Everything You Need to Know About Curved LED Display!

Over the years, LED display technology has undergone dramatic changes in terms of resolution, size, color range, and more. In order to meet diverse needs, the curved LED display has been applied in many fields.

For investors who pursue personalization, a curved LED display wall has more advantages than a traditional flat LED screen. That’s why it has gradually become the new favorite in the industry.

If you are going to invest in curved display screens, this post will be your ultimate buying guide. Let’s read together!

1. Can LED Screen be Curved?

The shape of the traditional LED display is a flat rectangle. Although the flat LED display is widely used and occupies a large proportion of the market share, it is not suitable for some special occasions.

With the emergence of curved LED displays, people began to pay attention to this new screen. It’s safe to say that curved screens are the way of the future. Today’s hot outdoor naked-eye 3D LED display and immersive LED video wall all support this point of view.

Those who like computer games prefer curved LED monitors. Curved widescreen TV has also become a new generation choice for people who want to purchase entertainment facilities at home. The same is true for the LED display industry. The curved display screen is affecting people’s life.

large curved led display

Can LED Screen be Curved? Obviously, the answer is Yes. There are many ways to realize curved led screens. For example, use special products – indoor/outdoor soft flexible led modules, or seamless LED corners. In addition, the curved led display can also be obtained by using conventional flat led display panels for special transformation.

2. 6 Types of Curved LED Displays

Today, curved surface technology is widely used in televisions, computer monitors, and display screens. So, what kind of new changes will the combination of curved surface technology and LED technology produce? Below we will show you some common curved led display screens.

(1) Concave & Convex LED Display

Using different splicing methods, the LED display can be spliced into a concave led display and a convex led display. How to distinguish between a concave LED display and a convex LED display?

When a person stands in front of the screen body, the screen body is concave as a concave LED display. On the contrary, when people stand in front of the screen and watch it, the screen protrudes into a convex LED display.

concave & convex led display

Convex & Concave LED Display

How to Get Curved LED Wall with LED Screen Rental?

Taking rental led display screens as an example, different manufacturers have developed their own methods of splicing curved led display screens. High-precision curve lock is the key to realizing curved installation.

A. Rotary arc lock

Rotary arc locks can usually splice 3 kinds of arcs: 5°, 0°, -5°. Rely on the sliding arc to adjust the orientation, and then splice the cabinets.

Can be quickly controlled

There are fewer options for radians. Not suitable for some scenes with large arc requirements

B. Sliding arc lock

This rotation-controlled arc lock is designed with high precision, which solves the problem that the old arc lock is difficult to use. Taking the UNIT NG500 series rental led panel as an example, the high precision curve lock supports bending every 2.5° between -10° and 10°, which can be used as concave and convex led display.

curve lock

Rotary control, more accurate, easy to use, quick adjustment of curve degree.

It is necessary to control the rotation accuracy to reduce the stitching error.

For small events or stages, you can consider using a movable led display truss to fix the rental stage led display! Customized LED screen wall ground stand support truss can realize a small curved led video wall.

This removable led screen ground stand is portable, strong, and stable. And it’s easy to operate, requiring no scaffolding or scaffolding or personnel lift.

(2) Immersive LED Display

The space created by the LED immersive screen has a three-dimensional effect. With the development of digital multimedia, high-tech digital interactive creative display projects have been more applied.

The medium-to-large curved led video wall with radians completely covers the sight range of human eyes. The curved led immersive screen can meet the needs of various virtual applications for immersion. And it is a good choice for creating large-scale virtual reality scenes.

(3) Outdoor 3D LED Billboard

The naked-eye 3D led billboard attracts the attention of pedestrians in the city center. It brings cool special effects, novel pictures, and higher attention.

In order to obtain the best naked-eye 3D effect, common outdoor 3D billboards are installed at street corners. It adopts a 90° right-angle arc installation to realize a non-two-dimensional display surface. The arc parts (PCB, module, cabinet) are all custom-developed products to achieve a good arc display effect.

(4) Creative LED Display

Cylinder led displays and sphere led displays belong to creative led displays. The LED cylindrical screen has the characteristics of being thin, lightweight, extremely small in size, high pixel density, can display curved surfaces, and 360-degree multi-screen viewing.

Creative cylinder & sphere led screen is suitable for multimedia release and display occasions such as exhibition venues, indoor and outdoor advertisements, stations, and airports.

(5) Curved Transparent LED Display

The curved LED transparent screen has the characteristics of high transparency and better modeling ability. Many commercial centers have adopted a full range of curved transparent screens.

curved tranparent led screen

3 Methods of Curved Transparent LED Display

The radius of the arc is greater than 1 meter: make the cabinet into a vertical strip, splice, and installed

0.5-1 meter: Make the cabinet into a curved shape, and then splice the unit modules

If it is less than 0.5 meters, make a special vertical strip unit, and the steel structure of the screen also needs to be curved.

(6) Virtual Production LED Wall

Virtual filming replaced green screen filming. The creative team can easily complete the shooting work in the scene created by the visual production curved LED video wall.

Most virtual shooting video walls consist of three parts: large curved LED wall, LED floor display, and ceiling LED display.

Why do LED virtual production walls mostly use large-area curved video walls? This is because curved LED video walls make it easier to create realistic virtual scenes than flat screens.

The filming of the first Star Wars live-action series The Mandalorian, which debuted on Disney+ in 2019, made virtual filming a hot topic.

StageCraft, which consists of a 270° surrounding curved video wall and a huge sky screen, has also become the source of inspiration for many film and television production companies to build virtual studios.

3. Benefits You Can Get From Curved LED Video Wall

So, what are the advantages of a curved led display compared with a flat led display? What benefits will it bring to your project?

(1) Better Visual Experience

The curved screen has a certain curvature, which conforms to the physiological structure of the human eye. The curved led display brings the audience a better sensory experience.

At the same time, when you watch pictures or videos on the curved led screen, you will feel more immersed. It is one of the reasons why gamers are keen on curved monitors. The curved screen brings a better immersive experience.

(2) Wider Viewing Angle

The viewing angle is an important factor affecting the viewing experience. The curved led screen seems to bring a wider viewing angle. It is because the curved screen can reduce the impact of light.

(3) Best Naked-eye 3D Effect

Vision is key to determining immersion. The large curved screen is the best choice to realize the naked-eye 3D effect. Curved screens provide a good 3D view for your audience.

Through the outdoor curved led screen, the virtual metaverse space can bring real feelings and enhance the sense of visual immersion. It is an effect that flat LED displays cannot achieve.

(4) Creative Looks

It is undeniable that in the current era of serious product homogeneity, products with creative shapes such as cylindrical screens and spherical screens are more attractive than ordinary screens.

outdoor flexible led display applications

(5) High Flexibility

The flexible LED screen has good flexibility and is suitable for a variety of creative shapes. At the same time, the curved led display has good environmental adaptability. It can be used as an advertising display that wraps around the columns.

4. Where You Can Use a Curved LED Display Screen?

The LED outdoor curved screen is favored by the market for its high-quality picture, rich colors, flexible interaction mode, and convenient maintenance. You can use them in the following scenarios:

(1) Virtual Shooting Studio

Virtual photography is a hot new film and television shooting method. Large curved virtual production led wall creates a real scene.

Large XR led screen allows actors and creators quickly integrate into the atmosphere of the scene. Save post-work costs.

(2) Cinema

Theater led display has not been widely promoted. But it is undeniable that a giant curved led wall will achieve clearer image quality.

In the future, led curved screens will enter more cinemas.

(3) Simulation Room

Simulators for large heavy machinery and professional driving have a high demand for immersion. Some simulation rooms use LED curved display screens for simulation exercises.

Taking airplane driving as an example, the images displayed by the curved video wall can simulate the real flight scene. In addition, it can also simulate items that are difficult to train in normal flight, such as unilateral engine failure and forced landing, to strengthen the pilot’s ability to deal with crises in unexpected situations.

(4) Outdoor & Indoor Advertising

Planning to display your ad on a curved column or wall? The curved display wall can attract more people’s attention.

The curved led wall can be used in atriums of shopping malls, subways, airports, street corners, and building walls.

5. How to Start With Your Curved LED Screen Project?

One obvious advantage of curved display walls is a wider viewing angle compared with traditional rectangular led displays. It can realize multi-angle viewing and can attract viewers from 360°.

The curved display blends seamlessly with the building’s natural design and appears to be part of the building. It not only provides people with fresh visual enjoyment but also improves the overall appearance of the building.

At present, most LED display manufacturers have launched the customized service of creative led display. UNIT LED has completed many successful customer cases about creative curved LED display walls. Our team can customize solutions for you and deliver products that satisfy you.

After knowing these advantages of the curved LED video wall, are you excited? How can you get the best screens to better serve your places? You’d better consider the following aspects.

(1) How to Make a Perfect Curved LED Display?

Before giving a specific solution, we need you to provide some information:

Is it a convex or concave curve?

Is it an ellipse, semicircle, or 360-degree LED display?

What is the total length and height of the curved LED display?

What are the radian and radius?

The distance from the LED display to the ground and the normal viewing distance?

Installation environment: According to different uses and installation environments, we will recommend different types of LED products to you. The waterproof performance of indoor and outdoor curved LED panels is different, and the price is also different.

Size and shape: The size and shape of the display screen are also very important. Viewing effect and cost input need to be considered at the same time.

Resolution: Resolution determines the clarity of displayed images and text. For example, in virtual shooting, it is necessary to use a high-resolution screen to provide high-definition images.

Brightness: Brightness determines the visibility of the screen under different lighting conditions. For example, the outdoor flexible LED module with high brightness is suitable for outdoor creative LED display projects.

Viewing distance: Choose the appropriate pixel pitch according to the viewing distance to ensure the best visual effect. If you are unsure, you can consult a professional.

(2) How to Install a Curved LED Wall?

Before installing the curved LED wall, you need to pay attention to the following:

Preparations before installation. Structural planning is required before installing the LED video wall. Usually involves determining the installation location and preparing tools. Clean the installation site and ensure adequate lighting, ventilation, and power supply.

Assemble the screen. Connect curved LED panels according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Most flexible LED displays are made up of many modules or panels spliced together.

Install screen. After assembling the screen involves securing it. Usually, the screen is hung or mounted on a wall or other supporting structure.

Configuration. After the screen is installed, the configuration is required to display the content. After debugging, check whether the screen can display images or text normally.

6. What is The Price of a Curved LED Screen Wall?

Like the ordinary flat LED display, curved LED display price is affected by many factors, such as pixel pitch, size, special configuration requirements, etc.

It is undeniable that the manufacturing cost of curved LED screens is higher than that of flat surfaces.

Only TV lovers and hardcore gamers prefer curved screens. This is one of the reasons why curved screens are limited.

But as technology improves, the cost of manufacturing curved screens is falling. A curved LED video wall is a worthwhile investment project. It pays off handsomely for you in the long run.

Taking the outdoor large curved 3D LED billboard as an example. Major business districts have created eye-catching naked-eye 3D LED screens.

The shocking visual effect attracts the attention of passers-by in front of the screen. And it has been widely disseminated on the Internet.

7. UNIT Curved LED Display Solutions

Rental LED Displays

ng500 rental curved led display

To meet the various aspects of the LED screen field. NG500/1000, MA500, MAGIC500 series led display design for Curved Installation. Curved with every 2.5° between -10°and 10°, which can make convex and concave.

Curved Transparent LED Screen

The curved transparent led display has excellent modeling ability and displays performance. Its appearance has injected new vitality into the conventional led transparent screen.

Many commercial centers have adopted a full range of curved transparent screens. It helps advertisers make better use of space and accurately convey information to more people.

Corner Curved LED Screen

Corner Curved LED Screen

Curved digital LED screens can be used in the corners of curved screens. These curved led panels can be combined with modular LED screens to smoothly transition from flat to corners.

The corner curved led screen has a good interactive display effect and is suitable for outdoor naked-eye 3D large screens. It brings an excellent glasses-free 3D experience. Usually used with EV960 or OF800 series 3D advertising led billboards.

Soft Flexible LED Module

indoor soft led module

The bendable soft led module is highly flexible and ideal for creating creative led displays with unique shapes. It can form special-shaped LED displays as you like to make the screen more fashionable and attractive.

UNIT LED offers various pixels for flexible curved LED panels ranging from P1.875mm, P2mm, P3mm, P4mm to P5mm.

Curved Transparent LED Display

curved transparent led display (2)

The viewing angle of curved LED transparent screens is larger than that of ordinary LED transparent screens.

Curved LED transparent screens are often used in hotels, restaurants, business buildings, real estate industry engineering construction, and other occasions.

How to construct the curved display surface of the curved LED screen? It is mainly realized through curved LED boxes or frame structures.

The cabinet or frame structure is made into a curved shape and then spliced together. The steel structure is designed according to the display screen.

8. Real Customer Cases Form UNIT

outdoor curved led video wall (2)
unit cylinder led display case (2)

9. Conclusion

In this post, we have introduced to you related knowledge about the curved led wall. Including features, application areas, common types, and prices. Are you fascinated by this?

UNIT LED provides customers with high-quality curved led display screens. Contact us to get a detailed solution now!

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