Best Flexible LED Module For Cylinder LED Display

A cylinder LED display is a kind of creative led display. With its unique shape and high-definition picture quality, it can achieve a variety of lighting and visual effects.

Led cylinder screen has been favored by more and more customers because of its novel shape and convenient installation and maintenance. The LED cylindrical screen is colorful and can meet the visual effect requirements of different occasions.

1. What can Cylinder led display bring to you?

(1) Better visual effects

Different from the traditional rectangular led display, the cylindrical screen gives people a refreshing feeling in appearance. The Led cylinder shape screen can play video and text information at will, and the high refresh rate and high image quality present a good visual effect.

Therefore, it is widely used in science museums, exhibition rooms, hotels, and other places. At the same time, it has gradually become the new favorite of many media release and display venues.

cylinder led display

(2) More attention

The high-refresh, high-resolution cylindrical screen realizes 360° multi-angle display. The creative and unique shape and high-definition picture attract people’s attention. This brings more attention to your ads and content.

2. P4mm Outdoor Flexible LED module

The lack of waterproof function of indoor soft modules hinders the application of outdoor creative displays. The emergence of the P4mm outdoor soft module meets the needs of various indoor/outdoor creative LED displays.

The outdoor soft module has a high waterproof level, a multi-screen synchronous display, and can display curved surfaces to completely eliminate viewing blind spots.

The outdoor soft module has an incomparable waterproof advantage and displays the effect of the traditional soft module, which satisfies people’s pursuit of high-quality images for creative displays.

(1)Features of P4mm Outdoor Flexible LED module

High Brightness & High Waterproof

320X160mm p4mm outdoor flexible led module supports front and rear installation/maintenance design, and the front and rear waterproof technology meets the requirements of the IP65 waterproof level. The special waterproof design of interfaces increases interfaces’ safety.

P4mm outdoor flexible led module (6)
P4 outdoor soft led module 320x160 (3)

Detachable Back Cover with High Flexibility

The PCB board is made of flexible soft board, and the bottom shell is made of silicone material, which has good flexibility and eliminates static electricity. soft flexible led module support concave and convex designs. And the inner and outer arcs are bendable to a degree of ≥162°.

Safety Rope and Strong Magnet

The anti-fall safety rope is used in combination with reinforced magnets to improve the safety level of use and prevent the module from falling due to strong wind in the environment or high-altitude installation.

Strong Visual Performance

The module can be assembled to construct various creative LED displays such as cylinder LED displays, and curved LED displays. The magnets on the bottom case of the module make the module and the cabinet tightly fit, effectively improving the flatness and visual effect of the screen.

Various Creative LED Displays Available

High-quality P4mm outdoor flexible LED module can meet the needs of a variety of creative display projects. The common ones are cylindrical screens, spherical screens, wave screens, and so on.

(2) Applications

Wide range of application areas such as outdoor central squares, exhibition venues, high-end shopping malls, airport stations, and other public places, and many other media release and display places.

3. UNIT cylinder led display solution

Cylinder frame + Flexible modules

Use environment: Indoor or outdoor

The solution is to make a cylindrical structure, and then fix the flexible soft module on the structure.

The main advantage:

Flexible led modules with good flexibility can fit the curved structure better. The module and the cylindrical structure fit tightly, and the surface of the display screen has a high degree of flatness.

cylinder led screen

According to the installation site, a specific playback video can be developed, which can not only enhance the atmosphere of the scene but also play advertising content.

UNIT LED supports cylinder led display customization services. As long as you provide relevant information, then we will provide you with detailed solutions and quotations. If you want to make a cylindrical screen or other creative LED screen but are not sure where to start, please contact us.

4. Customer case of Cylinder LED Display

The LED special-shaped screen displays with good image quality can realize the customization of the shape at the same time.

For different scenarios, the led cylinder display can realize various functions such as information display and advertising promotion, satisfying the timeliness, comprehensiveness, and dissemination of information pursued by users.

The specifications, diameter, and height of the Cylinder led display can be customized according to customer needs. As one of the best flexible led module factories, UNIT LED is ready to provide a better soft led screen price for you!

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