Conference LED Screen/Meeting Room LED Display

UNIT conference LED display screen helps you create a modern, efficient, and concise conference room.

LED Screen for Conference Room

Conference LED screen use visuals to grab your audience’s attention can go a long way in helping you get the best out of your meeting.

The high-contrast and high-refresh LED display will convey the content of your conference to every audience on site.

The flexible screen size can meet the needs of conference venues of any size.

Features of UNIT Conference LED Screen

conference led screen

(1) High-definition picture, high gray scale, high refresh rate.

(2) Modular design, seamless splicing technology ensures the integrity of the picture.

(3) Adjustable brightness suit the indoor environment well. Reduce visual fatigue caused by viewers watching the screen for a long time.

(4) It can be spliced into various sizes to meet the display requirements of meeting rooms of different sizes.

(5) Over 160°wide viewing angle display, suitable for various large meeting rooms or stepped meeting rooms.

(6) Lightweight and slim cabinet–saving a lot of space.


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Why Do You Need LED screens for Conference Room?

conference led screen (1)

(1) It can create a more comfortable and modern information conference environment.

(2) Information from all sides can be shared, making meeting communication easier and smoother.

(3) It can vividly display the content of the meeting, ensure that the points of the meeting are accurately conveyed to the audience, and improve the efficiency of the meeting.

(4) Business application: display details, focus eyes, and quickly process pictures, etc.

(5) The meeting room LED display can communicate and work together remotely in real-time. Such as distance education, video conferences between branches and the head office, and the head office conducts training and education activities across the country.

(6) It occupies a small space, the operation method is simple, and a variety of installation methods are flexible and optional.

(7) A variety of products can meet the display needs of small, medium, and large conference rooms. Such as small-pitch LED displays, and AIO LED displays.

conference led screen (2)


Why Choose Meeting Room LED Display From UNIT LED?

UNIT LED focuses on providing affordable LED display solutions and high-quality LED display products to customers all over the world. As a trusted led display manufacturer and solution provider, we have rich experience in the industry.

1. High-quality LED Products. Our products have passed CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS, and IECEE certifications. High-quality products are our guarantee.

2. Rich Experience. Over the years, our customers have spread over more than 100 countries and regions. Many successful cases involve smart exhibition halls, experience centers, remote video conferencing, and more
Function meeting room etc.

3. Professional team. UNIT LED has a strong team, including pre-sales, after-sales, technical services, and other aspects. We look forward to providing you with quality service.

4. LED Display Factory. Our factory covers an area of more than 12000 square meters, equipped with advanced production equipment and skilled workers to ensure a strong delivery capacity.

UNIT LED Display Factory Equipment Show

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2023 Best Price Conference LED Screen Full Guide!

How to make your meeting or training more efficient and professional? How to make the content of your information or report delivered to the participants quickly, accurately, and clearly? Conference LED screen has become an indispensable device for creating a modern conference environment.

Whether it is an enterprise, school, hotel, hospital, etc., as long as you need to gather many people for a meeting, LED displays for conference room are necessary to create an efficient conference room or lecture hall.

How to choose a meeting room LED screen for different conference venues? The most suitable pixel pitch? Perfect product? If you are interested in it, then do not miss this article!

1. What Can Conference Room LED Display Bring?

The conference room LED display is used for information display in smart offices. It is an essential device to improve conference efficiency. You can see it on many occasions, such as reports, conferences, presentations, hearings, etc.

The wide range of application areas shows just how popular it is. So, what can meeting room LED display bring to your meeting?

(1) Modern Conference Environment

The LED displays play pictures, videos, or audio. It will bring an element of liveliness to the meeting and make long meetings feel less boring.

The relaxed meeting environment makes the audience feel involved. The meeting room with the blessing of modern technology makes the meeting process more efficient!

(2) Accurately Display the Content of Meetings

The high-resolution LED screen for meeting room display various contents: text, pictures, and video. High-definition picture quality ensures that viewers can watch the content played on the screen.

LED screen with a wide viewing angle can cover more viewers. Audience members in the back rows are able to hear the conference content.

The high refresh rate ensures that there will be no horizontal lines or flickering when the audience takes pictures of the screen.

stage background led display (4)

(3)Wireless Operation / Interaction

The smart AIO LED display for small and medium meeting rooms has powerful interaction and playback functions. It supports multi-platform wireless projection.

Easily perform document presentation, annotation, and writing through the screen, making meeting communication more efficient.

2. Features of Conference LED Screen

The LED display in the meeting room can display in daily meetings. In the indoor lighting environment, the display effect will not be affected. Clear image display, efficient and clear information transmission is conducive to the meeting agenda.

(1) Unit modular design, the whole screen is “no seams”.

(2) The color and brightness of the entire screen have a high degree of consistency and uniformity and can be corrected point by point.

(3) High grayscale, high contrast, clear picture.

(4) The wide viewing angle is suitable for large conference rooms or lecture halls that can accommodate hundreds of people.

(5) Efficient heat dissipation. The zero-noise cooling system not only ensures the normal operation of the screen but also brings the audience a quiet and comfortable meeting environment.

(6) Long service life. The service life of an LED electronic large screen is about 10 years.

3. Which Screen is Best for Conference Rooms?

The LED display in the meeting room can display in daily meetings. In the indoor lighting environment, the display effect will not be affected. Clear image display, efficient and clear information transmission is conducive to the meeting agenda.

(1) Projector

Projectors were popular in early office conference rooms at low cost and cheap prices.

However, the projection screen requires high light. When used in an environment with strong light, the picture is blurred and affects the viewing experience. Therefore, it has been replaced by conference room LED/LCD screens in recent years.

(2) LED Screen for Conference Room

The maturity of small-pitch LED technology has given it a place in the conference field. Its advantages are reflected in seamless splicing, unlimited size, clear picture, etc.

The excellent image quality of the Fine pixel meeting room LED display enables remote conferences and online consultations to realize remote information sharing.

How to choose the most suitable screen, we will mention later.

(3) Smart AIO LED Display

Smart AIO LED displays are hot in small and medium-sized conference rooms since its launch. It has a smaller size and a resolution of up to 4K high-definition display.

It supports functions such as remote conference, wireless screen projection, and one-key start. Easy to move thanks to the stand with wheels.

But the size limits the application of AIO LED display in large conferences.

UNIT AIO LED display (1)
UNIT AIO LED display

UNIT Smart Conference AIO LED Display

(4) LCD Screen

LCD is popular in the field of video surveillance. With the advancement of splicing technology, LCD has gradually entered offices and conference rooms.

Compared with LED, its picture is clearer and brighter, and its color is soft. The operation is stable and the price is relatively cheap. The biggest disadvantage is that the images will be divided by seams.

4. UNIT All-in-one LED Display

UNIT’s all-in-one LED display is suitable for government and enterprise, design, hospital, and education industries.

As a new generation of multi-functional display products combined with an efficient conference system, it supports multiple functions to make your conference more efficient!

Features of UNIT AIO LED Display

The appearance is simple and elegant, and the external interface is rich;

UHD full high definition, intelligent brightness;

One-button start, wireless screen projection, USB plug and play;

The interface is simple and easy to operate, and the installation is simple and easy to use.

Functions of Conference AIO LED Display

(1) One-key Sign-in

30s meeting, 3 minutes to learn. The Android UI system interface is simple and easy to operate, and the APP installation is simple and easy to use.

Large-screen displays of documents, pictures, and video playback can share various data information in real-time. Let collaboration not be limited by space.

(2) Wireless Projection

Wireless screen mirroring from multiple platforms. Mirror from Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Andriod, Mirror up to 4 devices simultaneously to the LED display.

Get rid of space constraints, easily realize multi-party wireless screen transmission, multi-screen interaction, simultaneous annotation by multiple parties, and real-time synchronization of the screen.

Multi-screen interactive

(3) High Compatibility & Reliability

With the desktop UI system which is based on Android customization, the user can add various APPs and APK software. It has high compatibility and reliability.

Compatible with peripherals such as cameras, speakers, and laser pointers commonly used in conferences.

Allow for Wi-Fi and wireless hotspot connections at the same time.

It can connect to the Bluetooth remote, Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth sound system, and other common peripherals.

(4) Powerful Playback Function

6x USB ports for multimedia playback and function extension

-5x USB2.0 (2 sports reserved)

– 1x USB3.0

2×3.5mm audio outputs for internal and external audio equipment connections

5. How to Get Perfect LED Screen for Conference Room?

LED screen for meeting room is available in various models.

Medium-sized conference rooms that can accommodate 100-500 people are now mostly used in P2.5 and P3. Which model to choose needs to be comprehensively considered according to the size of the meeting room, viewing distance, budget, and other factors.

Optional solutions: small-pitch display P1.2, P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2; regular display P2.5, P3. A sufficient budget is equivalent to excellent picture quality.

In general, according to different application scenarios, installation location, viewing distance, space size, and customer needs, choose different models and areas of LED displays.

If the area of the lecture hall and conference room is too large for the people behind to watch the front screen, LED displays can be installed on the walls on both sides.

6. Conclusion

UNIT conference LED screen supports multi-party video communication, information presentation, collaborative whiteboard, and wireless projection. Powerful functions bring a safe, reliable, convenient, and efficient ultimate video experience.

Want to get more information about LED screens for conference rooms? Just send us a message, and we will recommend suitable products and solutions for you.