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As market demand changes, people are always attracted to new and unique products. One example is the curved transparent led display screen.

The curved transparent led display has excellent modeling ability and displays performance. Its appearance has injected new vitality into the conventional led transparent screen. What are its advantages? How is the surface structure realized? This post has the answer for you!

Features of Curved Transparent LED Display

(1) High Transparency

The curved transparent led screen has super high transparency. The perspective effect provides stunning visual effects, allowing you to feel the display features that conventional led displays do not have.

(2) Modular Design

According to different project needs, you can choose different sizes of led screen cabinets. Conventional sizes are 1000*500mm, 1000*1000mm, and 500*500mm.

The standard cabinet design is convenient for installation and transportation, saving your cost.

transparent led display

(3) Clear Image

In the case of ensuring high transparency, a curved led display can still provide you with high-definition video and colorful pictures to attract your customers or audience.

(4) Quick Installation & Maintenance

The compact lock and lightweight body make installation easy. Modules on the cabinet can be quickly removed and installed.

Advantages of Curved Transparent LED Screen

(1) Better Visual Effects

A person’s eyeballs protrude in a certain arc. The curved led transparent screen can better match the visual effect and bring a better sensory experience when viewed by the human eye. Regardless of whether the audience is in the middle of the curved transparent led display, they can have a consistent visual experience.

(2) More Stunning Shape

You can get round, cylindrical, or some other screen with a curved shape. Many commercial centers have adopted a full range of curved transparent screens. It helps advertisers make better use of space and accurately convey information to more people.

It is a good choice for your retail led display!

curved transparent led display (2)

How to Get the Right Transparent LED Display?

When you need curved transparent screens, how to choose the right products for your projects? The following points should be considered:

(1) Application

the customer’s display curvature inward or outward, what is the radius? For fixed installation use, or rental use?

Fixed installation cabinet can be made directly into the arc shape, but the arc size has requirements, need to be more than 1.5 meters in diameter, a circumference of more than 5 meters.

For rental use, the curved shape can be achieved by means of a curved lock for ease of installation. It is possible to achieve an inner arc of 30°and an outer arc of 30°.

(2) Cabinet Size

UNIT LED can provide W1000 * H500mm, W1000 * H1000mm, the front of the cabinet can be added PC mask to protect the lamp beads.

(3) Pixel Pitch

The following types of curved transparent screen pixels are available: P2.6-5.2mm, P2.84-5.62mm, P3.91-7.82mm, P7.82-7.82mm, P10.42-10.42mm, P15.625-15.625mm.

Where P3.91-7.82 refers to a horizontal pixel pitch of 3.91mm and a vertical pitch of 7.82mm, as shown below.

(4) Cable Feed of LED Cabinet

The cablefeed of the cabinet can be changed according to the customer’s installation environment, top feed and bottom feed. For example: some customers need to be installed in shopping malls, as a special counter display of goods. From the safety point of view, the cablefeed from the top of the cabinet, when the screen is lit, the customer will not touch the wire.

Curved transparent LED Display

(5) Brightness

Customers can choose different types of products according to different brightness requirements. The minimum brightness is 800 CD/M2 and the maximum brightness is 8000 CD/M2.

The remaining brightness are: 1200/2500/4000/5000/6000 CD/M2

(6) Special Requirements

Provide individual requirements, providing fixed brackets according to customer needs. Help customers to save installation time, one-stop service.

curved transparent led screen

Now, you have learned some useful information about curved transparent led display screen. Just contact us to get a detailed quotation! Professional and diversified, we can provide you with private customized products to meet your needs.

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