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Commercial LED Display

UNIT LED is a global-leading Commercial LED Display manufacturer, we offer high quality, highly stable indoor & outdoor fixed installation LED Displays with the features of Customized Size & various pixel pitches ranging from P2mm, P2.5mm P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P8mm, P10mm, etc.

When it comes to the most popular indoor and outdoor advertising large-screen display device, people must first think of commercial led display. High-definition led display screen is an excellent indoor and outdoor advertising media. I believe you have seen it in shopping malls, subways, and streets. If you are planning to invest in it, this article will be your best guide.

Commercial led screens are display devices specially designed for commercial displays. It has a wide variety of applications and a wide range of applications.

It has a good display effect on city streets, building exterior walls, large shopping malls, and large stadiums, which can easily attract people’s attention and achieve advertising, information transmission, and other purposes.

commercial led display in city

1. What can Commercial LED Displays Bring to You?

Before you plan to invest in a project, you must estimate its return. It is no exception for the commercial led digital screen. It can benefit your project in many ways. Next, I will explain to you.

(1) Excellent advertising vehicle

How to achieve a good advertising effect? In addition to creating great ad content and finding a well-targeted audience, a good presentation is also necessary. As long as enough people notice your ad message, it won’t be too bad.

A digital commercial led board can meet your needs. It has high resolution and better color reproduction. Clear and smooth dynamic video, and high-definition pictures, can easily attract people’s attention.

(2) Display real-time information

In addition to advertising, another important function of commercial screens is information display. The station LED displays show passengers information such as train numbers and departure times. And the stock exchange giant LED screen displays transaction information to people. Though a special control program and a computer, you can display real-time information with your commercial led panels.

(3) Improve the city's image

In the past two years, many naked-eye 3D led displays have appeared in the bustling streets of major cities. These 3D billboards bring a shocking visual experience to the audience, attracting many tourists to go sightseeing and check-in. UNIT OF800 Serie Outdoor Fixed LED Display is popular for 3D led billboards.

(4) Installation art

More and more artists use commercial display screens in their designs. Led display screens are integrated with light and shadow, architecture, and art to create an attractive interactive experience space for people.

Commercial led display screen

Changsha Metro Digital Art Museum adopts a high-quality LED display. The 2,000-square-meter transfer space in the subway station has been built into an art gallery. 

It creates a texture of light and shadow. The high-definition led display is transformed into an art installation, bringing people a different audio-visual experience.

2. The application of Commercial LED Screens

Led display large screen is widely used. But no matter what kind of occasion, high-quality LED display always has excellent display performance, bringing people a comfortable viewing experience.

Shopping mall

There is a large flow of people in the shopping mall, which is a good place for advertising. Therefore, many advertisers select commercial displays to display advertisements, special offers, and product promotions.

Building exterior

Outdoor advertising led display, 3D billboard, and outdoor transparent led display, these three led screens are often used for building exterior walls. The big led screens with high brightness and excellent display effect easily grab people’s attention.


Full-color LED displays have become standard in large modern stadiums. Including showing the live information of the game, highlighting the action replay, and playing the sponsor’s advertisement. We can provide complete stadium perimeter display solutions with MA960 series led display.

In addition to the above areas, there are other occasions such as museums, station halls, corporate front desks, retail stores, etc.

3. Classification of Commercial led display

Knowing the classification of commercial led displays can help you take the next step: choosing the best led display for your project. Choosing the right product investment will bring you a high rate of return.

(1) Outdoor advertising LED screen

Outdoor advertising large screens are generally installed on the walls of shopping malls, using fixed display screens. The advantage of this type of screen is that it can cover a larger audience. Conducive to brand, product, or service promotion. The box of this type of display is heavier, with good waterproof performance and high brightness.

outdoor advertising led screen

(2) Indoor fixed led display

Many businesses choose indoor LED displays to promote their products, such as services, catering food, cosmetics, etc. When consumers walk or sit down in the mall, display advertising may prompt them to make instant purchases.

The brightness and waterproof level of the indoor fixed led screen are lower than the outdoor led display. It is a different design according to the working environment.

(3) Creative LED display

With the advent of creative displays, people’s understanding of LED displays has deepened. A cylindrical LED display is also a common commercial video display. This display has a unique shape and can be bent. Most importantly, it can meet individual needs.

(4) LED transparent screen

A transparent led display is mostly used for building exterior wall decoration. However, some businesses have installed transparent led displays on the exterior walls of shopping malls and the glass walls of some retail stores.

This screen has high light transmittance and does not take up space. While promoting product information, it can also play a role in decoration and beautification.

(5) Poster led display

As a new generation of display-only devices, poster led display has gradually replaced billboards and posters. Its high exposure rate makes it easy to attract users, thereby obtaining stunt advertising effects.

These LED posters can display images with better contrast, no video image delay, and many other attributes.

4. Commercial LED Screen Price

When purchasing a led display, you must pay attention to the commercial led screen price. How much is the price of one square meter of led display? There is no fixed answer to this question because the price of LED displays is affected by many factors.

Factors such as pixel pitch, application environment, refresh rate, and the area will affect the commercial led screen price.

The smaller the pixel pitch, the better the display quality. And the price is higher. For example, the price of the P6 is higher than that of the P10.

An outdoor commercial LED video wall is more expensive than an indoor display. As outdoor products need a higher level of moisture and dustproof requirements.

The project price of the emerging 3d LED billboard is higher than that of the traditional outdoor advertising large screen. On the one hand, 3D led display generally adopts a high-quality led screen cabinet with smaller spacing. On the other hand, 3D video production for playback is not cheap.

Therefore, if you want to consult the digital display screen price, you should provide information such as specific use, point spacing, indoor or outdoor, etc. Commercial LED display suppliers can provide suitable solutions and quotations according to your needs.

5. Installations of Commercial LED Screen

What are the installation methods of commercial led display screens? How to achieve the best results? Next, you will learn about several installation methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

Wall-mounted installation

Wall-mounted installation is a common installation method for commercial signage displays. According to the installation environment and user needs, you can choose multiple installation forms such as multi-screen horizontal hanging, multi-screen vertical hanging, and single-screen horizontal/vertical hanging.

Pro: Simple installation and simple maintenance

Con: Only support for ordinary wall installation such as cement walls and concrete walls

Embedded installation

Flush mounting does not take up additional space. The display screen fits better with the wall. So it brings a better visual effect. Flush mounts are also a common type of mount for commercial digital signage displays.



 Integrate with the wall, the vision is more agreeable

Relatively speaking, it is not easy to dissipate heat

Clean and tidy walls

Post-maintenance is more troublesome

The installation environment is limited



Hoisting has higher requirements on the type of display screen and installation scene, so it is not common.

Pro: Stylish simplicity, engaging audience; Simple maintenance

Con: Strict product requirements Digital signage, poster screen, double-sided screen support hoisting

Mobile cart installation

If the above installations are not suitable, or there are special requirements, you can install led panels on the mobile cart.

Pro: Mobile and flexible, not limited to a specific location; Simple maintenance

Con: Occupy space

6. Commercial LED Display vs. Commercial LCD Display

There are many types of commercial display devices on the market. In addition to the commercial LED display, there are commercial LCDs. Why should you choose led display but not other technologies? Here are the answers.
Both of these screens have a good display effect in the commercial display field. But in comparison, the led screen is better. The advantages of commercial led digital displays are reflected in the following points:

(1) Brightness, refresh rate

The brightness and refresh rate of the LED display is better than those of the LCDs. In the outdoor environment with direct sunlight, the LED display can still display the content clearly.

For example, the brightness of the UNIT outdoor fixed led display is ≥6.000cd/m2, and the refresh rate is 960-2000Hz.

(2) Viewing angle

The Led display has a wide viewing angle. The 160° viewing angle ensures that people in different positions can see the content of the led display. The LCD screen has a smaller viewing angle. Viewing angles that are too large can result in blurred images.

(3) Contrast

The high-quality large led display has a contrast ratio of up to 5000:1. The contrast ratio of the LCD digital display under the same conditions is about 350:1. That is to say, the picture restoration ability of the led display is stronger than that of the LCD.

(4) Splicing effect

Firstly, the led video wall can be seamlessly spliced in a large area. Therefore, its picture is complete, and the visual effect is better. However, the splicing gap between each LCD module is relatively large. The picture appears to be cut off. It results a poor viewing experience.

Secondly, the soft led screen can be spliced into various creative led displays. For example, cylindrical led display, curved led video wall.

(5) Scope of application

The scope of application of commercial led screens is wider. Such as advertising, business meetings, stadiums, 3D billboard, etc. The LCD is mainly used for TV.

(6) Lifespan

Led video walls last longer than commercial LCD screens.

(7) Energy saving

LED is an extremely energy-saving and widely used light source at the current state the art. Under the same configuration conditions, the power consumption of LCD is 10 times that of LED.

7. How to get High ROI with the commercial led screen?

How can we maximize the value of commercial led screens? This part introduces you to how to get high ROI with the commercial led screen.

Incorporate other technological elements

If your screen wants to get more attention, it must be attractive enough. Combining high-quality LED display products with other technologies can often bring people a refreshing experience.

3d led billboard

For example, the current hot naked eye 3D led display. In addition, XR, VR, holographic projection, and other technologies have also injected new vitality into commercial LED screens. Creating a new intelligent scene of commercial complexes shows the perfect integration of technology and art.

Precise positioning

Choose the right led display products according to your different ways. Before that, determine your target audience and what to expect. The content played is also very important. Select video elements that are representative of your survey. Turn your commercial LED screen into a personalized urban landmark.

Focus on the audience experience

User experience cannot be ignored in every industry. In today’s society, marketing promotion pays more and more attention to the experience of the audience. From the picture to the content, we strive to bring a comfortable viewing experience to the audience.

8. Case and solution

Case 1 P10 commercial LED Display Board to France-MA960 series

Project Details:

Pixel Pitch: P10mm

Display Size: 39.36m*0.96m

Module Resolution: 32X16dots

Module Size: 320X160mm

Cabinet Quantity: 41pcs

Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 960X960mm

Cabinet Resolution: 96X96dots

Refresh Rate: 3840Hz

LED Lamp Bead: Nationstar

Application: Football field

Case 2 P10mm Sports Perimeter LED Display for Tbilisi, Georgia

Project Case Description

Installation Country: Georgia

Pixel Pitch: P10mm

Module Resolution: 32X16dots

Module Size: 320X160mm

Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs

Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 960X960mm

Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs

Cabinet Resolution: 96X96dots

Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz

Application: Sports Perimeter LED Display.

3D billboard solutions-OF800 series

OF800 series corner arc screen supports customized services. The module adopts a waterproof design. The waterproof level is IP65. UNIT OF800 series and EV960 series led display support glass-free led display solution.

of800 Commercial led display 1
of800 Commercial led display 2

Our solution is divided into two parts: “Hardware+Software” and Content.

Except offers an outdoor curved seamless splicing screen, UNIT has built a professional team to produce the Naked-3D video! Our own naked-3d video production team supports custom videos.

With Soft LED module Mask and adjustable back brackets, OF800 Outdoor Frontal Service LED screen
can be use as sports LED display and stadium perimeter LED display.

More Successful Cases!

9. Conclusions

This article introduces commercial LED display to you from many aspects. Commercial LED screens have unique advantages in advertising and information transmission. It is easy to control and manage. And it can attract a large audience. Now that you have a full understanding, don’t hesitate to contact us for your favorable quotation!