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Are you looking for a creative led display that can quickly attract people’s attention? Then you must not miss the cube LED display!

It has a 360° all-round viewing angle and a dynamic and stylish display effect. The cool shape adds a stylish vibe to your venue and brings more traffic.

More information about magic led cube? Let’s read now!

1. What is a Cube LED Display?

Cube led screen is a three-dimensional led display with a very fashionable appearance. It is composed of 5/6 led display screens. And the gap between each plane is very small.

In addition to the conventional Rubik’s Cube screen, special-shaped displays can also be spliced into other geometric shapes. Such as a triangle rotating screen.

You can see the displayed content on the cube LED screen from any angle. It gets rid of the look and feel of the traditional flat commercial led screen. And it realizes the three-dimensional led display effect.

It has a wide range of applications. LED cube is suitable for installation in conspicuous places such as atriums and lobbies, and the cool display effect can make people feel refreshed.

The LED screen cube adopts the technologically advanced cabinet design process and realizes seamless splicing between each surface.

By combining with the actual installation environment scene, the more creative LED screen cube stands out from the many monotonous flat LED screens.

LED video cube gets rid of the monotony of traditional flat displays, giving people a new visual experience.

2. What Can LED Cube Screen Do for You?

High quality led Rubik’s Cube screens can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has good display effect in many occasions. As a creative led display device, while displaying the picture, its fashionable and novel appearance can also play a decorative role.

Cube LED video display is a creative LED display. The unique shape and high-definition picture are perfect for retail advertising. 3D effect creative advertising for indoor and outdoor models.
Cube LED video screen is widely used in retail advertising, such as shopping malls, restaurants, exhibitions, stage backdrops, DJ booths, events, bars, showrooms, museums, etc.

The functions and advantages include but are not limited to below:

3. Characteristics Of Magic Cube LED Display

With the advent of the digital advertising era, the application of led display is gradually diversified.

From traditional outdoor led billboards to creative led displays of various shapes: spherical screens, triangular screens, and Rubik’s Cube screens, LED displays are being used more and more widely.

In this part, I will introduce you the characteristics of a magic led cube sceen.

magic cube led display

(1) High pixel density and high resolution. The display consistency is good, the color uniformity and contrast are high, and the picture is clear and bright.

(2) Multi-faceted stereoscopic display. Cube LED screen manufacturers can use the technology of special-shaped splicing to make geometric shapes.

Cube LED screen bid farewell to the viewing angle limitation of traditional flat LED display, and realize 360-degree full viewing angle playback.

(3) Better heat dissipation performance. Low power consumption, safety, and stability are guaranteed. The use of modules for splicing has higher reliability and improved service life.

(4) Unique design. The entire LED Rubik’s Cube screen is an integrated product, which is convenient for location movement, installation, disassembly, and transportation.

(5) Good flatness. The surface of each display screen is flat, ensuring excellent visual effects.
Wide viewing angle.

(6) The use of SMD three-in-one LEDs enables the use of LED displays in indoor scenes with ultra-wide viewing angles and better surface flatness.

(7) Using high-quality LED display modules for splicing has higher reliability and longer service life.

Stylish appearance

unit cube led display (1)

Compared with the traditional flat LED display, the cube LED display has a stylish and brief appearance.

Usually led cube consists of 5/6 led screens.

With a trapezoidal circuit design, seamless splicing can be easily realized.

The small stitching gap will not affect the viewing experience.

Cool display effect

The led display cube can achieve multi-screen linkage and play any type of content. Including pictures, text, and video. Each picture is truly a high-definition display.

At the same time, you can feel good viewing effects from any angle. There will be no problem with the viewing angle of the led display.

Take the UNIT P2.5mm led cube display as an example to show you its charm.

Various installation methods

As a complete system, the magic Rubik’s Cube screen supports multiple installation methods: floor installation, hoisting, and flying installation.

You can choose different installation methods according to specific places. Among them, the flying LED cube screen is supported or hung at one point.

There are many models of cube LED screens, which can be customized according to the needs of customers. No matter indoor or outdoor led cube screens, they are eye-catching.

Applications of Led cube display

led cube

-Museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, waiting halls, star hotels, large shopping malls, stations, bars, etc.

-Retail stores (milk tea shops, jewelry stores, clothing stores, restaurants, etc.

-Unlimited location, you can place it anywhere. It will become the focus of the crowd.

4. Rotating LED Cube Screen

(1) What is a rotating LED Display Cube?

The rotating LED Rubik’s Cube screen is a new type of advertising media that integrates the functions of mechanical mechanics, industrial programming, and video editing.

High-quality rotating display generally consists of 3-4 LED display Rubik’s Cube cabinets.

Each box can be rotated 320 degrees like a Rubik’s cube. The display can play beautiful video animations while rotating.

(2) How Does a Rotating LED Screen Cube Work?

The rotating LED screen is made up of multiple triangular or square LED display boxes.

With the cooperation of multiple systems such as the rotating frame, non-winding conductive brushes, and rotating software programs, multiple screens are rotated according to the programs compiled by the computer.

Under the control of the rotating system, multiple cube LED screens cooperate. The rotation action works in harmony with the video image.

These screens can play videos individually, or they can be spliced together as a whole. The perfect combination of dynamic screen and video images brings a shocking visual impact to people.

(3) Structure of Rotating LED Display Cube

The main body of Intelligent and creative mechanical LED displays is composed of LED displays, motors, mechanical arms, and so on.

Auxiliary structure: slewing support, central column, column decoration, etc.

Control system: cable rotation conduction, video wireless transmission, video and mechanical synchronous interaction, remote service, etc.

(4) Application Fields

The LED rotating screen can be used as a commercial advertising display platform.

At the same time, it is an excellent platform for government departments at all levels to conduct public welfare and legal publicity.

The rotating LED video cube is suitable for various locations such as roofs, walls, plazas, commercial centers, crossroads, pedestrian streets, etc. or large shopping malls.

The LED display can play a variety of text, various animations, and full-color video images. The content can be replaced at any time, and the multimedia function can be easily realized.

The more visually impactful cube LED display screen endows your advertisement with new vitality.

Instantly attract your attention, enhance advertising creativity, bring greater commercial value, and become a city landmark to beautify the city.

5. How to Maintain LED Cube Display

Compared with traditional led display, Rubik’s Cube screen is a more attractive form of creative display.

It not only plays the function of displaying information but also enhances the effect of decoration and beautification.

Cool display effects can enhance the creativity of advertisements and create greater commercial value.

Cube LED screens are used more and more widely, especially in multimedia exhibition halls, shopping centers, storefronts, and window displays. How to maintain the led cube screen:

  • Keep voltage and current stable
  • Try not to use it in thunderstorm weather
  • Keep clean
  • Do not use it continuously for a long time. We recommend resting at least 1-2 hours a day
  • Do not disassemble the cube-led display at will
  • Adjust the brightness properly

Properly adjusting the brightness of the led cube screen can not only save energy but also prolong the service life of the lamp beads.

6. Why UNIT LED Display Cube

Customized service

As a trusted cube-led display manufacturer, we provide you with quality products and services.

We can provide you with the customization service of a cube-led screen, including size, spacing, and more details.

UNIT Rubik’s Cube screen is flexible, affordable, and easy to use.

Whether led modules or large led displays, we can provide you with complete led display screen solutions.

unit cube led display (2)

high-quality product

UNIT has rich experience in the industry. We provide full-color LED modules and led display products to customers from all over the world.

We have strict requirements on the quality of products, which are reflected in the following aspects: durability, solid structure, humanized design, good picture, etc.

The stylish magic led cube is a popular form of digital signage. UNIT magic led cube can help your project.

Professional team

The professional business team will provide you with feasible solutions and competitive quotations according to your needs.

The free technical team solves your display problems and helps you solve technical problems.

6. Conclusion

Cube LED is creative and powerful. It is easy to operate, supports a multi-screen display, and the picture is high-definition and smooth.

Led cube display integrates multiple functions such as festive atmosphere rendering, store decoration, product display, and promotional drainage. Looking for high-quality magic LED cube display? Just contact us!

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