How to present Digital Advertising LED Screens perfectly?

Digital advertising LED screens as commercial LED screens can be found everywhere, also used in many scenarios in life.

But it is not easy to achieve the desired effect.

If you want to know how to make a digital display look the way advertisers want it to look, come with me and read this article!

What is digital advertising LED screens?

Firstly, digitisation is the process of converting information into a computer-friendly format, converting a specific object, image, sound, text or signal into a series of discrete aggregate representations of samples expressed digitally.

The digital advertising display is a way for businesses to put their advertisements into people’s daily life scenes with the help of this technology, to enter the public’s view of things, to reach the ear and the eye, and to promote the brand.

The most critical thing about digital LED advertising displays is the ability to store broadcast content, allowing all types of data to be mixed and transmitted in the same format without the content format being compromised.

Last but not least, Smart Cloud Management, the technology of digitising LED displays can save advertisers the cost of maintaining data content.

The LED screen content can be updated via iPad, phone, PC computer, or notebook.

1. Support Real-time Play, Cross-platform Publish, and USB or WIFI.

2. Support operation by IOS or Android devices.

3. Support Built-in Media Player to store and play content.T1.

How to install a digital advertising LED screen?

Whether it is a digital LED advertising display or other displays that have their install methods.

Digital advertising displays have the following kinds of install methods:

  1. Base-standing installation
  2. Lifting or hanging installation
  3. Multi cascade installation
  4. Creative installation, which can be free to assemble.
  5. Recessed installation
  6. Wall-mounted installation.

The different installation methods also correspond to different application scenarios.

①The base-standing installation is mostly used in shopping malls and is also known as a column type.

It can maintain the stability of the screen as well as blend in with the overall style of the mall and can be moved flexibly for the convenience of the merchants, making it both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


②Suspended and hanging installation, In addition to the steel structure of the screen body, concrete or steel columns need to be made, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation. Both indoor and outdoor digital advertising LED displays are suitable. With an all-in-one cabinet design solution. Like a rooftop billboard, the screen is large enough and the content is eye-catching.


③Multi-stage linkage installation. This is where individual digital advertising displays are stitched together in different shapes to create the shape that the final advertiser wants, with a distinctive personality, like stand-alone, with wheel easy moving, hanging,wall-mounted, and so forth.

digital advertising screen for shopping mall

④Creative installation. Creative installation means that you can DIY it and put it together in the shape you want.

⑤Recessed installation. The size of the hole is required to match the size of the outer frame of the display and to do the proper decoration. For maintenance purposes the hole in the wall must be through, otherwise, a front dismantling mechanism is required.

⑥There is also the wall-mounted type. By the literal meaning can be that hanging on the wall, unlike recessed, there is no need to dig out the size of the screen on the wall, only the stability and load-bearing of the wall needs to be considered.


What are the areas of application for digital advertising LED screens?

(1)Individual brick-and-mortar shops, we all know that individual brick-and-mortar shops have flexible opening hours, so if we want to use digital advertising displays to attract the attention of customers, they need to be placed in a prominent position and be easily movable. A more important point is that digital displays allow for human interaction with the screen, like the self-ordering machines at McDonald’s and KFC.

(2)Online business, you can be an online company without a physical shop of your own. You can spend some money to choose the right place to install a digital advertising display for your audience based on an analysis of where the traffic is high.
(3)Shopping malls, which have a lot of foot traffic and a lot of merchants, where you can maximise the effectiveness of your advertising. It is a place where you can gather your target audience and maximise the effectiveness of the advertising you place using digital advertising displays.

(4)Rooftop billboards.

Rooftop billboards, the so-called stand tall and see far. Rooftop billboards are generally installed with an inclined angle to enable people from a distance to see the content clearly, so the screens are generally chosen to be larger, but also to prevent external factors from affecting the broadcast content. But also can play the effect of advertising, but the cost is relatively high, maintenance is also more trouble.

What kind of digital advertising display will gain public popularity?

The most important thing for advertisers is the user experience, and an elevated sense of user experience helps with customer retention. The following are a few areas that will enable advertisers to improve the user experience on digital LED displays:

1. High resolution. Screen resolution refers to the number of pixels in px the denser the pixels, the higher the resolution, the higher the resolution of the screen to present the advertiser’s content, the more detailed the display effect.

2. High refresh rate. The graphic image on the screen is made up of fluorescent dots that are illuminated by the hitting of the electron beam. The refresh rate determines whether the screen is stable and whether it will jump around.

3. Requires high brightness. Whether placed indoors or indoors, brightness affects the intuitive feeling of people. Outdoor words due to the natural light are stronger, so the need for digital advertising display brightness is higher, indoor light is darker, brightness naturally do not need to outdoor so high.

So there is a need for an adjustable brightness function.

4. High greyscale for even colour. Higher colour rendering, better colour reproduction, more delicate colour transition phases and higher picture quality.

5. Viewing angle. The viewing angle should be large enough and comprehensive enough.

6. The balance of the performance. Not because a certain performance is missing or low and leads to other performance can not be used in high quality. The performance includes the quality of the screen, the quality of the LED, the design template of the digital LED advertising display, the production process and so on.

How to present digital advertising LED screens perfectly?

(1)Discuss the requirements and specifications of the LED display module production with the supplier in advance, because once the template is decided, it cannot be changed again.

(2)Adjusting product parameters. Put blank digital advertising LED displays on the market to broadcast your own content.

(3) Use the control system to control the quality of the broadcast content. For outdoor LED displays you need to use an asynchronous control system, for indoor digital advertising LED displays you can use an asynchronous control system to upload data.

(4)If you need to deal with different installation methods, you also need to adjust the connection method of the digital advertising LED display, with a more personalised display in the public view.

In summary, everyone has his quest for beauty, and our eyes naturally look more at what they find beautiful, so the advent of digital displays can both find a customer base that shares the advertiser’s aesthetic and creates a specific aesthetic. This is an era of digital marketing and the rapid development of information technology.
The word “perfect” is relative and not absolute.
High quality, beautiful, durable and convenient digital advertising LED screens are what the public is happy to see.

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