Why Do You Need an Advertising LED Display?

There is no doubt that display screens have unique advantages in commercial advertising. It is your best assistant in brand promotion and business promotion. Let’s discover its benefits together. Then you will know why you need advertising LED displays.

Eye-catching Picture

High-definition and bright pictures can quickly capture the interest of the audience. How do you get people to stop and take the time to watch an ad? It is the goal of advertising. These bright and vivid screens help you generate more leads.

Multiple Content Displays

You can play various forms of content on the screen: text, pictures, and videos. It means that more creative forms of advertising can be realized. At the same time, you can choose to display specific advertising content at a special time.

High Stability

LED advertising screen has strong stability and a long lifespan. The durable screen performs well even outdoors under variable conditions. You don't need to invest constantly to maintain them.

Smart Operation Methods

Digital billboards have simple control management. Through the network connection, you can easily realize the remote management of the advertising screen. Want to display a specific ad on a billboard in a specific location? It's not difficult.


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Several Ways To Use Your Advertising LED Screens

The application fields of LED display for advertising are wide. The following are some major application scenarios.

led display for advertising (5)

Shopping Mall

Whether it is the exterior wall of the building at the entrance of the mall or the large display screen in the atrium of the mall, it can always easily attract the attention of consumers.

Large areas, bright colors, and high-definition images allow merchants or shopping malls to convey advertisements to consumers in the most intuitive form.

When you are shopping in the mall and see a video of delicious food on the display screen, do you want to go to the store to experience the ultimate enjoyment brought by the food to the taste buds? Seeing the discount information in the supermarket, do you want to buy some needed things?

Landmark Building Exterior

It is not difficult to find that outdoor LED large screens are common in places with dense traffic, such as landmark buildings and traffic arteries in the core business district of the city. The prime location means these screens have a higher marketing value.

In addition to ordinary large advertising screens, the 3D LED billboard has also become a check-in point for city landmarks.

Creative video content and extreme naked-eye 3D visual effects make these screens have a good influence on the Internet.

led display for advertising (2)
led display for advertising (1)

Station, Airport

LED displays are very important for places with dense traffic and functional places, such as subways, railway stations, terminal buildings, etc.

In addition to playing the guiding function, advertising is also an important purpose.

Cylinder and tetrahedron screens are widely used in subways.

This kind of screen has the advantages of beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly, omnidirectional advertising viewing angle, and large publishing area.

Retail Store

LED display screens in retail stores are mostly used to show product advertisements or display promotional information.

Usually, these screens are placed prominently in the store so that consumers can easily notice them.

In addition to getting good marketing effects, the addition of LED screens has also improved the image of the store to a certain extent. Such as jewelry, digital, car 4S stores, luxury stores, etc.

UNIT Advertising LED Screen Customer Cases

EV960-P8 outdoor-3840x1920
outdoor led advertising display
LED advertising screen
indoor advertising display


Commercial advertising LED display displays advertising content in high-definition, high-brightness, high-contrast images. Attract people’s attention and achieve the effect of publicity and marketing.

The communication effect of outdoor LED advertising lies in the visual impact it brings to the audience. The larger the screen, the more eye-catching. The high-quality screen provides a reliable display platform for the presentation of 3D advertisements.

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Advertising LED Screen Display: Elevate Your Projects Right Now!

Commercial advertising LED display is also called commercial LED video wall or advertising LED display. Advertising LED display screen is an ideal substitute for canvas advertising and lightbox advertising.

Its main purpose is to display commercial advertisements (content includes text, images, videos, etc.). 

While striving for more people to receive advertising information, get the maximum advertising revenue.

Therefore, on indoor or outdoor occasions with large traffic, you can see the figure of the commercial LED video wall. For example, large shopping malls, streets, stations, airports, and other places.

Do you want more audiences to know about your promotions? Do you want your audience to have a good viewing experience? Do you want your viewers’ eyes to stay on your ad page longer?

If the answer is Yes, then you’d better consider choosing the advertising LED screen with high resolution. It is popular in many large companies for advertising.

It will help your brand get more attention and maximize advertising revenue. When we talk about outdoor advertising screens, there is no better choice than a full-color commercial LED display.

1.Benefits of Commercial Advertising LED Screen

With the progress of the times, commercial advertising media has gradually transitioned from radio media such as TV and radio and print media such as newspapers and magazines to today’s digital advertising LED screen.

The application of high-tech and the increase in people’s leisure activities make indoor and outdoor advertising media become the new favorite in the advertising industry.

Its growth rate is much greater than that of traditional print media. So as a carrier of new digital advertising, what advantages does commercial advertising LED display rely on to gain people’s love? Let’s find out!

commercial advertising led display

1.1 Good Audio and Visual Experience

Dynamic content can attract people’s attention very well. It is the most competitive advantage of advertising LED displays. The same is to conveying advertising information.

Advertising LED screens that play vivid video content can easily attract the attention of passers-by more than advertisements that only display text or pictures.

When more eyes stay on your advertisement, there is no doubt that it is wise to use a commercial led display for advertising.

Bright, dynamic displays give your viewers a better experience and keep them impressed with your ads.

1.2 Targeted Content 

As a full-color display, the commercial LED display supports displaying various contents, including text, pictures, videos, etc.

At the same time, you can provide specific advertising content in different periods according to the difference of the audience. 

Playing targeted content can more accurately cover the audience. For example, as a seller of student supplies, running ads when students are out of school can increase your brand awareness.

The content diversity of advertising LED display screen makes it the perfect choice for brand marketing.

1.3 Higher AD Revenue

The ultimate goal of commercial advertising is to make money. The use of advertising LED walls can bring more advertising benefits to your projects.

On the one hand, the LED advertising screen has the characteristics of audio-visual integration, dynamic display, and high-definition picture quality.

It can attract the attention of more potential customers and increase the possibility of business cooperation.

On the other hand, the cost of using LED displays is much lower than other forms of advertising. You only need to use a computer program to put advertising content on the led display.

1.4 Low Maintenance and High Durability

Digital billboards and advertising LED displays are all led products. They are low maintenance and have a high level of protection.

Taking the outdoor advertising display as an example, high-quality hardware and high protection level are enough to support the long-term stable operation of the display.

At the same time, this also greatly reduces your advertising investment costs.

2. How to Get LED Advertising Display Price?

Price has always been a crucial aspect of customer concern. How much does a commercial display cost? What factors affect its price?

And, how to maximize revenue through LED advertising screens?

We give you guidance on how to estimate LED advertising display prices and how to increase your potential profits!

led advertising screen

2.1 What is commercial LED Advertising Display Price?

The price of LED advertising displays is an important indicator that affects the investment cost of the entire project.

How to calculate LED advertising screen prices? The first method is based on the price of a single LED cabinet.

For example, if the price of an LED panel is $H/unit, the width is X units and the height is Y units:

X LED panel width

Y panel height

Total amount of LED display panels: X*Y=Z units

Cost: Z units * H units

Secondly, the price can be estimated based on the entire led advertising display area.

After your LED display supplier learns about your project needs, the salesman will generally give a corresponding quotation according to the scale of your project.

The price of a commercial advertising LED panel is not fixed. It is affected by many factors.

2.2 Factors Affecting the Price of Commercial LED video wall

(1) Pixel Pitch

As we all know, the smaller the pixel pitch, the clearer the image and the better the display effect. 

The contrast and refresh rate of the small-pitch LED display is higher than those of the conventional ones. The smaller the pixel pitch, the clearer the image and the higher the price.

But this does not mean that you must choose a small-pitch led display to achieve perfect advertising effects.

Pay attention to viewing distance. For example, on the exterior wall of a bustling street, the P10 outdoor advertising LED display is enough to meet your needs.

(2) Modular or Mobile

There are many types of commercial advertising displays. Including outdoor advertising led screen, indoor led advertising displays, poster LED displays and mobile advertising vehicles. 

Modular LED displays usually require more budget than mobile LED displays.

However, mobile advertising trucks need to consider additional labor costs. After all, you need someone to move your advertising display around the city.

(3) Installation

The more complicated the installation, the tighter the time, and the more cost you will invest in the advertising led display. The price of a customized led screen will be higher.

(4) Quality

High-quality hardware and advanced control systems in the industry are also important factors that affect the price of commercial advertising LED displays.

You get what you pay for. High-quality display equipment will also bring you high returns.

outdoor advertising led display

2.3 Improve the ROI of your commercial advertising LED project!

Understanding ROI is a necessary step when investing in anything to improve your business.

There is no doubt that a commercial LED video wall can bring you good advertising profits.

Because its investment cost is lower than other forms of advertising. We will explore how to improve the ROI of your advertising LED display project.

(1) Messages depicting positive interactions

When you play some advertising content on the led display that can resonate with people, then they are more willing to stay in front of the screen.

Even better if your display is interactive! Introduce some interactive games to help get more people to notice your ad.

(2) Concise Iamges and Highlights the Keypoints

People tend to read short and accurate information.

From the customer’s perspective, you know what they want to know. Play these content on your advertising LED screens.

For example, the short text is better for viewers to remember your ad. At the same time, bold and enlarge important text to make the audience more impressed.

(3) Call to Action

Include some calls to action in your ad.

It is good for stimulating people’s brains and making them behave accordingly. What’s more, you can better understand what your audience likes about specific content.

After collecting this information, you can make corresponding content improvements on the advertising display.

(4) Demand for more brand sponsors

More partners bring you more business opportunities.

What can your advertising-led display bring to sponsors? Which sponsors are your target customers? You should think about these questions.

Categorize your customers. High-end sponsors pay more for longer ad impressions, and low-end customers get less ad time.

3. Types of Commercial Advertising LED Displays

Commercial Advertising LED Display can be divided into different groups according to installation place: Indoor Advertising LED Display and Outdoor Advertising LED display.

UNIT commercial advertising LED displays are extremely well designed to meet various advertising applications and extreme environments. They can work well 24/7 without being powered off.

3.1 Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

Unit Outdoor advertising LED display ranges from P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, P12mm, P16mm.

The LED displays have high brightness and IP65 waterproof features. They can deliver vivid images and excellent visual experience even under strong direct sunlight.

In addition, the LED display size can be customized according to the requirement of customers.

UNIT Outdoor advertising LED display can be designed with frontal service so the customer can maintain the LED display in front of the LED screen. Not only saving time but also saving labor.

3.2 Indoor Commercial Advertising LED Screen

Indoor advertising LED displays are designed with high resolution, high contrast, and a high refresh rate.

These designs ensure LED displays offer a clear image and visual effect even if you view it from a short distance.

The LED displays are available in P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P7.62mm, and P10mm. The LED display dimension and shape can be user-defined.

In addition, UNIT advertising LED screens can also use a front maintenance way to design the whole cabinet if there is not much spare room indoors.

3.3 Mobile Commercial Advertising LED Display

Mobile Advertising LED Display screen mounted on a truck. It has high flexibility and strong maneuverability. Compared with other fixed LED displays, truck LED displays can shuttle in the city. It allows more people to see your advertising message.

3.4 Poster LED display

Poster LED display is a digital billboard. It is widely used in retail stores, restaurants, clubs, etc.

Merchants can upload video and digital static content in the easiest way to showcase their product features and achieve advertising purposes.

The poster LED screen is stylish and simple, with high resolution. UNIT new generation LED poster display screen with wireless cloud management through Wifi or 4G control system. A variety of installation methods can be selected.

4. How to Control Commercial Advertising LED Screen?

There are two control methods of led display: synchronous and asynchronous control system. What is the difference between these two control systems?

Most full-color LED displays use a synchronous control system. The display screen can show real-time content from the computer screen to which it is connected.

When you make adjustments to content on your computer, what’s playing on the display also changes.

When you use the display screen of the asynchronous control system, the display screen will not broadcast the real-time picture on the computer.

Your edits will be sent to the intro card, which will then appear on the display. There is a time difference in between.

It means that when using the LED display of the asynchronous control system, you need to edit the content on your phone or computer now.

These are stored in the display’s memory and then played back. In addition to the control function, the asynchronous control system also supports sub-regional control of the display screen content.

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In this article we introduce you to commercial advertising LED display. Including its types, advantages and how to get LED advertising display price.

Today, when digital advertising is gradually replacing traditional advertising, led display has injected new vitality into the advertising industry.

Now you have already known LED advertising display a lot, just contact us to get more information!