13 Ture Differences of Street Light Pole LED Display!

Street light pole LED display is a new intelligent outdoor LED display combined with solar street lamps, and has multiple functions such as double-sided display, power supply, data collection, digital surveillance, automatic control of lamp light, environmental monitoring, etc. The differences of street light pole LED display is obvious and also featured.

1.Differences of Street Light Pole LED Display

(1) Outstanding energy-saving ability

Even though the cost of raw materials of traditional LED display screen may be relativiely low, the energy consumption is relatively high.

That is, as a part of livelihood projects, street LED pole display need to meet two requirements including improving citizen’s life standard and having commercial value, which necessitates the functions of energy saving.

In long term, the cost can be offset by the saved money due to less energy consumption.

Light pole LED display

(2) Euipped with more power suppliers and fans

Because of the installation site of the street lamp LED displays are roadside, and the small size structure is made up of metal, the inner temperature is easy to be high, even can be up to 80°C in summer when the pole LED display working.

Therefore, to meet the requirements of heat dissipation and anti-heat ability, there should be more power suppliers and fans equipped.

(3) More elegant appearance

Conventional LED displays usually don’t put too many requirements to the brightness and clarity in many occasions, whereas one of the differences of street pole LED display lying in the high standards of high brightness and clear display.

For example, the brightness should reach 7000cd as it often works under direct sunlight, and the lack of inadequate brightness will result in excess reflect light that will make people can not read the contents on the screen clearly.

Moreover, this kind of LED display owns technical sense and also great capability to integrate with surrounding environments, which can add more aesthetic feeling to the city street.

(4) Important part of Internet of Things

The most obvious differences of street light pole LED display can be its multiple intelligent functions differ from other types.

As an important part of the initial construction of smart city, the intelligent street pole LED display should have many functions that traditional one doesn’t own to meet more needs.

Only the street pole LED display screens can meet above functions, it can play the role in the upcoming era of big data and Internet of Things.

(5) Strictly required lightweight

The intelligent street lamp pole will load many devices besides light pole LED display, thus put forward more strict requirement for lightweight of the display to reduce the bearing pressure of lamp pole.

(6) At least IP65 waterproof rating

As the application scenarios for street pole LED screen are always outdoor, it is necessary for it to have enough waterproof rating, and generally, it should reach IP65 at least.

If cabinets enter water or moisture, some unwanted problems will happen such as dead light and burning out that all will decrease the lifespan of the LED display.

(7) Software security

For street pole LED display, which can have super high exposure rate as the installation site, the software security is very important as there may be risks of hacker attack and unwanted contents will spread.

2.What Is Smart Street Lights?

When we talking about street light pole LED display, it is inevitable to discuss the carrier of it – smart steet light pole.

This can achieve remote central control and management of street light and the devices equipped on it by technology of the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology.

For instance, it can set brightness scheme automatically, control and manage the street lamp such as auto-alarming, malfunction-indication, guard against theft, smart street light control system, etc.

There are main functions of smart street light:

(1) Lighting functions

It can achieve light the street on actual demand and adjust the brightness in real-time. That can save more energy than traditional street lamp.

What is more, automatic trouble detection and location improves the maintenance efficiency.

(2) Emergency charger

The intelligent street lighting system can become charging points for autos using new energy, and promote the popularization of these environmental-friendly new resources vehicles.

(3) Intelligent surveillance

Through installing surveillance, the car traffic volume, real-time road condition, traffic offense, car parking and security and protection can be under supervision to create a more stable and safe social environment.

(4) Communication services

The smart street lamps can install WIFI inside, and the wifi street lights can provide Internet for other smart city devices.

This can facilitate and modernize the city a lot and offer more ideas to promote information sharing and transmission.

(5) Information publish

The type of information for the smart street light pole LED display can propagate is various,for example, governing information of government, public security information, weather conditions and traffic condition. And it can really achieve real-time sharing.

(6) Environment monitoring

Through equipping multiple environment monitoring sensor, it can support real-time supervision for temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5 and such environment conditions around every corner of the city.

Besides, the data collected can be useful as it can be valuable research materials for analysising and concluding.

In conclusion, smart street lights is the new carrier for smart city, and is a typical representative for “Internet +” initiative. They can not only control the energy consumption and save the electricity efficiently, and also reduce the maintenance and management cost.

Moreover, the remote management and control allow many supervision functions such as fault detection and troubles tracing, which can largely decrease the cost of traditional manual inspection, and improve the level of informatization.

Finally, whatever the street light LED display or smart LED lamp, they all enjoy more aesthetic elements than traditional ones, and can beatify the city appearance.

3.Bottom Line

In this article, we discuss what is street light pole LED display, and what are the differences lying it from other types of LED display screen. Than as developing topic, we introduce smart street lights – what it is and what are the functions and features that can contribute to the new trend – smart city. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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