makes it stand out in the venue and attract more attention.

(2) High Definition and Brightness

Using advanced LED display technology, column LED screen has the characteristics of high definition and high brightness.

Even in strong light environments such as shopping malls or subways, it can display content to maximize the advertising effect.

The small pitch and 3840Hz high refresh rate ensure that the screen has a good visual picture. It is very friendly for scenes that require close viewing.

(3) Flexibility and Customizability

Pillar LED Display is flexible and customizable and can be customized according to different needs and scenes.

No matter the size, shape, or content, it can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the needs of different scenes.

(4) Higher Spatial Coverage

Flexible LED column displays and pillar LED screens provide 360° all-round viewing angles without blind spots.

For indoor places with dense traffic such as subways and shopping malls, pillar LED display screens make full use of their advantages to make up for the disadvantage of insufficient space.

(5) Decoration and Landscaping

Square pillar LED displays combined with building pillars can be well integrated into the surrounding environment.

The high degree of coordination can not only enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the building but also increase the functionality of the building.

That is to say, LED pillar video walls can play a role in information display and advertising while decorating the environment.

(6) Versatility and Multi-scene Application

Column LED Display has the characteristics of versatility and multi-scene application.

It can be used in a variety of scenarios such as urban landscaping, commercial advertising, and public information release.

For example, municipal squares, commercial blocks, cultural relics, subway stations, etc. They add beautiful scenery to the city with their bright colors.

In addition, as an excellent platform for advertising, they enhance brand image and convey effective information.

indoor p2.5mm square pillar screen (1)
indoor p2.5mm square pillar screen (2)

3. How to Make a Pillar LED Display?

There are two ways to make a pillar LED display:

using flexible LED modules and display screens that support 90° right-angle splicing. The following are the production steps of these two methods:

(1) Flexible Column LED Display

Flexible LED displays have the property of being bendable.

They can be used to manufacture creative LED screens with various shapes, including indoor cylinder LED displays and outdoor LED column screens.

The LED columns made of soft LED modules have smooth curves and complete images.

The following two steps show you the main production steps:

① Prepare materials: Purchase the required number of flexible LED modules, control system, power supply, bracket, and other materials.

② Design plan: Design the layout plan of the LED display according to the size and shape of the pillar, and determine the number and arrangement of LED modules.

③ Make bracket: Make the bracket structure to support the LED column display. Ensure its stability and safety, and support the installation of LED modules.

④ Install LED modules: Install the flexible LED modules on the surface of the pillar according to the layout of the design plan, ensure the spacing and arrangement between the LED modules are neat, and pay attention to the layout and fixation of the connecting wires.

⑤ Connect the power supply and control system: Connect the LED modules to the power supply and control system to ensure the normal operation and flexible control of the LED display.

⑥ Test and debug: Test and debug the LED display screen to ensure the normal display effect and adjust parameters such as brightness and color.

colunm led display

(2) 90°Right-angle LED Display

Rental LED display cabinets or indoor LED display cabinets with special angle cutting support 90°right-angle installation. 


① 90-degree splicing: Right-angle splicing means that the modules of the LED display screen can be spliced at a 90-degree angle to form a right-angle structure.

This splicing method is suitable for building display screens with special shapes such as columns and wall corners, which increases flexibility and application scenarios.

② Flatness and alignment: 90-degree installation requires high surface flatness and alignment of the LED module.

During installation, it is necessary to ensure that the splicing interface is flat and tightly connected to avoid gaps and misalignment.

③ Visual effect: Right-angle installation can produce clear and continuous display effects.

Whether it is text, pictures, or video content, it can present a complete and coherent visual effect at the right-angle splicing.

④ Aesthetic design: Indoor square pillar LED displays can be used for decoration and beautification of buildings, such as corner LED displays, pillar LED displays, etc., to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the building.

indoor pillar led display

What you need to pay attention to:

① Splicing accuracy: Ensure that the size, spacing, and position of the LED modules are accurate and consistent to ensure the flatness and alignment of the splicing interface.

② Interface design: The interface design at the right-angle splicing needs to take into account the wiring and connection method of the LED module.

Ensure that the connection is tight and reliable, and not easy to loosen or disconnect.

③ Visual consistency: The LED module needs to have consistent brightness, color, and color temperature.

This is to ensure the consistency and coherence of the display content in the entire splicing area.

④ Heat dissipation and waterproofing: LED modules need to consider issues such as heat dissipation and waterproofing, (for outdoor scenes) to ensure that the LED display screen operates stably under various environmental conditions.

⑤ Maintenance: LED display modules need to be regularly inspected and maintained, clean dust in time, the connection wires and power supply, etc.

This helps to extend the service life of the pillar LED video wall.

In summary, indoor LED pillar screen has the advantages of flexibility and aesthetic design.

However, attention should be paid to details in terms of splicing accuracy, interface design, visual consistency, heat dissipation, and waterproofing to ensure the display effect and stability of use.

4. How to Install a Square Pillar Screen?

① Determine the installation location: Before installing the square LED display, you first need to determine the installation location of the LED display, including factors such as field of view, audience needs, and light conditions.

② Preparation: Prepare the tools and materials required for installation, including brackets, screws, nuts, connecting wires, etc., to ensure a smooth installation process.

③ Install LED display cabinets: Install each display cabinet of the LED display on the bracket. Ensure that the display cabinet is correctly positioned, flat, and firmly installed.

④ Connect various wires: Connect various wires, including power cables, data cables, etc., to ensure that the LED display can be powered and communicated normally.

pillar led screen installation

⑤ Install LED display module: Install the LED display modules one by one into the display cabinet, ensuring that the spacing between the modules is uniform and combined into a complete LED display.

⑥ Conduct LED screen debugging: Connect the power supply and debug the LED display screen, including brightness adjustment, color calibration, content testing, etc., to ensure that the square pillar LED screen can work properly and display the required content.

5. Where to Use it?

(1) Functional Places

Municipal Square: Set up a Column LED Display in the main square of the city to display city image promotion, cultural event information, etc., to enhance the visual appeal and vitality of the square.

Commercial Block: Install a Column LED Display in a bustling commercial block to display the merchant’s advertisements, promotional information, and block activities, adding fashion and vitality to the commercial block.

Cultural Sites: Set up Column LED Display in historical and cultural sites or tourist attractions to display relevant historical and cultural information, guide maps, etc., to enhance the tourist experience and cultural education functions.

(2) Subway & Airport

Advertising: As an ideal advertising medium, a column LED video wall displays the merchant’s advertisements, promotional information, brand image, etc.

It attracts customers’ attention and increases sales by displaying product features, advantages, usage scenarios, etc.

Brand Promotion: Use Column LED Display to display brand image, promotional advertisements, and other content to enhance brand awareness and image.

Cultural Publicity: The indoor pillar LED wall of a subway station or station can display information about the city’s culture, history, tourist attractions, etc. for passengers.

It enriches the cultural life of passengers and enhances the city’s image.


(3) Public Places

Traffic Instructions: Column LED Display is set up at busy intersections or stations to display traffic instructions, bus schedules, traffic safety tips, and other information to facilitate citizens’ travel.

Event Announcements: It is used to publish information about various activities and cultural festivals held in the city to attract citizens to participate and enrich the city’s cultural life.

Emergency Warnings: In emergencies, LED column displays can be used to publish emergency warning information, such as weather warnings and disaster warnings, to remind citizens to pay attention to safety and ensure public safety.

By using column LED Display in the above scenarios, various functions such as urban landscaping, commercial advertising, and public information release can be achieved, providing more convenient and richer services and experiences for urban residents and tourists.

6. Future Trend of LED Screen Column

Importance of LED Screen Column

As an innovative urban decoration and communication medium, LED screen column has the following importance:

(1) High-definition LED column displays can add unique visual charm to the city, beautify the urban landscape, and enhance the city’s image and attractiveness.

(2) It can not only be used for commercial advertising but also for public information release, cultural propaganda, etc., to provide citizens with practical information and cultural entertainment.

(3) Use the column space to install LED display screens, make full use of urban space resources, and provide more advertising spaces and information release points for the city.

(4) The flexibility and customizability of LED Displays make them widely used in various scenes, providing the city with a new decoration method and communication channel.

Future Trend

In the future, with the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continuous growth of market demand, LED column screens will have broader development space and potential:

(1) With the continuous advancement of LED technology, the resolution, brightness, color, and other aspects of LED column display screens will continue to improve, presenting a clearer and more vivid display effect.

(2) LED pillar screens will be used in more urban scenes, such as parks, campuses, stadiums, etc., to enrich urban life and cultural activities.

(3) With the development of intelligent technology, LED screen columns will have more intelligent functions.

Such as automatic brightness adjustment, adjusting display content according to environmental conditions, etc., to improve user experience and energy efficiency.

7. The Bottom Line

In this post, you learn about column LED displays, including features, applications, and how to make and install them. If you are interested in this creative and customized LED screen, please contact us for a free quote!

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