Concert LED Display

UNIT concert LED display screen brings a wonderful audio-visual feast to the audience with exquisite pictures.

Concert LED Display Solution

In recent years, LED displays have become increasingly popular in stage performances.

Such as indoor and outdoor stage LED wall, concerts, music festivals, and other activities.

They not only enhance the audience’s visual experience, but also have the practical functions of rendering the stage atmosphere, expanding the stage performance space, and realizing dynamic scenery…

LED Screen for Concert Stage

UNIT LED rental series features high-definition picture quality, high brightness, and high protection capabilities. The rental series LED screen, which has superior performance and is easy to disassemble and install, can meet the stage display needs of various indoor and outdoor stage LED wall, concerts, music festivals, and other activities.


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——Advantages of Our Products——

Key Features of LED Screens for Concert

With UNITLED concert rental LED screen solutions, you can create stunning stage background displays and create a concert scene with super visual impact for the audience.

High Brightness

Outdoor rental LED display has a high brightness of 4500-5000nits. The display content is ensured to be clearly visible even under strong light conditions; It is especially important during daytime outdoor music festivals.

Excellent Visual Effect

High-quality LED rental video wall has high refresh, high contrast, and good color reproduction. It presents concert audiences with various stage elements that enhance visual effects.

Customized Shape & Size

LED screens can be made in various sizes and shapes to meet the individual requirements of concert venues of different sizes. Whether it is a small or large concert, the size can be customized accordingly.

Wide Viewing Angle

The rental concert LED display has a wide viewing angle. This ensures as much as possible that everyone at the concert can see what is displayed on the screen, even if they are not directly opposite the stage.

Portable Design

The lightweight portable rental box is designed for stage performances and other activities. Lightweight for quick movement and management. Simple operation techniques facilitate the quick installation and disassembly of the concert stage screen.

Energy Saving

LED displays consume less power than traditional display systems, making them an energy-saving, cost-effective digital display solution. This is great for event hosts looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.


Customize Your Concert LED Screen

(1) Customizable Sizes and Resolutions
UNIT LED offers LED products in a variety of sizes and resolutions to meet your unique needs.

(2) Various Installation Options
UNIT rental LED screens can be installed in a variety of ways, such as stacked or suspended. Suitable for your concert venue layout and space.

(3) Personalized Screen
SightLED can work with you to create the most coordinated and distinctive stage LED video wall according to your stage design.

(4) Advanced Control System
UNIT LED offers an advanced control system that allows you to easily manage and update content on your LED screens, ensuring your information is always timely and relevant.


Why Choose UNIT LED

As an LED screen manufacturer dedicated to providing high-quality LED displays and one-stop LED screen solutions, UNIT LED is capable of providing you with the best rental display services.

We have over 13 years of rich experience. At present, many successful stage & concert LED display cases have been implemented in many countries and regions around the world.

Choose us and you will get:
-High-quality LED display panels
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Latest Concert LED Screen Project

Concert LED Display Screen: Full Guide 2024!

Concert LED display creates a visual center with stunning images for indoor and outdoor activities such as celebrity concerts and fan clubs.

Large screens with high brightness, high refresh rate, and high contrast help the successful holding of various indoor and outdoor concerts.

Today, we will discuss the concert LED screen in depth. Including advantages, functions, and solutions.

If you are planning to purchase stage background LED displays for your concerts recently or are interested in it, Let’s read now!

1. What is Concert LED Display?

Whether it is an outdoor music festival, a celebrity concert, or a large-scale entertainment party, you will not be unfamiliar with the stage background LED wall.

For the stage design of various performing arts activities, concert LED screens have become a trend.

Concert LED display screen creates creative visual focus for various types of concerts.

It provides a performance background for actors with high-definition, delicate, and vivid colors, and provides an excellent visual experience for the audience.


Big LED screens for concerts, stage lighting, and sound are essential basic equipment for modern concerts.

Together with other stage equipment (such as dry ice machines and bubble machines), they create a very creative performance space for concerts.

In short, Large LED walls have become indispensable equipment for creating concert stage backdrops.

2. Why Choose Concert LED Display for Stage Backdrop?

(1) Stunning Visual Effects

The super large stage LED screen has good color reproduction, high contrast, and a high refresh rate.

The high-definition and smooth video images can perfectly relay the details of the performance on the stage, bringing the audience closer to the performers.

The creative concert LED wall and stage together form a whole with a strong visual impact.

The perfect stage effect brings a shocking audio-visual feast to the audience.

(2) Flexible Scene Conversion

How to make a concert richer in content? It is true that people mainly listen to concerts to feel the atmosphere of live singing and enjoy the melody of music. But the visual picture is just as important.

Large LED screens for concerts present different background images according to the content and melody of the song.

The flexible background pictures easily draw the audience into the scene presented by the song.

(3) Convenient Design

According to the event characteristics and display requirements of the concerts, rental LED display panels are the first choice for concert LED displays.

500/1000*500mm LED cabinet is thin and portable, making it easy to transport and move.

Quick lock for easy installation and removal. The front and rear dual maintenance method saves time and labor costs.

The rental LED display is specially designed for various activities or performance stages. It can be said that it injects inspiration and infinite possibilities into concert stages.


(4) Stability

The stability of Concert LED display screens is reflected in two aspects:

First of all, a High-quality rental stage LED screen uses high-quality lamp beads, IC, power supply, and other accessories to ensure that the screen can work for a long time.

For some large concert stages with live broadcast requirements, a screen with a double backup of power signals is an ideal product. It can ensure that the screen never goes black, ensuring that the live broadcast will not be interrupted.

Secondly, the humanized cabinet design and solid fixing method ensure that the screen is strong and reliable. This ensures the safety of performers and equipment.

(5) Immersive Sensory Experience

With the increase in large-scale commercial performances, more and more concerts, music festivals, and live house performances use LED video walls to provide audiences with an immersive sensory experience.

The combination of virtual background and stage performance presents a vivid three-dimensional picture that easily immerses the audience in the music melody.

3. Functions of LED Screen in Concert Stage

Above we discussed the advantages of LED display screens as concert LED screens.

Next, we will take you to understand the functions of LED screens on the concert stage, that is, what they can do for your concert or performance event.

(1) Visual Presentation

Concert LED displays play various multimedia content that help enhance the overall visual experience through vivid and delicate pictures: text, pictures, videos, animations, etc.

Close-ups of singers or celebrities and background images corresponding to the content of the song can be displayed on the big screen.

The concert LED screen serves as the visual focus of the scene to ease the audience’s sight.

(2) Create an Atmosphere

The experience of listening to the same song at a live concert with headphones at home is completely different.

The LED screen creates an immersive experience by presenting visual effects that are coordinated with the music content.

Big LED screens, stage lights, and speakers work together to create an atmosphere for the concert and highlight the theme.

(3) Cover More Viewers

Large-scale concerts are usually held in stadiums that can accommodate tens of thousands of people.

How to let the audience who are far away from the main stage see the singer or the performance content?

The Jumbotron LED screen provides close-ups of the singers to the audience in the stands farther away from the stage.

As an expanded space for the stage, this expands the coverage of the performance content.


(4) Branding and Sponsorship

The LED screen on the concert stage can insert sponsor information or commercial advertisements during the intervals or transition periods of the concert.

Large concerts have large and dense crowds. It helps provide sponsors with more exposure opportunities and helps campaigners increase additional advertising revenue.

(5) Lighting Effects

In concert stage design, the LED wall is not only used as the stage background but also as a part of the stage lighting.

The Concert LED display screen itself has a certain brightness.

Colorful lights and patterns combined with professional stage beams present a good stage effect to the audience during the performance.

4. What Kind of Screens Are Used in Concerts?

(1) Stage Rental LED Display

Stage rental LED display has the advantages of light weight, simple structure, and easy disassembly and assembly.

The portable design can meet the display needs of various concerts, music festivals, and outdoor activities.

Typically, stage rental LED walls are located in the center of the stage background. It is usually rectangular or square. This screen is called the home screen.

outdoor LED display

Considering that the main screen is the most important stage background screen, its imaging effect must be good and its pixel density must be small. The main pitches are P3mm, P4mm, and P5mm.

The outdoor rental LED display has a high brightness of 4500-5000nits and a high IP65 waterproof rating.

High brightness ensures that the picture can be displayed clearly even under sunlight.

The high waterproof level is enough to cope with the changeable outdoor weather and has good waterproof capabilities.

(2) Floor LED Display

As a product converted to a ground display, Floor LED display has good load-bearing and shock-proof properties. Floor tile screens provide a more novel expression method for creative stage design.

The interactive Floor LED display adds a sensor interaction function based on the LED screen.

When the actor moves on the floor tile screen, the sensor senses the movement trajectory and sends feedback information to the main controller, and then the main controller logically judges and outputs the corresponding display effect.

As the application of XR and 3D technology in stage design becomes more and more common, the role of interactive floor tile screens in creating XR stages becomes more prominent.

(3)Transparent LED Display

Concert stage transparent LED display injects new vitality into stage performances. The highly transparent perspective effect perfectly combines background and stage elements.

A series of shocking and dreamy audio-visual feasts kept the audience and singers lingering.


High refresh rate, high transparency, high definition, and excellent brightness complement each other with stage lighting to create an excellent audio-visual atmosphere.

A transparent LED display can be used in conjunction with a rental LED display.

Their perfect combination not only brought visual shock to the concert but also brought unprecedented expressiveness to the music.

5. Factors to Consider When Buying an LED Stage Screen

(1) Pixel Pitch

Choose the appropriate pixel pitch based on the size of the venue, viewing distance, and desired display effect.

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and the better the image quality. Correspondingly, the screen price is also higher.

(2) Screen Ratio

It is recommended that the regular length and width dimensions of the LED display screen for the main stage of the concert should be in a ratio of 4:3 or 16:9.

In this way, the aspect ratio of the picture is more coordinated and the viewing effect is better.

The following are some common concert LED wall areas, image and video high-definition display ratios:

10 square meters: 4.22 meters wide * 2.37 meters high (16:9); 3.65 meters wide * 2.74 meters high (4:3).

20 square meters, 5.96 meters wide * 3.35 meters high (16:9); 5.16 meters wide * 3.87 meters high (4:3).

30 square meters, 7.3 meters wide by 4.11 meters high (16:9); 6.33 meters wide by 4.74 meters high (4:3).

50 square meters, 9.43 meters wide * 5.3 meters high (16:9); 8.17 meters wide * 6.12 meters high (4:3).

100 square meters, 13.33 meters wide by 7.5 meters high (16:9); 11.55 meters wide by 8.66 meters high (4:3).

(3) LED Screen Refresh Rate

A higher refresh rate makes video playback smoother and reduces motion blur. It is recommended to at least choose a screen with a refresh rate of 3840Hz or above.

The high refresh rate screen can meet the shooting needs, and viewers can record wonderful moments with their mobile phones or cameras.

(4) Usage Environment

If it is an outdoor music festival, it is recommended to choose an outdoor rental LED screen.

High brightness and high waterproof level can better cope with outdoor environments.

(5) Durability and Reliability

Rental screens need to be recycled between multiple venues.

Therefore, good durability and reliability are the keys to ensuring that it can withstand repeated disassembly and assembly and long-term use.

In addition, when purchasing, please pay attention to choosing an LED display screen manufacturer with high-quality after-sales service.

(6) Powerful Control System

Large-area concert LED displays with high resolution require a powerful control system.

Extra large screens require high points on the sending card. Sometimes multiple control cards are needed for cascade splicing control.

Smoother video effects and creative playback forms can be obtained through the video processor.

6. Stage Background LED Screen For Sale


500*500/1000mm LED Display Cabinet
Detachable Back Cover Box
Front or Rear Dual Maintanance for NG500
Indoor & Outdoor is Available
3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part
Pixel pitch2.604mm2.976mm3.91mm4.81mm
Pixels per cabinet192×384 (HxV)168×336 (HxV)128×256 (HxV)104×208 (HxV)
LED lifetime100,000h (video – 50% brightness)
Brightness≥1000 nits;
Module size250*250mm
Module resolution96*96dots84*84dots64*64dots52*52dots
Refresh rate960-3,840Hz
Hor. viewing angle140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)
Vert. viewing angle140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)
Brightness uniformity>98%
Grey Level14 bits
Avg Power consumption350 W/m²320 W/m²300 W/m²280 W/m²
Max Power consumption680 W/m²640 W/m²620 W/m²600 W/m²
Operation power voltage100-240V / 50-60Hz
Operational temperature-10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Operational humidity10-80%
IP ratingIP54 for Indoor, IP65 for Outdoor
Dimensions500 x 1000 x 80 mm (WxHxD)/ 19.6 x 39.2 x 3.14 inch (WxHxD)
Weight / Tile12.5 kg / 27.55 lbs
ServiceabilityFront and back service
CertificationsCE, UL, FCC class A, RoHS, WEE, REACH
Warranty2 years standard product warranty


IF Design Award 2023
500*500/1000mm LED Display Cabinet
Support Right Angle Installation
Front or Rear Dual Maintanance
3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Part

Pixel pitch







Pixels per cabinet

256×256 (HxV)

200×200 (HxV)

192×192 (HxV)

168×168 (HxV)

128×128 (HxV)

104×104 (HxV)

LED lifetime



Indoor: 600 nits; Outdoor: 4500 nits

Module size


Module resolution







Refresh rate


Hor. viewing angle

140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)

Vert. viewing angle

140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)

Brightness uniformity




Grey Level

14 bits



Avg Power consumption

400 W/m²

380 W/m²

350 W/m²

320 W/m²

300 W/m²

280 W/m²

Max Power consumption

720 W/m²

700 W/m²

680 W/m²

640 W/m²

620 W/m²

600 W/m²

Operation power voltage

100-240V / 50-60Hz

Operational temperature

-10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F

Operational humidity


IP rating

IP54 for Indoor, IP65 for Outdoor


500 x 500 x 80 mm /500 x 1000 x 80 mm(WxHxD)


6kg(500 x 500mm cabinet)/ 11kg (500 x 1000mm cabinet)


Front and back service




3 years standard product warranty

7. The Bottom Line

In this post, we have an in-depth discussion of the advantages, functions, purchasing tips, and related product recommendations of concert LED screens.

UNIT LED provides high-quality concert LED display products and personalized solutions. Just contact us and get more details!